Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Two 'Grinning Man' Encounters...25 Years Apart

Nick from Connecticut wrote to tell of his bizarre encounters:

“This happened about 25 years ago. It happened only once meaning it hasn't followed me around like some people report. I was driving in Torrington, Connecticut. While driving up a kind of crummy industrial street, I looked forward to see how the street was twisting. While about a hundred yards ahead of me, on the driver's side sidewalk, I saw a figure. I could tell he or she was 1) dark, 2) tall, 3) waking very fast as if in a hurry to get somewhere. Now, my wife was in the car also. So I kept my eyes on it.

As I approached him or her, perhaps within thirty yards, he suddenly whipped around looking straight at me. Now I saw the entire figure, dressed all in black, big floppy black leather hat, big floppy black cape, black suit, except for a white shirt with perhaps a red string tie, black pointy boots or shoes. He was very tall, over 6'6 and extremely thin. His face, well, it was very long and thin also. He had a jutting jaw, huge dark eyes, heavy brow and his most prominent feature, an absolutely incredibly long nose. I mean stunningly so. He was grinning but not a friendly or cocky grin, it was a menacing, mean grin, a grin that someone would use when they were saying, 'I got you' or something hideous like that and he kept looking at me as I drove past him. Just me, not the car, not my wife, nothing but me or so it felt.

As I drove past him I looked in the rear-view mirror. He kept his eyes on me. His grin was wider and perhaps he was laughing, I've forgotten. I kept driving until he was out of sight. My wife saw him. She confirmed what I saw. Nowadays though, she isn't so sure. Was this thing perhaps, the Hatman. I've read up on this and while some things match, others don't. His features were clear not shadowy but I was filled with dread, even though it was daytime and there was nothing really to get freaked out about. I don't really shake easily but he got burned into my head and he's been there for 25 years. I've never seen him again. He didn't follow me and thank God, I couldn't handle that but there was something sinister about him. Usually when I see a weirdo, I may feel sorry for him or her, but this wasn't the case. I was scared plain and simple.”

Follow-up e-mail:

“I thought that this was my first and only time seeing this character. I even began feeling guilty that I thought this poor soul may have been evil. But now twenty five years later, I had a second encounter with this thing. This time under much more puzzling circumstances.

I was driving home from work, the road damp from a slight drizzle that had stuck around all day. Usually I'm a fast driver, always driving the max speed allowed by Connecticut law. I'm not used to being passed by other vehicles but looking in my side mirror, I could tell that a car was about to pass me with ease. As he pulled even with me, the car slowed down in order to match my speed and stare into my car. At first I thought it was a friend who recognized my vehicle.

Looking into the car I saw a man driving, all decked out in a big Three Musketeers type hat. I thought he was simply a weird dude until he turned to meet my stare and it all came rushing back. This was the same guy.. or looked like the dude I saw 25 years ago. Same gigantic nose, cheesy mustache and goatee. Same huge chin. And then he smiled. It all came flooding back, that terrifying, taunting, evil teeth-filled grin. It sent shivers up my spine. Then something really weird happened. Throwing his head back in what I saw as a terrifying laugh, he sped up and pulled ahead of me in the left lane. Then I experienced something I cannot explain. When he was about 20 yards ahead of me, he suddenly took a right hand turn at 70 mph. He didn't pull into my lane, he just made a 90 degree turn, as one would do when turning the corner of a street. I missed his rear quarter panel by mere inches. When I looked in the rear-view mirror I expected to see him spin out of control or smash into another vehicle but I simply saw him travelling across the highway heading at high speeds towards the wall lining the freeway. Not a chance he could avoid it. He was hustling towards a sure fatal crash with the wall when he simply disappeared. There was no crashing sound, no nothing. He was gone!

Needless to say, I was shocked. How could a car doing 70 make a 90 degree turn? How did he just disappear? How could I have been the only other car on a busy highway during rush hour? And why 25 years later? Hatman? Weirdo? This episode is much harder to explain than the initial meeting. That's my story. This thing is a creep. Seems to enjoy scaring the sh-t out of me. Oh, and to make things even weirder, my wife now swears she remembers no such being ever crossing paths with us.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – May 7, 2018

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