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Friday, November 01, 2019

Bigfoot Group Observed in Rural Perry County, Missouri

I recently received a telephone call from 'EK' in reference to a multiple Bigfoot sighting he had in mid-August 2019. He was in the process of helping a friend move from Tennessee to Perry County, Missouri.

When they reached their destination, the new residence was in a rural section of Perry County, Missouri. It was approximately 6:30 am local time. The dawn light was just beginning to creep through. The house was near a neighbor's larger house which had a corral with horses behind it.

EK was beginning to unload furniture, when his friend pointed in the direction of the corral and mentioned that there was movement in the woods behind it. EK paused and looked in the direction of the corral. He noticed the movement as well, but was unsure what he was looking at. He began to walk toward the corral, while remaining on his friend's property. He continued to watch as the morning light became brighter. He distinctly observed 4 hairy conical heads and shoulders bobbing along in the wood's edge. The horses acted somewhat mindful of the activity, but did not act afraid. EK was surprised at how quickly these beings were moving about.

EK told me that he watched the movement for 20-30 minutes but was unable to get a decent photograph. He was positive that he was properly focusing on the heads and shoulders (the only parts visible) but nothing discernible was on the images. There were distinctive grunts and heavy breathing coming from the direction of the Bigfoot group.

He has been a Bigfoot enthusiast for many years and is positive that these were Bigfoot. Even though he has never investigated the phenomenon, he believes that this was a family group consisting of a large male, smaller female and two juveniles.

EK was very excited about what he had seen and is searching for ways to prove what he had witnessed. I offered my assistance and hopefully he will be able to gather photographic evidence in the future. He is mindful that full disclosure of the location would be detrimental to the Bigfoot and has no intention of causing these creature any harm. Lon

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