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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lake Chabot, CA UFO Encounter: Abduction / Missing Time / Implant / Cover-Up

Summer 1966 – Castro Valley, California

JD in Sacramento, California called in to tell of a whopper of story that happened back in 1966. This one has it all – aircraft carrier sized UFO, possible abduction, missing time, the Oz effect, disappearing implants and a possible landing trace cover-up/MIBs:

“In the summer of '66, we, my girlfriend and I, we were parking. This was about 11:30 or 12:00 o'clock at night. We were in Castro Valley, California up in the hills. There was an object that was flashing illuminations of red, green and blue and this is what drew our attention. We observed this object for approximately an hour and we didn't know what type of craft this was. Now what was highly unusual about this is everything I'm about to describe.

This spanned from, if you're familiar with the geographical location of Castro Valley area – it spans from the freeway to the end of, there's a lake called Lake Chabot. The city is closer in view in between where it was sitting and where we were viewing it about three miles away. Above the craft itself was a cloud layer only above it. The craft, we tried to get a measurement. My uncle is an engineer that helped design the hospital that was in between the site of the actual craft and us. The hospital is approximately ten stories high. If you turned the hospital to its side, longways, it was longer than six of those distances between one end and the other end. Now as we watched this craft, it was little red dot. It would appear on one edge of the craft and go across the base where we could see it and then it would disappear and re-appear on another end of the craft at an infrequent speed and time. So after studying this for about an hour we decided to find out the bearings of this location and we needed to go down to it. I did want to get to that location, I did want to get a better look but I didn't want to come directly underneath it so I thought I would try to drive a little closer to the side of this thing.

We drove across the freeway, which we had to get to and down past the valley boulevard to get to that specific area. And, 11 o'clock at night, in the summer-time, you have kids cruising up and down the strip in their hotrods. I used to do the same thing. But on that particular night, as we crossed the freeway, there was no cars whatsoever on the freeway, anywhere. Now this is the weekend. We drove right on up to the craft. We could actually see it above us. We drove to the edge of it but the girlfriend at that time who ended up being my wife, she was talking to me and all of a sudden there was a sound that came from inside the car. We rolled down the windows to make sure we had good air circulation. It was nothing to do with the car. She stopped in the middle of what she was saying and I couldn't wake her. But I continued driving up, closer to the end of this craft.

It was GIGANTIC but as I got closer to this craft, the car started to slow down. The engine started to slow down and I accelerated and it still kept slowing down. And then I started hearing this loud frequency emitting from the centre of the car outward. I was... I couldn't wake my girlfriend at that time. We headed on up and I almost felt like the energy from the top of my head was being drawn out... just drained. I tried to shake myself, make sure I was seeing what I was seeing, doing what I was doing and I checked the car to make sure and it was still slowing down. I couldn't believe what happened, I turned the car around. I could still see this huge craft. We head back down the hill and then all of a sudden my girlfriend woke up and was in the middle of the same conversation.

We headed back down into Castro Valley Boulevard. The craft was gone. All of a sudden everybody's cruising down on the strip, the lights are on, people are driving on the freeway as usual. Now this is the unusual part, immediately she was shocked: 'I thought we were going up, how did we turn around?' (Jimmy Church asked if he saw the craft depart) I was busy trying to keep my consciousness. And when we got back down to the road, she came instantly to. Back in her conversation when she stopped. She was like, 'What are we doing going down, we were going the other direction?'

Another thing, later that night, she couldn't sleep and I was, I was fine, but she couldn't sleep. She was agitated. She was very irritable. And she had this lump on her arm that was bulging out of her arm. Now here's what really got me. Now I got two degrees, one in engineering and one in sociology. I'm also cleared by the US Secret Service for many different things but I'm not going to go into that, but this object that was in her arm, it was long. I took a needle, I sanitized it and I pricked it with the needle and I pulled this metallic object about a quarter of an inch out of her skin. I checked it out with some tweezers and it was held together. What it looked like was a very miniature sputnik. You remember that? All these metallic hairs were still under her skin. I pulled it all out and she... she almost panicked. And it was metallic because, like I said, I had tweezers holding on to it. So what we did, we put it in an envelope and we sealed it because we had to tell my father. My father worked for NASA and he would have given us a better explanation of what had transpired.

We were very excited over this but when we woke up the very next morning, the object inside the envelope had disappeared completely. We both placed it inside the sealed envelope but when we woke up the next morning, that object wasn't there. First of all, the envelope was still sealed. We opened it up and it was gone. It was no longer inside. So about a week later, I go back to that same location and then they had the whole parking, maybe about a mile before you even get there, all closed down and there was a tracking station, I guess a satellite tracking station, very close to that location. And I went up there and asked, did anything happen that was weird or strange, over say the last couple of nights or the last couple of weeks? And then they stopped and then the manager came out and was asking me about, 'What do you mean?' He asked me for more specific information but I didn't want to admit what I had seen to him because I don't want to get involved too much with that sort of situation, but he advised me to go meet with certain authorities that was down in the South Bay, I think near Moffett Field, to tell them about that. He wrote down the information for me and, after that time, I forgot about it. But since that time I took that out of her arm, she has been the worst human being that I have ever known in my life, the most violent... now to this day she swears she never passed out. She swears that we never even got to the top of the mountain. Now me, I believe that I had gotten to the top and, before I lost consciousness, I turned the vehicle around and started driving right back down and then she woke up. So therefore if she believed that she was never up there (Church cuts him off at this point. I think he was going to say that he also wonders if even though he believes he never passed out, in reality, he, like his wife, actually did pass out but has no memory of it...ie, he and his wife were abducted by whomever was driving that craft. Church asks if there were any reports in the news around that time of the craft) Yes, they had some great big pad-marks that they were doing some research on. They fabricated a story that there was a... (can't make out the word?) up there but I saw some photographs later of the pads...some huge object must have been sitting up there in the park. There were no eyewitness testimonials of what had occurred that night. And now I've been aboard the Enterprise aircraft carrier, it was much larger than the Enterprise.”

Source: Coast to Coast - September 25, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

That's quite an encounter account. I've included a few maps and other information that may help with the explanation of this incident.

I believe the witnesses may have been in the hills just south of Castro Valley (possibly in the Ward Creek area near CSU-East Bay, Hayward, CA) since it is a direct sight-line across Castro Valley to Lake Chabot and across the Eden Medical Center, I believe the hospital JD referenced (it was built in 1954 and was the tallest hospital in the area by several stories). This is a distance of approximately 4 miles.

Castro Valley, CA has had multiple sighting reports over the years...some more interesting than others:

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