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Friday, August 17, 2018

Sleep Paralysis and Unexplained Manifestations

The following account was posted by 5meterhammer on Reddit recently. I thought it was interesting enough to present on the blog:

I’ll preface this by saying my approach to paranormal things in life is to be open-minded until proven otherwise. So for full disclosure, I do believe in almost everything paranormal, but I’ve never actually seen anything worth noting myself other than what may have been a Bigfoot in Oregon back in 2012. But I was pretty far away and it could’ve just been a distant bear, or even a tree!

Anyway, I am a single dad. My son was born in 2010. I like to think of myself as a very dedicated dad. He’s by far and away the best thing in my life ever, and as such, when he’s involved, my memories are usually clearer and more profound. Since the first time he ever slept in a bed with me, I can recall odd things happening during sleep. And it’s EVERY time he sleeps in a bed with me. Noises, blurry visions as I wake up from such noises, a window or a door open that I knew was closed, a nightlight unplugged and on the floor...stuff like that. Well, yesterday he was sick, and I let him sleep with me in my bed last night. I recently switched to overnight shifts at work, so when I’m off now, I’ve become a very light sleeper during normal sleep hours. The last thing I remember before dozing off, was that my son had kicked off his blankets (he prefers to sleep that way, and I think this detail may be important) and that his pillow had kinda shifted towards the headboard, and his head wasn’t on the pillow at all. This morning, a little before 4 am, I awoke to a noise, only this time, I actually saw something. As I sat up, I notice my bedroom door open, and I NEVER leave it open. As I’m noticing this, my focus becomes clearer and I swear that along the door frame I can see four, very long fingers. Not claws, fingers. As I moved to get out of bed, the hand moved away and I see what I can only describe as a fleeing tail. As soon as I get to my door and look into the next room, there is nothing. I searched everywhere, nothing still. All doors were locked, as were the windows.

When I go back to check on my son, the pillow is back perfectly under his head, the blankets were pulled up on him, and the fever he had, had broken. He was peacefully sleeping.

I have never, including this morning, felt threatened by what I’ve seen or heard, in contrast, I’ve probably felt way more at ease than I should’ve in this situation.

A couple of notes: I have always had, and still do have, dogs who sleep in my room with me. They never barked or growled. Also, I DO have a history of sleep paralysis, though I can always tell when there's been an episode just by how terrifying they are. I don’t think this is what this situation is. Lastly, I do not drink at all and if I ever do anything, it’s maybe smoke a joint when I go camping with high school buddies.

Question is, should I be worried? Are there such things as sweet cryptids that watch over your children? Does this sound like something any of you have heard? Or, is this some sort of subconscious thing I’m experiencing? Any info or help would be much obliged.

The writer expressed the following information after a comment was made in regards to his ex-wife:

She knows, and has known, but she is very much the type of person who if she can’t see it, it’s not there. So, I think she’s always just kinda pushed my experiences aside, especially since it’s never even remotely made me feel bad or on edge. It’s always a good energy, I would honestly liken it to a very mild euphoria even. I just didn’t know if there’s entities who are helpful, or ones that just pretend to be good. But honestly, it’s been 8 almost 9 years, if it was something negative, I feel that it would’ve made that known by now. As a dad, I like to think it’s some sort of guardian protecting my son and that he’s destined for great things!

The writer offered a few more answers to comments:

My sleep paralysis has put me in the most frightening situations ever, and I’m fully cognizant that it is an episode, I still can’t control it, and I’ve had episodes where I wasn’t in my bed in the episode mentally, but was physically. This is nothing like that. When I’ve had episodes, I know what they are and they’re still dream like, this is very real.

Also, as I stated in the story, the dogs have not reacted in any way, no matter the year, or the amount of dogs I’ve had, and this morning was no different.

I talk to my son about his dreams every morning. It’s been a thing we do forever now...not so much to hear anything creepy, as an 8 year old, his dreams are hilarious! He hasn’t mentioned anything weird, ever. My ex and I still talk daily, she knows I’m kinda into this stuff, so we have talked about dreams a bunch, and she is very aware of what I wrote about, since it has been going on since his birth. As far as my own dreams are concerned, they’ve been typical, the frequency at which I dream about people I’ve lost to death (grandpa, dad, best friend, ex-fiancé) have somewhat escalated, and I’d say they’ve turned a little more sad, but not much.

I’m in northeastern USA. As of now, only one dog is still around, and he was sound asleep on the bed with us. His mother and I divorced 3 years ago, but even when we were married and our son slept with us.

NOTE: Is it possible that 5meterhammer, or his son, are creating a tulpa / thought-form / servitor? Your thoughts. Lon

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