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Friday, January 15, 2016

Possible Rake Encounter - Laredo, Texas

A few weeks ago I posted an account that, I believe, may have involved at Rake. Rakes are usually described as a pale humanoid with twisted limbs that stick out from the body at odd angles. The nocturnal being has fingers that end in long talons which it uses to attack its victims. Some Rakes are known to 'haunt' people who they have had contact with. I recently received a sighting report from Chris James of the Laredo Paranormal Research Society who believes he encountered one of these humanoids:

My wife and I were returning from San Antonio, Texas on a Sunday night sometime around May or June.

My wife had fallen asleep and so I turned up the radio and drove south, taking I-35 into Laredo.

As we approached the north side of town, I turned the cruise control off and dropped down from 65 to 60 to negotiate the curve under the railroad bridge that crossed the Interstate.

I was in the right hand lane as I came close to the bridge. That’s when I spotted what at first looked like a homeless guy, completely naked, scuttling along the embankment of the road.

He was skinny, pale-skinned, and his arms looked emaciated.

As I passed him, I had a creepy feeling that something about this person was all wrong. The way he moved as well as the way his arms and legs were more animalistic than human.

With 26 years in law enforcement I thought about stopping and going back to see what this guy was doing, however, with my wife along, and it was close to midnight, so I just kept going, figuring the guy was drunk.

I told my wife about what I had seen when we arrived at our home. She thought it sounded like some drunken guy living under the bridge.

After meeting you folks and hearing about the show you do, I began listening when I have a chance.

When you mentioned the Rake and described what people were reporting, I looked at the images on the internet, that are reported to be of the Rake, and sure enough, that is what I saw.

The creature was paralleling the road so I never saw its face or eyes, but the body shape was as close to the drawings as I care to get.

Every time I approach that railroad bridge I slow down and take a second look, but so far I’ve only seen it the one time.

I am in the process of writing a book about the Laredo Paranormal Research Society and hope to publish before the end of the year.

Chris James.

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