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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Winged Cryptids on Native Lands: California, North Dakota, Washington & Oklahoma

The following accounts are winged cryptid sightings from or near various Native American reservations throughout the United States

“Flying Creature. The first sighting I had was in 2011 (in Northern California). I was going for an evening walk and noticed something fly over the road that's nearby. It was barely visible and as dark as the night sky. It was triangle shaped so I assumed it was a large bird. I told my sister what I had seen and a few minutes later we both see the same creature fly by. We both agree it's too large to be any type of owl or eagle. I thought maybe it was a Condor but according to a website those birds cannot see at night.

Now jump ahead two years later it's March 2013. I go outside to get some fresh air and notice a flying object over the house. This time I get a real close look and I can't believe my eyes! The only description that I could think of that matches what I saw is a Pterodactyl. I'm not even joking!! It glides by totally silent and makes a turn in the sky and I can see underneath the wings. I call my sister to come outside but it's gone. Ten minutes later it flies back over the house barely visible this time as it has climbed to a higher elevation. This creature is as big as a pickup truck. The wingspan is bigger than any flying bird we know of.

Jump ahead to June 2013 it's late at night I have the door open for air and we hear the loudest scream/roar of an unknown creature. The dogs in the area were barking after the roar. I step out on the porch and see nothing but hear the noise again and by the sound of it you can tell that it's circling in the sky. My sister also hears the noise as well. I thought the neighbors would all wake up because the noise was so loud. The noise was like if a horse could roar. I've never heard any noise like it my entire life. We were very startled and confused and we still wonder what we saw and heard? I'd just like to see if anyone reading this has seen or heard of anything similar because this is very strange. We live on a reservation in Northern California. I don't smoke anything weird or drink! I know that's the first thing people might think. Thanks.”


“I was driving near our home on the Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota and it was about 4:00 in the afternoon (circa 1987). It was full daylight. Just me and my son, 6, who was asleep. I looked to my right across the highway, along a shelterbelt, at tree height I saw what resembled a stingray flying along the trees. I slowed my car and tried to watch it for as long as I could then it was too far down south to really see anymore. The object moved like a stingray swimming and it was huge, about the size of a car. I have not seen anything like that since.”


“Me and my wife seen something gliding in the Yakima Rez, Washington. We were heading to Yakima to pick up some groceries and I saw it as I pulled up to the light and it’s around 12:00-1:00 PM and it’s sunny as hell but this thing was pitch black and it was far from us but it was too big to be a type of bird but when I got my wife’s attention to look she saw the exact same thing I tried to speed up to catch a big glimpse of it by when we get to where I seen it, the thing was nowhere to be found. I don’t know what it is but we see it all the time.”


“In Caddo Nation, Oklahoma. I saw something one night on my way home from work. It stood 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall. Its face was like a human's but it had characteristics like a bird. Its feathers were fluffy, like putting a wet feathers in a light socket. As I drove by, it must have flew, because the last thing I know, I'm hearing wings flapping and the moonlight is blocked out as it flies over. I put the pedal to the metal and got home as fast as I could.”



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