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Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Few Creepy Experiences

I recently received the following creepy experience accounts:

“Here's my creepy experience. One of my friends, Larry, in college asked me to ride to South Dakota with him so he could visit his family during a break. It sounded like a fun ride. We left Denver at about 9:00 PM and got to Laramie, Wyoming by 2:00 AM and we're exhausted. We had borrowed stage microphones from another friend so we could talk as we rode. We had a range of about 50 feet. Even though our helmets covered the microphones the sound of wind muffled the sound a bit. As we pulled into Laramie we saw a rest area with tent sites. As we turned in my radio headphone went silent and suddenly I could hear children playing crystal clear through the headphone for about a minute. When it ended my friend Larry said "did you hear that?" I said "did you hear children laughing and playing?" He said "yeah that was weird. We didn't think anything about until the return trip. As we were turning towards my apartment north of Denver our radios cut out again and we both heard the kids playing and laughing through the radio. I don't know what it was but as I said our radio range was about 50 feet and I don't know anyone that transmits the sounds of kids laughing and playing in two states. Whatever it was followed us.” - Michelle Trujillo

Beyond Creepy


I was stationed in Idaho at Mountain Home AFB. The air base is situated at the end of a long road going out into the desert, and at the time (it's been quite a while so don't know what it's like today) there was only a gas station and a restaurant as you approached the base. Pretty lonely area at the time.

As I passed the gas station, it was pretty late at night, around 11:30 pm or so. A pewter grey Volkswagen rabbit pulled out suddenly from the station, right in front of me, making me swerve to avoid hitting it. I was pretty PO'd so took note of the description and the license plate. Just then, it vanished. I saw the driver and passenger's head enough to get a a description. My wife just looked at me, and said "did you see that?" and we didn't speak about it anymore that night.

The next day I gave the license plate and description to a friend of mine who was a local cop in town, and asked him to follow up on it (I didn't mention the vanishing) A few days later, he stopped by the house, and asked me if I thought I was being funny! (and was pretty upset, not my intention) A vehicle matching that plate and description, with the two people inside that I had described, had pulled out from that gas station one year ago at that day and time, and had cut off another vehicle, causing them to get hit and lose control, killing them both. It had happened before we moved there, and I had no prior knowledge of it. We all agreed to just avoid talking about it, but he was pretty shaken as well. - FW


I was going to this haunted bridge in a very rural place in Colorado with my family... cause my mom loves paranormal stuff. We went and it was spooky but nothing crazy happened so we had packed up the car and started our drive back the very long dirt road. It’s at least a few very long miles of uneven dirt, gravel, and pot holes at 1 in the morning.

We passed a car who doesn’t have their lights on but they are moving. REMEMBER this is rural! No street lights no nothing. Just pitch black. So my mom flashes them while we drive past them so they can turn their lights on. They whipped their car around so fast and put their lights on. You could see the dust cloud rising in the air and they start speeding up with us.

We’re freaking out because we are getting chased by these people who had a problem with us flashing them. Going down the road at 80-85 an hour praying that every single pot hole that we hit won’t burst our tires. We finally reached pavement and street lights and the car was gone. It was the longest few minutes of my life.

At the time I was so scared and it wasn’t until a year later when I shared my story and someone shared the scariest detail of all. Apparently if a moving vehicle doesn’t have their headlights on and you flash them you become their “target” as part of a gang initiation. They are supposed to shoot and kill every member in the car. I researched it and some people say it’s false but from my experience I wold not tread lightly. - MH


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