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Monday, April 27, 2020

Baffling Bloody Auto Accident 'Time Slip' in Southern Indiana

A bizarre incident near a small southern Indiana town. In 1969, 2 teens come a across what seemed like a recent auto accident. But later they discover that this must have be a time slip

I recently received the following account:

"In 1969, my boyfriend and I would drive the country roads just listening to the radio and enjoying the night breeze. I grew up in southern Indiana and the area we were driving had two lane roads, a lot of both pasture and forest. Houses were few and far between. However auto accidents were not uncommon in these roads as there were many curves and hills.

One night we saw a 1956 Chevy off the road that had rolled over. We knew many people that had bought the ‘55 and ‘56 models and renovated them. We immediately pulled over to see if people inside the rolled over car were injured. Our perception was that it had happened just moments prior as the engine was running and the back tire that was visible was spinning. We ran to the car and got down on the ground to get a view of the interior to see if person or people were injured and get them out. We were in an area where no houses were located for miles. It wasn’t unusual then to get people out of an accident and take them to the hospital or one person stay with an injured person and other to drive to nearest place to call for police and an ambulance. The wrecked car had been restored to pristine condition. However now the roof was caved in and after rolling it had hit a tree and that side was damaged. We couldn’t see anyone in the car.

My boyfriend climbed in the window and turned ignition off. We were relieved that nobody was in this wreck but baffled at why they had left engine running. My friend had quite a large amount of blood on his tee shirt from inside the car. We left just assuming someone else had gotten there before us and had taken the person or people to the hospital.

We lived in a very small town and over the next few days asked about who had had the accident. We described the spot and the model and color of the car. Nobody knew of any accident on that night. Something seemed off to both of us as most people in that small town knew about things such as that. Also most people knew who drove what especially the renovated popular Chevys. Just par for the course for our very small town.

Two days passed and we decided to drive back to the scene and see if possibly there was a house closer to the accident that we may have missed. We drove back to the site and there it was, however it was a sight that neither of us have ever understood. Forty years later we still talk about it. The car was there in same position, rolled over and up against the tree. However it was apparent it had been there for years. It was rusted, the interior was deteriorated and the dashboard was smashed. No windshield or back windows. The car had vines growing through it and the tires had completely rotted. The ignition switch that my boyfriend had turned off with the key and key chain had long ago rusted. His bloody tee shirt was still in the trunk of his car and we are still at a loss as to how we saw an accident that had apparently happened in the past. Does anyone have an answer?" LE



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