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Friday, August 31, 2018

A World Beyond Earth

I live near Rochester, NY. My experiences are always extremely vivid dreams. Every fiber of my being tells me that my experiences were real. I am not a UFO enthusiast at all, and have always believed abduction stories, for the most part, are the result of an overactive imagination or mental/physical disorders. That stated, here is my story:

I never experienced the actual abduction or saw any kind of spacecraft. My first time, all of the sudden, myself and maybe four other humans were in some kind of building with windows all around, with a huge table in the middle of this stainless steel-like atrium. We were all terrified, and scattered to find a hiding place; we had no idea how we got there, or who anyone else was. We never saw any alien beings either. A human male and I hid in a closet. There were no words spoken the entire time, not sure why. All of the sudden, I wasn't afraid anymore, and ventured out into the atrium once again. I walked to the big table in the center of the room, and some kind of a being or presence was showing me, telepathically, the secret to light spedd travel and their alphabet. I was amazed, no longer afraid, just in awe. Afterwards, I was lead, telepathically, outside of the atrium to their world. It was beautiful beyond my imagination: two suns; one brilliant blue sun on the horizon and another red sun on the other horizon. The world around me had a desert coloring to it, but there were strange plants in the distance. I was telepathically told that my time was up. It is at this time that I woke up in my own bed, feeling like I had been blessed. I was able to draw some of their alphabet, but had no idea what it meant. I was also able to recreate the diagram for faster than light travel. This experience has stuck with me throughout the years.

The second time I had this experience, I suddenly found myself looking at the beautiful horizon with the two beautiful suns. I wasn't afraid at all, but so humbled and excited that I was back! Once again, I never saw any alien(s), but was able to understand, and realize that there were several beings near me, that meant no harm. It is like someone was speaking over a radio directly into my brain. Once again, I am unable to speak with my voice, but these beings must have been able to read my thoughts and emotions, because I got a tour of this facility. As I am walking through the atrium, I notice the ceilings are over 30 feet high, the walls curved and there were no straight lines. It was all a stainless steel looking structure. Very interesting! I walked past glass window, where I saw hundreds of human bodies suspended in some kind of clear solution with one tube going into their abdomen. The tube had a florescent liquid flowing into each human's stomach. I was horrified. The being told me, telepathically, not to worry. These were just generic shells that they had created through genetic replication many years ago. The human shells that they had were devoid of any soul or spirit that made us human, and had no awareness whatsoever. The alien then told me not to be afraid once again, they have no intentions of harming any human being, only a fascination and a need to experiment. The only time they deal with real live humans is in a controlled and friendly environment with no intent to harm or frighten.

All of the sudden, in my mind's eye, I saw a small town just like any here on Earth. There were humans, happily living out their lives in a place that was created by these beings. Almost like a scientific zoo, but the humans were blissfully unaware of their situation. These were genetic reproductions of actual humans from Earth that they created to learn everything about the human race. Once again, the being reiterated that not a single human was harmed, and that these humans were farmed there strictly for research, and were able to live their lives to entirety without any intervention from these beings; these brings were merely there to observe, not interfere.

Once again, I was suddenly outside of their facilities, gazing on the horizon, admiring their two beautiful suns. I awoke, once again, in my own bed, with that same feeling of awe and being blessed with what I was able to experience.

I was astonished to have what seemed like a "follow up" visit, like these beings are making sure to take it slow, not to overwhelm, not to frighten, just to make contact with real Earthly beings and share some of their culture. I believe that the biggest thing these beings were trying to show me is that they are real, they have been making contact with humans for thousands of years, and were proud of their experiments. Kind of like a "hey, we are here, and there is no reason to fear us, let us show you!" I have not had another experience since the second one, which occurred in 2010. Nothing even close. I am not afraid that it will happen again, and I hope I do experience it again. To me, it is almost like seeing the benevolent face of God. These are truly good and beautiful beings that are reaching out. It has been a life changing experience, for the better. I hope that my story helps others and that others have been able to visit these beings.

NOTE: Every once in a while I receive or find an experiencer's narrative detailing a beautiful and benevolent alien world. I suppose I want to believe it...but it's hard for me to fathom, especially after talking to experiencers who have had entirely different encounters. If these beings have the ability to do the things described by the experiencer, then they also have the ability to feign alternative intentions. Call me cautious. Lon

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