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Multiple 'Winged Humanoid' Eyewitnesses in Toledo, Ohio

Youtuber Terri Lynn describes her sighting of a winged humanoid creature on July 4, 2008 in Toledo, Ohio:

“The title, it's true, I saw Mothman and, no, not recently...not one of these recent sightings that people are talking about. That is what made me decide to go ahead and talk about it because...this is so embarrassing. I mean, you go around telling people that you seen a half human / half moth or whatever he is creature and they tend to look at you like you're crazy. But I did see him.

This was back in 2008, 4th of July, Toledo, Ohio, which is Northwest Ohio, right in this corner on the Michigan line, like, right in the Ohio / Michigan border-line. Okay, so, we had just finished watching the fireworks. All the cars were leaving and we decided to sit back and just wait for the cars to leave so that we didn't have to fight the traffic and we could just hang out with the family a little bit longer. My boyfriend at the time was laying on the blanket on his back, just kind of looking up at the stars, hanging out. But after awhile, he looked up and he was like, 'Hey, hey, you guys, what the hell is that?' So I was the first one to pay attention to him and I looked up and there was, like, this plane going by and I'm like, 'It's a plane, what are you talking about?' He's like, 'No, no, Terri, that!' And there was like this huge black mass that was clearly blacking out the light from the stars as it flew by, but it was flying really slow. I do remember that, like it was slowly flying but not like a bird. Like, a bird, when they fly, they have to fly fast. This thing was super slow and huge, like, think of how big you would think of a pterodactyl being, that's how big this thing was. And it had wings that were, like, really thin, like a pterodactyl's wings. That stuck out to me the most was the wings like how thin and see-through they kinda were. Like, they weren't see-through but like pterodactyl wings. And the body was like stubby but not short because, trust me, this thing was huge but it was like stubby kind of like a gargoyle. That's what it reminded me of - a gargoyle with pterodactyl wings. I don't know, this thing was weird. It was just weird.

So I brought attention to my mom. My mom saw it. My brother saw it. It was funny because we all did the same exact thing, like, 'It's a plane, what are you guys talking about my?' I look my mom over and she said, 'It's a plane!' and I said, 'No, mom, that!' So, yeah, I don't know. I don't know what it was but I know that for some reason seeing it made me feel terrified and it stuck with me, that fear stuck with me and if you think about it, it's kind of irrational because there was no real reason to fear it. It was not coming towards us. It was just flying and it could have been something else but I know it wasn't because I seen it with my own eyes but everybody tried telling me was, like, 'Oh no, it couldn't have been Mothman because it's not Point Pleasant. That was West Virginia. This is Ohio.' Okay, well, now people are seeing it in Michigan and I'm ecstatic that people are actually reporting it because it validates what I had been trying to tell people.

Nobody wanted to believe me but now people are actually coming forward and reporting it and that was something I never did. I didn't even know you could or knew how... What do you do? Who do you call to report something like that? Do you call the cops? Oh, there's some sort of weird mothy human looking creature flying through the sky, like, no, no, I barely even wanted to tell my friends let alone report it. How do you report something like that? But apparently there's a way because people are reporting it. But there was one time I went to tell somebody this story and this did help make me feel validated too. I went to tell someone about it when I was drunk because it was the only time I could admit it and before I could even tell him what I saw I was talking about how I saw something and that it was on the 4th of July. That's all I said and he said, 'Flying?' and I was like, 'Yeah.' He's like, 'In the sky, like a human flying thing?' I'm like, 'Yeah.' He's like, 'I saw it. I was there!'

He said he was at his friend's house and when I saw it it was like flying towards the woods which is where he was at. He was in the woods. He said once it got to the tree line, which would have been out of my sight, that it kind of turned and like swooped down and flew within 20 feet of them. They were sitting around a bonfire and this thing just flew right past them and they didn't get a real real good look but they get a good enough look to see that it was like a human looking type thing with wings and when they were trying to explain it to the other people that was at the fire that didn't get a chance to see it, they all thought they were just drunk and crazy and didn't believe them either. So, that's my story, I saw Mothman and it was actually a mass sighting. A lot of people like all the people I was with saw it. The people at his bonfire saw it. There's probably other people there at the fireworks that night that saw it. None of us reported it that I know of. It was not even reported. If it had been reported, wouldn't it be, like, with the reports, with all these other people but I apparently not. I mean, it's not like an awesome scary story. I didn't see it up close. It didn't swoop down and fly right in front of me but I was close enough to know that it was not natural. It was not normal. It was not something that I've ever seen before in my life or I'm pretty sure most other people have ever seen before in their lives. There's things out there that we don't understand and that's the truth. I know what I saw I'm putting it out there. This is me reporting it. This is my report. I saw Mothman and I'm glad to get that off my chest.

Something I forgot to mention, for some reason this thing left me with a fear that would not leave for weeks. I couldn't sleep because every time I closed my eyes I would see this thing, I had nightmares of him landing on my roof or looking in my windows. And even though I knew this fear was irrational, it wouldn't leave. It was strange, that just seeing it would leave me so terrified for no real reason.

Source: Terri Lynn, I saw Mothman' Published on 5 Aug 2017

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