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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What Attacked Me?

This occurred approximately 3 years ago and it still haunts me on a regular basis to this day. I thought perhaps I was alone in this encounter, but recently saw a story about BEK while surfing the web and thought that this may had been a similar experience.

My encounter happen in late June in the middle of the night shortly after I had fallen asleep. I had spent the day earlier gardening and had sprayed around the house to control mosquitoes that day, which I thought might have caused me to hallucinate this experience. I also lived alone at the time.

Anyway, I went to bed and at some point was woken up by the sound of children giggling and playing outside my house in the middle of the night. I lived in a one story rancher and could hear them playing and tapping on the windows in the front of the house. I peeked out the blinds to see these kids and they appeared to be three Asian kids under the age of ten. I don't remember what the boy was wearing but the girls were in black dresses like they had come from some event. They had ear length jet black hair with bangs. I was in my pajamas so decided to ignore them and pretend they were not there; hoping they would realize they are in the wrong place and go away. Then they started knocking on the door, persistently. I figured they must have seen me and were not going to go away, so I answered the door. The three kids were there and an adult facing away on the sidewalk. They insisted that they lived at my house and that they needed to come in. I told them that they had the wrong house. Then they asked if I knew some person and said they were coming to meet him and again insisted that they come in. Again I replied that they must be confused, that it was just me here and I don't know them and they don't belong in my house. There are many Asian families in my neighbor so I thought they might be arriving in town late to visit someone and have the wrong address.

I then shut the door. Again there was a knock. I opened it an this time it was the adult standing in front of the kids. At this point I must have noticed the eyes because I become extremely terrified. There were also a few additional "family" members now gathered on the sidewalk to my house. He looked to me like a Chinese/Japanese older man with a thin long mustache and wore sunglasses (at night) and a black suit. Again he said that they lived there and were meeting someone else and insisted that I let them in because they had traveled a long way. At this point something clicked in my brain, and I starred back at the man and very firmly told him I knew who he was, and that he did not belong here and went to shut the door.

At the instant that I said this, this man showed his true form, which was that of some sort of demon on beast. He/It screamed or roared in my face grabbed me by the neck and pinned me up against the wall, enough to knock the wind out of me.

I wish I could give a better description of what it looked like, but the second I saw it change, I closed my eyes and began to pray as hard as I could and focus only on the praying and block out this thing that had pinned me against the wall. It was the only think I could do, because I was sure it was going to kill me at that moment. Not sure what happened next, but I woke up in the morning in my bed; however, my neck was stiff like I had whiplash for days and my front door was ajar.

Every single night after this incident I could not go to bed with out putting a chair with a twenty pound weight on it in front of the door. I also had to push the recliner in front of the patio door. Luckily, I moved from that place earlier this year.

I have not had an encounter since this experience. The vivid experience was a one time event. Prior to this I had classic reoccurring sleep paralysis with feelings of evil spirits being in the room and pressing on my chest, but never anything like what was at my door. After this encounter thought I haven't had nightmares/sleep paralysis like I had had in the past.

I have a feeling that maybe they had been scoping me out before actually visiting and making a move, but were confronted and rejected and so have not come back. MD

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