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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Airliner Crash Experience: '...an aura was leaving their bodies'

In October of 2000, music producer John Diaz was wrapping up a long business trip in Asia, eager to return home to his wife and two children. A typhoon had battered the region, but Diaz's flight -- Singapore Airlines #006 -- was still scheduled to take off amidst torrential rain. Diaz boarded the aircraft, along with 158 other passengers, but disaster struck before they even got in the air: The plane exploded after accidentally turning down the wrong runway, colliding with concrete barriers and construction equipment.

Diaz was one of 96 passengers that survived the crash. Speaking with "The Oprah Winfrey Show" several years later, he recounted the horrors he witnessed that day.

"There was all this spray of jet fuel, which was like napalm. And whatever it hit -- a person or [object] -- it ignited like a torch," Diaz said. "It looked like a Dante's Inferno, with people strapped into their seats and just burning."

Diaz managed to escape the flaming wreckage, and in the midst of the terrifying chaos, he says he noticed something strange about the passengers whose fate was far different than his own.

"It seemed a bit like an aura was leaving their bodies," Diaz said. "Some brighter than others... I thought the brightness and dimness of the auras were how one lives one's life, so to speak."

The experience made a profound impact on him.

"It gave me a kind of new spirituality in a sense that I believe life continues on," Diaz said. "I want to live my life so my aura, when it leaves, is very bright." Read more at Plane Crash Survivor: 'An Aura Was Leaving Their Bodies'

NOTE: That "Oprah Show" interview took place nine years ago, and in the time since, Diaz has faced several additional life-threatening hurdles - "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" - What a Near-Death Experience Taught One Man About Life

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