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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Eyewitness Reports Unknown Hairy Beast Lurks in Avocado Lake, California

I recently received a telephone call from a man in Fresno, California who I will refer to a 'RA.' He wanted to tell me about two incidents that he and a friend had at Avocado Lake in Fresno County. Avocado Lake Park is a 210 acre day-use park located 23 miles east of Fresno, CA.

The lake has a strange history, specifically a high number of mysterious drownings and Bigfoot activity. Stories have been told over the years surrounding these deaths and what lurks below. Many local residents believe the lake may possibly be haunted.

RA has been visiting the lake since he was a child. His family had regularly gone there for recreation. When he became an adult, he and his friends also spent time at the location. RA knew about the strange occurrences, including the Bigfoot sightings. His family had experienced a Bigfoot sighting at Huron along the California Aqueduct when he was younger, so he was well-aware of the existence of these creatures.

The first incident at Avocado Lake occurred in 2014 while RA and his friend had been swimming. The friend was attempting to swim across the lake to the far bank. As he got within 20 foot of the opposite shore he described what felt like 'a pair of hairy arms wrap around both of my legs and started to pull me under.' He said that if there had not been long aquatic vegetation extending from the shore, of which he grabbed a hold of, he would have certainly been pulled under the surface. RA told me that his friend was absolutely terrified and refused to get back into the water.

In 2016, RA and other friends had a picnic at the park. Later in the afternoon, he and a lady friend walked down to the lake and sat along the shore. As they were talking they both noticed a 'hairy hand and arm' extend from the water near a large rock in the lake. They were about 50 foot away and both got an excellent view of a well-defined human-like hand and arm that was covered in dark coarse hair. RA said that the arm was very long and extended well over 3 feet above the surface.

RA has shown some interest in investigating the lake and other areas. He has promised to keep in touch with me and to report any findings. Lon

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