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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Oregon Pterosaur / Baltimore Underground Humanoid / Utah Winged Being

I was visiting the beach in Oregon with a few friends for one of their birthdays. We were driving down the street the house was on and since I was sitting in the back, I didn't have much to focus on besides looking out the window. Flying far above a hill (about where I see eagles and hawks fly) was a large black bird with a wingspan easily 25-30 feet resembling a pterodactyl I had seen in movies. I thought it was weird for a couple minutes as I'd never seen a bird that large in my life. Not even pictures of anything that large. I was able to quickly brush it off until began researching cryptids in Oregon. I found an article about Thunderbirds with a thumbnail displaying a very large black bird like I described and as I read it. This memory came back to me.

Here's an excerpt from what I read: “Native tribes all across North America, especially along the Pacific coast and in the Great Lakes area, have stories depicting enormous birds of prey. Some stories told that these birds were so large and powerful that when they flapped their wings, thunder was created. Lightning flashed out of their eyes, and water fell off their backs, creating rain. The tribes used Thunderbirds to explain some of the things that happened naturally, such as storms and other forms of weather. Sightings of large bird-like creatures have been reported for many years, at least since people began settling further west in the United States and Canada. This creature looked more like a pterodactyl or a dragon than any modern-day bird.” CC


This happened in Baltimore, MD. More specifically, Jones Falls Express Tunnel/Conduit. I don't know what this thing was. It appeared to be maybe 4 feet tall (maybe?) Was about 15 yards from it, maybe more. Things are kind of hard to explain being it was basically pitched black except a sewer light from above and this "creature" looked a blueish gray. I saw the back of its head as it passed into a different tunnel. It looked like there was a dorsal fin on its head and the body looked scaly. It had a long alligator like tail and had legs like a monkey, but hairless. It made no sound (as far as I can remember) but the sound its feet made while running were heavy and had a slapping sound with each step. It was very fast, not a human. I thought it was a human at first. I heard somebody running up from behind me and only had my cellphone flashlight when I turned I only saw the back half of its body as it was already running off into a different tunnel. I climbed the next sewer ladder out of there and have never seen anything like this.

Any ideas as to what this could have been and/or any known cryptids in these area or region? I'm kind of taken back on words currently as I'm still slightly processing this sh*t. RR


I was visiting my then fiancé (now wife) in northern Arizona. I lived in Idaho at the time. I was making the trip back late at night and for those who don’t know, there are two major highways along this Idaho to Arizona route. US-15 that goes through Idaho into Utah and then US-89 that goes from Utah to Arizona. Now there is a mountain pass that connects these two highways, Rt-20, and this is where it all happened. (Giving location in case anyone is familiar with the area)

So my trip. I was headed back north and I was along this Rt-20, the road through the mountain. It was about 1 or 2 am and there was not much moonlight. Along this road there are a lot of deer and elk as you could imagine and you need to keep an eye out at night. That’s what I thought I saw at first. I saw a set of eyes in the distance, you know that yellowish bluish glare you see when your headlights are toward a deer, about eye-level of where I was seated in my car. As I got closer I saw the actual silhouette of this thing and I didn’t know what I was looking at. It looked to be 7 or 8 feet tall. I’m not good at estimating but this thing was big. All of the sudden, as soon as I think I’m going to get a good look at this thing, it spreads a set of gigantic wings and flies away. I pulled over and just watched it fly toward a heavily forested area toward the summit of the mountain. After that it was gone. I didn’t see it later that night or ever again on any of my travels.

I’ve tried to research into similar stories or any stories from that area but come up dry. The closest thing I could find are the stories of the Mothman but I’m not sure if it matches my description of the creature or if I was in the right environment. The other thing to keep in mind is that there are many Native American reservations around, the biggest being the Navajo reservation just being a couple hours south. That being said the next best idea is that it was a Skinwalker. Being Native myself, I understand skinwalkers in a “deeper” way and have had many encounters of my own that were much more explainable, if you want to call it that. I don’t think this was a skinwalker. When a skinwalker is around you get overwhelmed with this dark feeling/power. If you know, you know. There were no such “feelings,” just lots of confusion.

I just wanted to see if anyone has an experience with a creature like this or from this area. For more reference the closest towns were: Panguitch, Ut, Richfield, Ut, and Beaver, Ut. HG

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