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Monday, August 20, 2018

'Fozzie Bear' Alien

An anonymous woman called to tell of her bizarre alien encounter:

“Back in 1972 when I was a four-year-old little girl I actually interacted with somebody who was not of this world. I know it sounds crazy but I was a little girl. I was actually at a friend's house and her mother was watching us and we were in her playroom in Huntington, Indiana. She was doing the laundry and chores and periodically checking on us and, at the time, I really loved Sesame Street. So this being actually took the form of one of the characters, I believe now, reflecting back on it because we weren't afraid. I remember his eyes. They were really big and insect-like but the rest of him looked like the character, his name was Fozzie on Sesame Street. He actually played with us and we had a great time, just playing and laughing. My memories are vague but he knew before we could hear my friend's mother coming in the room and he actually went out the window. He hit his leg on the window because I believe he got startled and was trying to exit quickly, and I saw what he really looked like and it didn't bother me. I was a little girl. I saw the skin texture and everything. And now as an adult I know that he probably just projected that image to me so that, you know, I'd be comfortable.

We were leaning out the window and crying for him to come back and play with us and trying to show her mother our playmate that she assumed was an imaginary playmate. Ithought twice about it but I've always had this memory. (Jamie Havican, the host, asks what the entity looked like when it hit the window) The best way I can describe it, in daycare, and this is gonna sound morbid but back in the '70s we had an afternoon program and we had a pet snake and they would feed the snake the mouse and we would all gather around and we would all watch the event. I remember thinking, wow, that reminded me of a mouse. Not the body part but the skin was like this creamy white texture with pink. And when he hit his leg, he let out a scream because I think he hurt himself. But he moved so fast, I couldn't be able to tell you I saw him run to the window because he was just there and, you know, the scream. My eyes just happened to be in the right direction because I saw his foot and it was bent, of course, but just the texture and also wanting him to come back and play. It was not a bad experience whatsoever. It was just laughing and playing and I have no idea how much time lapsed but I do remember thinking, 'How did he know that Mary was coming?'

Now as an adult, reflecting on it, how did he know? He knew that that woman was on her way to check on us. I remember him watching from the bushes but he did not come back in, that I can remember. I often wonder if he's still around just watching, you know. You hear these reports where people will... I watched a report on television once where somebody was actually videotaping something in the sky and actually saw something through the lens but through the naked eye could not see that. So that got me thinking, like, their technology must be really advanced. I can't tell anybody or they'll put me in a straight jacket or they'll say you must have been dreaming. They'll say you were so young maybe your mom put you in front of a television because I can remember that one. Or maybe it's something you saw (on TV). No, I remember! I remember laughing and seeing those eyes. I ran right up to him. Like, right up because when you're a kid you're like, 'Hi, what's your name? Do you want to play?'

Looking back on it now, thinking about how he, somehow he could through our memories because he knew I watched Sesame Street and he took on that image. But the only thing that did not fit was the eyes. Still, I was not scared. I just went right up to him, you know. (Havican asks her to describe the eyes) Black and large, like an insect. Large. Very very large but the intentions I got from him was complete love and wonderful feelings. I felt like, Oh, wow, you know, because you're little, you're not judging somebody on the color of their skin, or how tall, thin or fat or any of the other stuff. You're just judging somebody on how they make you feel and if they're friendly.”

Source: The Jamie Havican Show (UFO Florida) – March 2, 2010

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NOTE: These non-terrestrial beings have been known to mimic other beings. I suppose warm & fuzzy TV characters as well. Lon

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