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Friday, January 22, 2016

Abduction: Watching Myself From Above

1979 – No location given

Mike in San Luis Obispo, CA called in to tell of an incredible experience he had in 1979:

“I wanted to tell you a story that happened to me back in 1979. I woke up in the morning – I usually sleep real restless but this one morning I woke up and nothing was disturbed out of my bed. I was still on my back and everything. I got up and I walked around for a couple of hours and decided I was gonna clean the house and I went over to the stereo to turn the music on and the minute I touched the stereo I was taken somewhere. I really don't know what happened. I'll just tell you what happened and then you can tell me what you think about it.

Anyway, I was in this ship – it was like this round ship probably about 40 feet across and it was so bright that it was like being in a light bulb. And there was this sound like a pulsing sound and the light was going around in a circle around the ship. I looked over to my left and I could see this entity. I didn't realize it was alive, if it was alive or what it was but it was hunched over this console. And in the ship there was no dials, no switches, no nothing. And, so, I didn't... I turned and looked the other way and there was this doorway, like, inside this doorway was this fog. When you guys talk about electric fog, that's what I thought that it was but there must be two different types because this wasn't green. It had like twinkling lights, like Christmas lights inside the fog. The whole room was just full of it but it wasn't coming out, it was just in there. Inside the fog were these lights and they were spinning around twinkling (Editor's note: sounds very similar to what the Allagash four described inside the beam of light in their abduction). So, I thought, I don't want to go in there. I wasn't scared or anything, I was just trying to figure out where I was and what was happening. So I turned to my right a little bit further and there was another one of these entities just standing there. And when you looked at it, it looked like you were looking at a light bulb but you couldn't see any face on it or anything. It was almost like a habit, it had a habit on her (interesting that he described the being as a her). I wasn't scared and then there was this music sound. I never heard it before, it sounded like crystallized... and it was a beautiful sounding. I was still trying to figure out where I was and I looked on the.. I kept turning around because this thing that was standing there and it seemed to be a little bit above me like I was below them, both of them, and I looked at it and it wasn't moving or anything, it was just staring at me so I figured it wasn't alive or anything because they'd say something to me. So, I turned around and I walked across to the other side and by this time I'm up to that doorway I told you and I look and I see this fountain, not a fountain but a well, and it was the only thing that was recognizable with color in it because everything was so bright, it was like being in a halogen, you know, because you couldn't recognize anything, no corners, it was all just smooth. And so I looked inside this well-like thing and there was more of this fog on this side and it started clearing and as it cleared, I realized I was up in the air. I mean back in 1979, they didn't have any of this. It gets even stranger because I'm not sure if they were aliens, they weren't alien or anything because they weren't creepy or anything... (Noory interrupts, asking if they looked human).

If they were in a suit, you wouldn't know because they spoke English. It gets stranger. As I'm looking in this thing, the fog starts clearing and I started seeing color for the first time and then I realized where I was, they were showing my neighborhood. I was seeing my neighborhood from way up above, like one of them satellites like Google Maps or whatever. And then it starts zooming in and I recognize my neighborhood and my roof, and my house. My house had this old green tile on it. I lived in this old house and as I'm zooming in on it, it looked like Superman's X-ray vision. The ceiling melted, or the roof melted and I ended up inside my house. And then I'm standing there I see myself inside my house. At first I didn't know it was me because you're not used to seeing yourself, you know. And then I'm thinking, That's my house, I'm in my house. And I go, “Who is that in my house!?!” And I recognize it's me standing at the stereo and then I go, I must have spoke out loud because I was gonna kinda get a shock.

NOTE: The transcriber, Jamie, finished with some notes...describing his frustration with C2C radio host George Noory:

(George Noory, for no apparent reason, cuts him off. There was clearly a heck of a lot more to tell, including how he knew they spoke English, but, as usual, Noory wasn't interested. Despite the bizarre story, the caller sounded completely sane and even quite upset as if he had this incredible experience that he desperately wanted to get off his chest. After cutting him off, Noory proceeded to go on this innocuous ramble about dead people, before tumbling headlong into yet another lengthy and tiresome political rant.)

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 31, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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