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Friday, April 17, 2020

Frightening Bigfoot Activity in Belleplain State Forest, New Jersey

Hikers encounter terrifying activity by 2 or more Bigfoot while in Belleplain State Forest in southern New Jersey

The following account was received in August 2014:

Dear Phantoms & Monsters: I found your site while searching for bigfoot in New Jersey. I wanted to find information on sightings in southern NJ in particular. You see, my friend and I are witnesses to activity that may or may not have been attributed to bigfoot.

Last Saturday, we were hiking in Belleplain State Forest on the East Creek Trail. We are members of a hiking club from outside of Philadelphia and enjoy exploring new locations when we can.

We were heading back in the direction of our car which was parked in a lot approximately 1.5 miles north of us. It was late afternoon, around 6:30 pm and very warm. This section of the trail had a boardwalk built over a swampy thickly brushed forest. We were taking a brief break. It was very quiet, which we both commented on.

As we started to hike north we both heard deep grunts coming from behind us. As we turned to take a look a tree in the distance was shaking violently. It was difficult to determine the size of the tree, but it was tall enough that we could easily see it. Seconds later we heard a loud crash from the northwest direction. As this was going on the deep grunts were getting louder. Then were heard more crashing sounds from the northwest. We were now hiking along the trail at a good clip, even though were had gear on our backs. We could hear the sounds continue back and forth, as if it was a competition.

I won't lie to you, I was terribly scared. My friend was almost frantic and had created some distance between us. After several minutes the noise subsided, but we were still on edge. It wasn't long before we reached the car.

We discussed our experience during the drive home. We were both thinking 'Bigfoot' because of the tree being shook and the back-and-forth sounds.

My friend had a possible bigfoot sighting when she was younger while camping with her family in the Poconos. She was always wary and on alert when we hiked together.

Our hiking club had a meeting on Monday. We discussed our outing and what had happened. Most of the group agreed that it was likely a pair or group of bigfoot. Several of our members have had odd encounters during their hikes. The stories are noteworthy and incredible. But until now, I didn't give their recollections much thought or credibility.

Have there been Bigfoot sightings in southern New Jersey? People constantly discuss the Jersey Devil and other weird thing in the area, but I haven't heard of bigfoot located there. Thanks for reading. You can contact me at this email. PP

NOTE: I sent an email to the witness in which I stated that there had indeed been Bigfoot sightings and evidence in south New Jersey and in other parts of the state. The witness told me that the swamp area had white cedar and oak, and was thick with brush & dead trees. It seems unlikely that a person would have caused some of the activity. I've been in the Pine Barrens and areas south of there on previous occasions and I cannot think of any known creatures capable of causing such a ruckus. Lon



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