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Friday, November 29, 2019

Ominous 'Black Eyed Kids' Accounts

“Okay this is really weird. My best friend told me a story about a similar encounter she had, but in Everett, Washington; about 26 miles north of Seattle. This happened in the 90’s when we were still in high school. She said that she was driving home from her boyfriend’s house early in the morning around 2-3 when she saw a young man in the middle of the road wearing an over-sized hoodie with the hood up, his arms outstretched like he was walking a tightrope on the yellow line. She slowed down because she didn’t want to hit him, she thought he was drunk or something just goofing off. The closer she got to him the sicker she felt and a sense of dread overcame her. When she drove past him he lifted his head and he looked right at her. She said that his eyes were completely black and his skin was white and waxy. He smiled creepily at her and she felt pure evil radiating from him. Still gives me chills thinking about it.” FD


“This happened about a year ago. I was going in to work alone. It was 4AM in the morning and no one was in the parking lot but me. So I'm about to get out of my car to go into my building, but first I bend down to get my cellphone charger. When I look back up, a teen girl is on my driver's side window and a small boy is on the passenger side. The girl is wearing a tank top and has really pale skin and stringy blonde hair. The little boy had his hair shaved off. She says, "excuse me sir, but we need a ride down the block to my mom's house." If we walk she'll be angry. Now the boy looks emotionless and unblinking. I get the weird feeling in my stomach saying don't do it. And I say, I need to go to work, but here's money for a cab. She says, "we don't want your money, we want a ride." I blink and I look down at my phone as it suddenly rang then hung up. The kid's eyes were as black as night. My heart's pounding. I think, crap, these kids are the ones people are talking about that kill people. So I say with some authority, "No! You take the money and go away." As I reach for some ones in my ashtray and look up at the kids and they're gone. Now it's a big parking lot. I'd have seen them had they run off. I even drive around the parking lot and building. No kids. Even drove around the empty block they claimed to live on and there was no one there. Needless to say, I waited until the sun came up to go to work that day.”

Source: Darkness Radio – March 28, 2016


“It was about 3 years ago. November 2012 when I was working at a small gas station in North East Louisiana. We were the only small shop and 24 hour service station in miles, just off the highway. I worked the night-shift. I loved it – the sharing of stories with the travelling customers, that is when the rare customer showed up. It must have been around 3 am. I was cleaning the floors and locking the beer coolers when suddenly the lights went out. I pulled out my cell and used it as a guiding light until I made it back to our counter where I kicked on the gas generator. It lit the parking lot, the bath and the hall leading to the register. When I looked outside, I could just make out the movement of the trees across the street, but, otherwise, it was pitch black. I turned on the radio and started listening to a local station with its night owl DJ, commenting on the heavy winds and cracking jokes between songs. Suddenly I saw some figures in the dark. I could just make them out. They seemed to be a group of kids on bikes. There were three of them. Two of them dropped their bikes and made their way to the door where they just stood there staring at me. I just stared back for a moment, waiting for them to come in. They never did. I moved around the counter and opened the door. 'What's up guys? Out kinda late aren't you?' I asked them, expecting them to come in. 'Can we use your phone?' one asked, their heads tilted kinda low. I felt a little worried as I pulled my cell from my pocket and offered it to her. 'Sure.' She looked at me and then I saw her eyes – they were solid black, almost like ink filled orbs. 'No, I need the real one!' she said, her face twisted into an angry snarl. I pulled the door closed and flipped the locks. 'No! No ma'am, you go home and get your mom's phone.' They stared at me through the door for a minute longer before turning away and biking off. The next day I had my boss check the cameras to get the pictures of the creepy kids but the cameras had been off the whole time. Now the cameras run off the generator instead of the hall lights. I never saw the kids again.”

Source: Darkness Radio - September 3, 2015


Hello Lon,

Your recent posting about black eyed children was new information to me. I read lot of UFO material and watch a zillion TV shows on the paranormal, but this was the first time I had heard about possible alien/human hybrid children now living among us. (Guess I should come out from under my rock more often.)

The "black eye" part of the story really gave me a shock. We live in a neighborhood of small family houses in Arlington, Texas. Every year we have from 40 to 60 trick-or-treaters at our door on Halloween night. They usually consist of small children accompanied by adults, older children in groups, and teenagers who can't seem to give up their childhood fun. Sometimes the teens don't even bother to wear costumes.

Halloween night of 2011 was a busy one on our street. At one point I answered the doorbell to a large group of kids of various ages. Two of the tallest ones were dressed in rather flashy costumes. I remember nylon net, glitter, sequins, and garish makeup. I don't remember if they were both girls or if one was a boy. I always pay attention and compliment the kids on their costumes. When I looked at the eyes of the teenagers, I was really taken aback. The entire visible eyeballs were a shiny coal black! I told them they had great costumes and I think I asked if "those things" hurt their eyes. I naturally assumed they were wearing contact lenses covering their entire eye surface. I got no answer to my question. They just sort of smiled. Maybe they just didn't want to converse with an elderly grandmother type. I don't even know if I got a thank-you for the candy from them or not.

I closed the door before the mass of kids left the porch, so I don't know if the two teens went off by themselves or were with some of the younger kids. I remember mentioning to my husband that some teens were wearing what looked like painful contact lenses and then didn't think about the incident until you told me about "black-eyed-children." Wow. or not a Wow. Were they hybrids or just ultra cool teens? I tend to believe the latter, and that they were trying to shock people. In any case, they succeeded with me. I know I would not have let them in my house, whatever they were!

Thanks for all your work. Grandlady

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