Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bigfoot Observed Near Turkey Run State Park, Indiana

I recently received a telephone call from an eyewitness named 'KS' in reference to a Bigfoot encounter.

On the night of March 30th, 2019 at around 11:30 pm, three companions had been at a campground in the vicinity of Turkey Run State Park located in Parke County, Indiana. They had spent the day hiking.

KS and the others were in their camper when they heard a loud thumping sound coming from the woods around them. KS and another companion stepped outside and looked in the direction of the thumping. They both observed a hair-covered bipedal creature with a large frame hitting a medium-sized tree with a piece of wood. The being was approximately 80-100 feet from them and standing at the edge of the woods. KS stated that he is 6'2' and would have stood mid-chest high to this creature. He believes the height to be at leas 8 foot. They were shocked at the total size of this being. They also immediately noticed the bright eye-shine emanating from the creature.

KS's friend ran back into the camper, as KS stood close to the door. The beast was continuously slamming the tree with the piece of wood and then raising its arms into the air and grunting. KS observed the creature for about a minute, until it simply turned, grunted and walked away. There was another camper nearby, but KS did not see anyone.

The trio quickly exited the campground and spent the night in a parking lot several miles away.

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  1. Wow whatta an encounter!! Must have been amazing and frightening all at the same time.

  2. Gotta see it to believe it.. and really what is the point of this so called bigfooB always seems to be smashing a log into a tree. An this is reported all over the country. Must be some retarded animals or more likely a human dressed up

    1. Until 2014 I knew of the subject but didn't give it much thought. My family had an encounter in southern Ohio and even though my son just caught a brief glimpse of it, the experience that afternoon and through that night of backcountry camping has changed my view on the subject sence then.
      If you ever happen to have your own encounter, just get ready for the ridicule because no one will believe you either. It's funny how the entire process of human nature works.
      As far as the beating on trees, in many cases it's working the tree for grubs or larva like a bear will do, other times its communicating with others of it's kind in the vicinity or so its believed, another possibility and what could have been the reason for this encounter is intimidation in an effort to get the unwanted campers to leave the area, the combination of it being early spring the wildlife has had all winter and gotten accustom to the down turn in human activity in the area and maybe these three were camping in a more secluded spot, that can often times elicit a territorial intimidation response from these animals in itself, who really knows though but as far as "retards"...I think humans fall into that category and not these creatures.
      They are out there whether you choose to believe it or not and most of the "retarded" human race doesnt even know it.

    2. THAT WAS A GREAT Response! They are definitely smarter than us, they're not destroying the Earth, and are able to thrive in the forest with out being noticed.

    3. Yep.. Note.. KS saw another camper, but didn't see anyone else..

  3. too bad none of the witnesses had a smart phone with them,or if they did use it to take video or pictures

  4. I grew up in Paris, IL. I now live in Indianapolis, IN. My hometown friends and I would go there camping every summer. I had no idea Sasquatch was in the area and I'm very familiar with Turkey Run. You never know!

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    1. My sons mother in laws property butts up against the park. She hears things at night and when they camped in her yard something was beating the hell out of the chicken house roof !!

    2. I have seen tree structures and breaks not too far from where I live in East Central Illinois.
      And a footprint where none should have been. I believe you

  7. This happened in 2000. We remember it like it was yesterday. It was close to Turkey Run and I could take you right to the place. That's how vivid the encounter still is.
    This was my report then.

    OBSERVED: My significant other and I lived in a house near ( about 2 miles ) from Turkey Run State park. It first started out, we were sitting near a fire we had built in our yard when I kept getting the feeling I was being watched..This was probably 9 or 9:30 at night. My partner asked me what was wrong to which I told him. A few minutes later, The cattle pastured behind our house started bawling and running like something either scared them or was chasing them. My partner stepped out to the side of the garage ( Which was beside the house ) and called me to come look, which when I got there, there was something tall standing in the moonlight. He then picked up a piece of steel pipe, his weapon of choice, and threw it at the shape, which did'nt move and we then assumed it was a pine or cedar tree. We went in the house shortly there after, but I still could not shake the " being watched " thing.
    The next morning, we went back out to where the tree was supposed to be and there was NO tree !! He threw a big rock at the spot where he'd threw the pipe the night before and actually hit the pipe on the ground with the rock. We walked out to where these items were and the grass was all beat down and trails led out through the pasture where the cattle are. There was two distinct trails, the grass was waist high and you could tell the one whatever used to come up and the one it used to go back by the direction the grass was laying.

    ALSO NOTICED: I remember it like it was yesterday. He does too.

    OTHER WITNESSES: my partner. He was putting wood on the fire and asked me why I kept turning around and looking over towards the garage

    OTHER STORIES: no..we moved to Terre Haute. Then later to Arkansas.

    TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was cool and clear. There was a partial moon because we could see the the thing standing but not clearly.

    ENVIRONMENT: forrests and open places. 5 strand barb wire fence 50 or so yards behind house.

  8. good for you. why are we as a species think that we are the only ones on this planet. there truly are more "unkowns" than anyone can imagine. No one has the right to ridicule anyone expressing what they have seen.

  9. Saw one in Montgomery County July 1980. Had 6 other people that saw it too! We were sitting at a campfire outside the woods by a creek. The couple weeks prior kept hearing all kinds of weird screams and thumping. We all saw this tall hairy creature banging on the side of a shed outside of the woods! The dog even ran scared to death!

  10. Amazing not one single trail cam has snapped any footage of them and zero dna has ever been found.

  11. What no phone video?

  12. With all due respect to everyone commenting, regardless if anyone is a skeptic or a believer, I for one do believe in the possibility of Bigfoot. I am part Native and I honor the stories of Native American Elders myths & legends re: Bigfoot. They have been told for centuries. Most people are aware that there is some truth involved. Unknown 5:39 p.m., I remember reading the incident you spoke of a few years ago as it occurred in 2000. I was researching Paranormal Experiences within Montgomery & Parke Counties a few years ago. I also know someone personally who resides in Waveland in Montgomery County who was a complete skeptic until he and his father both witnessed 3 beings in a field after they had fished somewhere in the town of Brazil. My husband and I live near Shades State Park and its entrance is approximately 1/4 of a mile up the road from us on 800 South. We moved to IN due to my husband's job transfer with R.R.Donnelley now LSC and soon to become Quad Graphics. I used to work nights as security at LSC. I have heard very strange unidentifiable calls a couple of times once I returned home. I have not heard anything recently, yet I sometimes wonder. Some people consider Bigfoot as an Interdimensional Being and some people associate them with UFO's. Whatever the case, I remain open minded and prefer to think objectively. I do Paranormal Investigations and offer support to those who are in need of expressing their experiences. I have had more of my own since moving here in 2002. If anyone would like to contact me, my email:, although I more often use

  13. I live just across the Illinois/Indiana border from here and have spent a lot of time in Turkey Run and am not surprised. There are a lot of guys with big feet around here.

  14. I live about 4 miles due east of Shades State Park in the SW part of Montgomery County. Probably 9 or so years ago, I’m not sure on the year but we still lived in our old house which was lost to fire and the fire was 8 years ago so it was before that. We used to sleep with the windows open due to crappy a/c. I had gone to bed late one night and after I got settled I noticed that it sounded like every dog in the vicinity was barking which was unusual, a lot of dog owners around here but the dogs don’t bark all night or anything. As I was wondering what had them stirred up, I heard a howl like I had never heard before, the best way I could describe it was like a low siren, but it sounded close. I laid there frozen, wondering what in the world it was. We have plenty of wildlife here and you learn to familiarize yourself with their noises especially at night, if for no other reason than to not be unnecessarily scared, as well as to protect livestock if need be. A few years later I found the Ohio Bigfoot howl recording from 1994 on the internet, and that is exactly what I heard that night, there is no doubt in my mind, I had never heard anything like it before then and I’ve never heard it again since.

    1. Hello Nan68. My husband & I are the couple who live approximately 1/4 mile from the entrance to Shades State Park on 800 South in Waveland. We also own The Waveland Gun Club.

  15. Used to camp at Turkey Run and Shades a lot, even rode a 10 speed down from Hammond in 1971. This the first I've ever heard of this. Can't believe nobody had their phone and got a picture.

  16. They find DNA that belongs to no other known creature but won't classify it Bigfoot because they do not have a dead cold body.

  17. I've seen several comment about why there are never any pictures or videos to go with these sightings.
    Well, if you spend a good bit of time digging you will find there are pictures and videos people have captured in some cases, more than you might think.
    Outside Magazine actually did an article on the subject and made a list of the 10 best...
    Unfortunately, the same people who ask "Why dont we have photos or videos?" will also be the first to cry fake if photos or videos are presented to them.
    Many also ask why we dont have bones, but again, we just might in Gigantopithecus blacki...
    A longtime researcher (Larry Battson) native of Indiana, on several occasions interviewed a retired 30 year backcountry Yellowstone park ranger by the name of Bob Jackson. Larry asked Bob this question, "Why are bones of this creature so hard to come by?" Bob's reply made sence to me. He stated that in his 30 years of service he had only found two bear carcasses and one of those was because it had been poached by a hunter. He said population size has a lot to do with your chances of coming across remains of whatever it is you are looking for. Sasquatch populations are far smaller than bear in Yellowstone or anywhere else so your chances are even smaller in that lower population of species.
    Bob actually encountered these creatures on several different occasions during his 30 year career. Read his observations that are posted on the BFRO database...

  18. Thank you Dave for the information. I will look on the sites you suggested. I don't know why I am identified as Unknown after I registered. My name is Sharon Parker and I not only want to learn more about such subjects, I want to offer help with some emotional support for anyone who has what is considered unusual and Paranormal experiences.


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