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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Bizarre Pale Humanoid Encounter in New Orleans' French Quarter

An encounter with a pale humanoid in New Orleans' French Quarter, and an unexplained puncture wound, may have resulted in the eventual death of one of the witnesses

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I'll try to be brief. I didn't really ever want to post this but 15 years later this still haunts me.

My now deceased ex had an affinity for New Orleans. I haven't been back since his death, not that I didn't share some of his fixation with the city, but I've had too many strange encounters here and I honestly, I don't feel safe going back.

The night of this encounter, we hadn't been drinking at all. That needs to be clear with the location. He was a big guy, 6'4" and full of muscle, we were just taking a stroll after the streets started to quiet down.

I remember everything being a normal walk until after we passed Ursuline Convent, heading back toward the river. I am normally spot on with directions, but something about NOLA makes me lose my bearing and I rely on landmarks. Just after we crossed the street leaving the corner of the convent behind us, I noticed it became eerily quiet. Not something that happens there especially as people stumble to their hotels. He also noticed something because he gripped my hand quite hard and picked up pace. He had a strange look to his face as I struggled to keep up, and he was taking odd routes.

Finally I caught what was making him act bizarre. I followed a split second glance of his to a building. The best I could say, it looked like a dingy-pale, "spider man" going UP the side of a building.

I remember him harshly whispering not to look. To just keep moving. He was taking us to Bourbon St where there would hopefully be more people. But this was off season and mid-week, so there were less people. And even less than I would've expected. Time seemed to stand eerily still, as if time had stopped except for us and it.

I looked about 2 blocks later and it was on the roof - clearly tracking something that I prayed was not us. The silence was truly deafening, as my adrenaline was going and I think I tuned out more sounds trying to escape being prey.

This thin, humanoid, which was defying gravity, freaked us out bad. We made it to the hotel, with my last memory of a glide being just before the house where the supposed vampire brothers lived and disappeared from.

I think it was the most harrowing experience I've ever had, and there's been a few close calls in my life. I know it's a quirky city with plenty of the fantastical, but this was like we were in another dimension that was the French Quarter send its something that is, to this day, still frightening to me.

We were completely sober and just out for a romantic stroll, in a city we had a connection with. That thing - shudder I can't escape it, even over time.

My boyfriend had said little about it, he was even more disturbed by this than I was. He refused to say anything other than corroborating what I saw and that it was going on longer than I knew. It had come from a house away from us when he first noticed it. It's worth noting that before this, we had gone to listen to Johnny Gordon @ Lafitte's. Drank regular soda. I needed to tie my shoe right across the street and something "bit" his leg - two decent puncture wounds, maybe 0.5in apart on his calve. We brushed it off as maybe he bumped into something and didn't notice, then took our stroll. They were deep though, to not notice, but it is whatever it was. It left no strange overtones to us.

The city streets took a weird vibe that night. To be honest, its left a huge spooky shadow over all my memories of our beloved quarter. He's not around for me to ask more, so I'm asking if any of you have encountered anything like this there too." AM

NOTE: The witness stated later, referring to the puncture wounds:

"We were honestly never able to get any concrete diagnosis, and there were extensive tests along with visits to specialists. He was only 37 and started with fatigue & heart palpitations and edema in his calves, to the point of actually convincing him to go to the doctor. I want to say within 6-8 months after this occurrence.

He passed just shy of 3 years ago. We used to go out there so often that it became more feasible to have our own place there as it was every 2-3 weeks out there for a long weekend. I think I said though, this was pretty much our last time there, may have been one other trip to gather our things out of the home."



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