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Monday, November 18, 2019

Real Consequences Following A Physical Entity Attack

I recently came across the following account:

I wanted to share this story with someone. I really can't find a reasonable explanation for what happened that night. It was just a strange and alarming experience.

This happened a few months ago. My friend had heard that the Northern Lights might be visible in our area and asked if I wanted to go for a drive out into the country to see if we could catch a glimpse. So we headed out after dark and drove for a few hours, just searching for a good vantage point.

After a while, we started to give up on seeing the lights. My friend realized that we were close to her hometown, and noted that she had been wanting to visit the local cemetery to find the graves of some of her distant relatives (she had recently been researching her genealogy). It was a clear, warm night, and we were both a little disappointed that we hadn't seen the lights; we both wanted to make the trip worthwhile, so we agreed to swing by the cemetery.

We found the graves, took some photos, and just wandered around for a little while. My friend was leading the way, using the flashlight on her phone to light the path and ensure that we didn't accidentally step on any of the graves. I had been feeling increasingly anxious since we arrived, which struck me as odd -- I have done several cemetery seriation projects as an archaeologist, and don't normally feel nervous in cemeteries, even at night. In fact, I usually find that cemeteries are pretty peaceful and calming. But I felt really strange in that cemetery, and found myself frequently spinning around because I felt like someone was standing behind me. Still, I just chalked it up to general anxiety and tried not to dwell on it. One of the problems with having an anxiety disorder is that it's sometimes hard to tell when your nervousness is justified. Even in retrospect, I don't know if my anxiety was just in my head or if it was related to what would happen next.

After wandering for a while, we realized that it was approaching 1 am and that we should probably get back home. We headed toward the car. The car was in sight and my friend was a few yards ahead of me when it happened.

I suddenly got that nervous feeling again, and thought that I heard someone running up behind me. I was starting to turn my head to look back when I felt something collide with my back, right between my shoulder blades.

There was a weight behind it, as if someone had actually hurdled into me. The impact was so forceful that I was thrown forward and fell flat on my face, and as I scrambled to get back up, I felt the weight hitting me in the shoulders again and was shoved back down. I glanced up to see my friend running toward me. She had also heard someone running up to us, had heard my initial fall and had turned just in time to see me being pushed back down -- she would later tell me that she had seen my hoodie flattening against my back and shifting, as if someone had been pressing their hands against my shoulders.

She grabbed my arm to pull me up just as the weight disappeared and we both bolted to the car, jumping in and instinctively locking the doors. She wasted no time starting the engine and then hastily peeled out of the driveway. As soon as we hit the road we just sped away from there.

We drove for several minutes without saying a word. I think we were both stunned and, more than anything, confused. She finally glanced at me and said, "What the hell just happened?" I didn't quite know how to answer that. I told her that someone had shoved me to the ground, and she said, "I know. I saw. But what was that? There was nothing there."

We tried to come up with a rational explanation, but none of them made any sense. Had someone ambushed me and then bolted? Definitely not. We would have seen them. Had I tripped? No, I had definitely felt something pushing me, and my friend had seen me being shoved back down. Had it been the wind? Not possible. There hadn't been so much as a breeze that night, and if there had been some freak gust of wind, it would have hit my friend, too. Perhaps an animal had attacked me? But that didn't seem possible, either. There were no local animals large enough, strong enough, and stealthy enough to topple a full-grown human without being seen. I had been in full view of my friend (illuminated by her flashlight) during the second fall, and the weight had remained at my shoulders even as she was coming right up to me. She should have been able to see whatever had been pushing me...but there was nothing. We just couldn't explain it. Whatever had pushed me -- twice -- it hadn't been visible to us.

As the adrenaline faded, I noticed something else -- my back hurt. Right between my shoulder blades, right where I had felt the impact, I could feel a sort of stinging, prickly sensation. It felt like my back had been brushed with stinging nettles. I mentioned this to my friend, and she insisted on pulling over to look at my back. She switched the hood light on and pulled the collar of my hoodie down to look. I heard her mutter, "What the f*ck?"

She took a photo of my back and showed it to me. The skin between my shoulder blades was reddened, and several little blisters had started to appear (they later swelled up and popped; it was as if I had gotten a sunburn or a chemical burn). There weren't any scratches or cuts, it was a relatively subtle mark, but it was still clearly there. We certainly couldn't figure out how I'd gotten burned. I hadn't rubbed up against anything, I hadn't touched my back. I'd been wearing my hoodie all night and there were no tears or marks in the fabric. And it hurt. It continued to sting for several days.

I couldn't sleep that night. My back hurt, and every time I started to drift off, I'd suddenly sense that someone was standing over my shoulder and I would startle awake. I couldn't really understand what had happened at the cemetery, but it truly rattled me. I don't know if I believe in things like ghosts or demons, to be honest. But I know that something truly bizarre and frightening happened that night, and my inability to explain it, to account for every strange little detail was deeply disturbing. It's been really difficult to grapple with this...I already have PTSD from a previous assault, and there is something profoundly unsettling about the fact that, in this instance, there is nothing I could have done to defend myself -- and with no clear explanation for it, there is no way for me to prevent something like this from happening again.

I've had several odd nightmares since then; dreams that are similar to the nightmares that I'd had for years when I was growing up. I don't know where they came from, but for as long as I can remember, I've had dreams in which a creature is attempting to lure me in one way or another, and in the dreams I usually understand this creature to be a devil or a demon.

Sometimes it takes the form of an old woman. I had one dream when I was about 13 years old in which I was wandering through a forest. I came across a little cottage with the old woman standing by the porch. She beckoned me inside, and I acquiesced. We spent some time casually talking and baking cookies, but I felt uneasy around her and got the sense that she wanted something from me. At one point I glanced out the window and noticed a group of people standing in the yard, calling out to the old woman. I asked who these people were, and I vividly remember what she told me: "They want me to take them in, but I don't want them. I want you."

In other dreams, it has had a more sinister appearance, but I always recognize it as the same creature. I sometimes have dreams in which it is sitting in the dark at my bedside, whispering to me. It has a shadowy appearance with long, lanky limbs and empty eye sockets; its teeth are made of razor wire, and there is something like blood or wine gleaming on its lips. Like this. In those dreams, I can hear it whispering but can't understand what it's saying. Sometimes I have dreams of the same creature sitting in a chair in the corner of my room, eating a rotten apple. I have long suspected that this creature is some manifestation of my deepest and most troubling fears.

I know these are just dreams, but I mention it because those dreams had subsided in my early 20's, but the incident at the cemetery rattled me so much that they've returned. It seems to have shaken my understanding of the world around me, opening the floodgates to my own inner demons. In these new dreams, the creature is standing upright behind me at the cemetery; time seems to be slowing down, I can see my friend frozen ahead of me, and the creature is whispering at my back. I don't know why my mind is conflating that dream creature with my encounter at the cemetery, but the fear has increasingly kept me up at night.

Anyway...I just wanted to share this, because I have no idea WTF happened that night. My friend believes it was a ghost, but I don't know. I've just never personally experienced anything like this. I really don't know what to do with it. CS

NOTE: A physical attack (or even a psychic attack) by an entity and / or a spirit attachment in a cemetery is not an uncommon occurrence. Most people I have helped with attachments were so-called paranormal investigators who thought summoning spirits in a cemetery would be a good idea. Take heed in the garden of good and evil. Lon

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