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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Grey Alien 'Stare Down'

I recently received the following account:

A few years ago (2015/2016) I woke up for the morning and had a faint memory. It was different then remembering a dream when I wake up, but maybe it was a dream? It was short if it was a dream, I only remember just a bit, which that isn’t like my normal dreams too. My memory is as follows:

I was standing naked against a very slightly curved wall. I could see low yellow lights along the floor of the wall. Almost like the light was coming out from where the floor and wall connected. As I look to my left I see strangers who are naked, maybe 12 to 15 of them, all with their backs to the wall, and the same amount to my right. I can see we are forming a line along this wall, and it keeps going. I can’t see past the curve of the wall but I know there are more humans. We are all naked, and in a trance. Men, women, boys and girls, old and young, different races. No one is moving, just staring straight ahead with a blank expression on their face. In front of every human is a Grey alien. Those aliens are maybe 3 to 4 foot tall. They are staring into the eyes of each human, maybe standing a foot in front of us. I can’t move my body, but I could move my eyes. I felt a weird static in the air. I’m very afraid and don’t want to be here. I’m trying to will the others to wake up. A mildly obese white man in his late 50s is beside me, slightly balding. I’m trying to will him to wake up but he won’t look at me, even though his eyes are open. Everyone’s eyes are open but not responding. I focus on the alien in front of me. The big black almond eyes, two little slits for a nose, and a tiny mouth. Thin short neck, and it’s covered in its gray skin, and it has a weird oily sheen to its skin, and a smell too. The smell isn’t bad, just different.

So I focus on this alien in front of me. I am mentally telling it, that it cannot get in my mind. That it’s not welcome in my mind. I feel like I am mentally fighting to keep it out of my mind, it’s hard, but it’s working. Almost instantly, a larger Grey alien, maybe 6-7 foot tall, then approaches us from behind the smaller Grey. It pushes the smaller one out of the way and as it takes the smaller ones position in front of me, it makes this awful screeching noise. I was no match for keeping this one out of my mind, and it was in it immediately. And that is it. That’s all I remember.

I could tell the the smaller ones were just biological beings. They did the grunt work. The bigger ones controlled the little ones. I don’t know how I know this, but the bigger ones can control the minds and actions of the smaller ones. So when the smaller ones are subduing a human and connecting with its mind, it’s feeding all the information it gets to the bigger one.

I tried to write down as much detail as I can remember when I woke up. I keep trying to tell myself that this is a dream, but deep down I know it isn’t. While this was happening, from the time that I first 'awoke' and couldn’t move until the larger alien took its place in front of me, it was maybe 90-120 seconds. Not long at all. I don’t know if this can help anyone at all. Maybe it may help me to talk about it.

Thanks for you time and all you do. Jennifer B.

NOTE: It's very interesting to read the variations of protocol during these abductions. Do the Greys and their superiors vary how they treat abductees, or are there other groups of Greys conducting different procedures? Lon

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