Friday, April 12, 2019

A Few More Newly Compiled Humanoid Encounters

A few more newly compiled humanoid accounts from the database of Albert S. Rosales:

Location: York, Pennsylvania
Date: January 2012
Time: afternoon

The witness was relaxing at home watching some television. They have double sliding doors with windows facing their backyard, and he can see outside from where he was lounging on the couch. That’s when something began moving in the corner of his vision. When he glanced over, he noticed their 10-foot high dogwood tree on the very end bordering their yard from the neighbors was shaking violently. He couldn’t figure out what kind of animal, aside from a human, could shake an entire tree like that. He stood up and walked over to the window to peer out.

There are also several extremely large pine trees bordering along the end of the backyard and he couldn’t see anything through the thick foliage, even though the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The dogwood continued to shake, and then to his astonishment an enormous gray creature jumped from one of the dogwood’s flimsy branches into a huge pine nearby. He only glimpsed it for about three seconds at most, but he definitely got a good look at it, and it was nothing he had ever seen before. The creature was rather large, perhaps around 4 feet in length and about the size of a fox. It was all gray except for its long skinny tail that had black and white stripes along it, like those lemurs from Madagascar. Its front end was somewhat slouched down, as if it had short front legs and large powerful back legs, like how a kangaroo would look. It was the weirdest creature he had ever seen. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a look at its head as it quickly vanished into the pine. A few minutes later, he was outside rooting through the leaves and long grass at the end of the yard looking for footprints and maybe to catch a sighting of the creature, but he didn’t find anything.



Location: Valle de Lajas, Puerto Rico
Date: 2012
Time: late night

Two employees at a local farm were late one night standing in front of the administration building involved in some idle conversation when suddenly they began to feel a strong sensation in their bodies like “static electricity” their bodies were then covered in goosebumps. Concerned they looked around and saw towards their right hand side over a nearby pond something “incredible” approaching their location. According to the men, it was something resembling a black gaseous cloud with undulating areas, almost shaped like a “human brain”. It floated over a path, at about 3-feet from the ground, and suddenly turned towards the men and in a panic they ran inside the office and locked themselves in, closing all doors and windows. They prayed, as they didn’t know what it was, but somehow felt that it wasn’t something “good”. They remained locked in the office until morning.

Source: Jorge Martin Miranda, Puerto Rico


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: Mid-May 2012
Time: 21:00

Tom, a 54-year old ex-constable, was sitting on the veranda of his home taking in the night air. It was 9pm on a Sunday night. His house was on the corner of a well-lit street near a sidewalk and a T-section. He remembers it was a clear night and at some point he noticed blue flashes of light coming from the south. He thought at first it was a snow removal truck as they are required to have blue lights. But then he realized that it was Mid-May and there hadn’t been any snow in a while. He was perplexed. He noticed the lights were flashing at odd intervals with no rhyme or reason. Further, they were not 360-degree rotating warning lights. That’s when he clued in to what he was looking at. They were figures – bright blue neon figures running south in a line. They were moving at around 30 miles an hour. They looked like regular men; two arms, two legs, a head but he could see no facial features and they appeared to be identical. They also appeared to be sexless.

They ran into the T-section and then seemingly disappeared. After about a minute of watching, Tom’s wife joined him and he attempted to point it out to her but she could see nothing. After a while she became frightened. Tom claims he watched them for about 5 to 7 minutes. They would appear at two and three at a time in a line, all running into the T-section and disappearing. After 7-minutes Tom and his wife went into the house. Tom claims that he had not been drinking the night he saw the men and that he has never seen them again.

Source: Monsters Among Us Podcast, December 7, 2017


Location: Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Date: March 18, 2012
Time: 23:45

In the southern part of Fayette County, a man was walking his dog in a rural location. He was in the front yard and away from any lights when his attention was drawn to look upwards after hearing a whooshing sound coming from overhead. Flying above him at a distance of about 55 feet was a large flying creature that “looked like a dragon”. As the flying creature passed over an automatic dusk to dawn light, the witness was able to get a good look at the strange flying animal. The body was about 22 feet long with a wingspan of about 18 feet wide, and looked to be shiny with almost a reflective body with no scales. The color was dark, possibly brown and red, similar to auburn brown. At the end tip of the wings there appeared to be talon-like fingers about 3 to 4 in number. The arms of the wing structure appeared muscular. The wings were quite thick, not like skin. There appeared to be a rear fin on both sides of its body, and the creature displayed an arrowhead shaped tail. The witness also saw what appeared to be two extended rear legs. The creature had a cone shape around the head and it stopped flat on the base of the neck. The oddest physical feature that the witness mentioned was that the mouth and eyes were illuminated with “a very ominous orange glow”. As the creature flew over a tree at the bottom of the yard and moved off in the distance, the fellow heard a deep-throaty sound, similar to the fog horn on a boat. The entire observation lasted about 20 seconds.

Source: Stan Gordon

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