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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Nocturnal Humanoid Confrontation

Ed from California wrote to tell of a weird encounter he had:

“I want to tell you about an experience I had a few years ago. It was June of 2006. I was exhausted due to finals week. I was working on earning my bachelor's degree and I worked in the evenings for FedEx.

I was driving home after my shift ended a little after 3:00 AM. I rolled the windows down and enjoyed the cool breeze while listening to some oldies. I was getting off the I-210 in San Bernardino, getting close to the exit light. That's when I noticed a car stopped on the shoulder and what appeared to be a very large man. I got closer and noticed his face. It wasn't a normal face. He, or It, looked inhuman. No ears, a weird nose, a pronounced brow and eyes that glowed bright when my headlights shown on him. I started becoming afraid which is something I'm not used to. Also, I should note, I'm 6'3 and at that time I exercised a lot, wrestled and boxed. I'm not cocky, never was, but I grew up in rough areas in Los Angeles. Fighting was just normal. That said, I wanted to get away from there.

I hit the gas pedal and almost crashed trying to get off the freeway. I pulled over and calmed myself down because I was shaking. I kept telling myself to calm down. I got angry. I decided to go and help a stranded motorist. That's what I kept telling myself I saw. I grabbed a flashlight and a tire iron. And, you know, just to be safe, my buck-knife. I headed back to the vehicle. I called out: 'Anyone there!?!' I checked out the car and the area. There were weird footprints in the dirt. They didn't look like shoe prints. There were hand prints on the trunk. I say hand because the print didn't really look human. I started getting an awful feeling in my lower back and I realized I was in a heightened state of alarm. I couldn't shake the feeling I wasn't alone there. I kept calling out, 'Who's there?' But I'll admit, I didn't want to find out or get an answer. I went back to my car and drove home.

I didn't sleep for three days. My roommates thought I was having a psychotic episode but when I told them what happened, they started freaking out. One thought it was a demon, another thought it was an alien which I'm more inclined to believe. It's been over ten years since that incident and I'll be happy to never have another incident like that again.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness - July 14, 2018

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Seems to me that the witness may have stumbled upon an alien encounter, or possible abduction. Very bizarre scenario. Lon

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