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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Followed by the 'Rakes'

I recently found the following account:

I've been seeing this strange creature for the last 4 years, and it seems to follow me. As far as I know, the creature has never tried harming me, but it has often times made me feel unsafe and threatened. As the years have passed, I've began paying less mind to it and just putting the feeling in the back of my mind.

January 2012, I bought a horse and began boarding it at a very old barn. It was a small, tight knit, friendly barn community not far from my home. It'd been around since the 60s, surrounded by woods. There were 3 barns, the main arena was entirely surrounded by thick woods, and there were small trails in the woods behind the property.

Fast forward to June 2012, I had two horses there now. I was there every single day without fail, 2pm-10pm, I fed the horses and cared for them. I rode one every night as well, mainly in the arena, but sometimes in the barnyard. There were no field or arena lights, just the moon and stars.

One evening, around 5pm, I was sitting on her, letting her stand when she started snorting and backing up. I looked up and saw this white/grey creature crawling out of the woods towards us. It had a very small round head, it's eyes were just pits. It had a very small mouth, not much detail there. It's arms were very long and thin, fingers also like that. Its rib cage was very pronounced and defined, and it's legs were long and lanky. Its movements were very jerky, not smooth and fluid. It slowly jerked out to us, when my horse turned and bolted out of the arena. She's a dead broke, calm, well manners horse who never spooked before this. Stubborn old mare, but not spooky. She would not go back into the arena that night. I walked her around the barnyard, staying near the main barn, put her up, and ran out to peek into the arena, to find nothing except some "footprints" where I saw the thing.

Throughout the summer, I saw it peeking, almost dancing, around the gate that lead into the woods where the trails were.

One night roughly a month later, at about 9pm, I was riding that horse again in a front pasture. The moon as full and bright, and I looked to my left to see that creature running full spread by my side on the other side of the fence, I slowed my horse to a stop and it took off around the corner and behind the side barn into the woods.I continued seeing it, mainly in the woods, but it was always around.

Summer 2013, the barn shut down when the owner died. We moved the horses to a friend's place for the time being, and I didn't see it there.

Late summer/fall 2013, I found a new barn. Woods directly behind the barn and arena. This place had lights and was much newer. About a month later, when I was getting ready to leave I heard something in the woods. I looked down the barn aisle into the woods and saw the creature running down the road into the woods. I saw it much less frequently for a while, until later in fall 2014 I began seeing it in the back pastures woods, it darted in and out of the tree line.

I saw a second one sitting in a neighbor's yard. it would sit in the same spot every day and watch me ride.

I started taking pictures, which are very poor and crappy, and sent them to a friend who claimed he and some others have seen it.

Kept seeing it occasionally, but from a much greater distance than at the first barn. I went with this barn owner to another farm to get some stuff, when I saw a very very large version of this creature run out from the woods, right behind a tree I was 10 feet from, while I was alone by the trailer.

Last November, I house-sat for the barn owners. I went out around 2am to fill water troughs and enjoy the full moon and cool night. I was sitting in the back pasture when 3 of the creatures began coming from the woods, one came up to the trees near the trough where I was, the other two were walking along the tree line.

The horses were silently munching their hay, pretty far from where the creatures were. I messaged the guy from earlier and told him what was going on. Since that incident, I haven't really seen them.

Last summer, I did see one outside my house staring into the windows. A few weeks ago, one was outside my bedroom windows tapping and making a strange faint shrieking sound.

This was a lot to type out, but I hope someone reads this and helps me figure this out some more. I'm very open and willing to discuss more paranormal things that have happened with this, my friends experiences with this, and anything else that could or could not be connected to this thing. - KP

NOTE: there was no location given in this account. I have included a few images and drawing provided by the witness:

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