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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Exploring the Actuality of Dogman

I recently received a correspondence in regards to 2nd Bi-Pedal Wolf Encountered - Northwest Clearfield Co., PA:

I took a trip down there, this past fall and walked that road myself. Out in a field off that road, something was dashing back and forth under the moonlight, that did not run like a bear, deer, horse or dog. I thought to myself, it's the werewolf! I was very pleased to have gotten a chance to see even the shadowy silhouette of what I thought was that creature. After a car passed by though, it had vanished. It was really something. That guy that saw it, he slams on the gas, runs home and grabs his gun, and I was out there walking that road unarmed, and I think I saw it. I still recall the somewhat mystical and uncanny way it dashed back and forth out in that field, like it did not know what to make of me walking down the road. It was really something. An inspiring experience. ZW

After I made an inquiry, I received the following response:

This has become a hobby of mine, to go to these sighting areas alone in my spare time. I am a life long bachelor, and am a true loner. I have a special kind of attitude towards these creatures that most people don't understand. For me, my encounters have been anything but aggressive, yet, and I have been to some areas where these creatures have been seen, and I'm talking about alone, late at night, unarmed, in the heart of dog man territory, and even though I have not directly seen one of these creatures yet, the subtle uncanny experiences I have had tells me that there is definitely something else out there than your average bear, deer, horse, cow, etc. From a mystical growl of acknowledgement, to something shifting its weight forwards along the forest debris and coming into my mind as a telepathic image of a canine like head and snout, to something stepping on a twig that went snap and growl snorting at the same time. All of my encounters have had a sense of intelligent acknowledgement to them, and i have become more inspired to try and connect with these creatures. I see videos of people out there looking for these creatures with guns, fear, and mean attitudes. My approach is just the opposite, and has become more of a journey of the spirit for me, trying to find out what I have been missing out on all these years. When I saw the first howling movie, something just stuck with me about that movie, and in the back of my mind I guess, I was connecting with a part of nature that was somewhere between reality and science fiction. With all the sightings of these creatures, and people scrambling trying to find out more, I am also on my own little quest, but I'm not looking for monsters, I'm searching for something else, perhaps a missing puzzle piece someplace in life that a lot have found, but yet no one knows exactly where that piece fits into the picture. I approach the situation more with respect than with hate and fear. I have heard that these creatures seem very terrifying to people, and have growled and even chased after people. If these creatures are indeed real and existing which it seems that no one yet has confirmed that with 100% certainty from a scientific standpoint, just the sheer number of sightings tells me that there is definitely something that is here among us. But the one thing that really gets people upset when I talk about this, is my attitude towards these creatures. While most everyone else is puzzled with fear and thoughts of destroying these creatures, for me, I am much more respectful in my feelings towards these creatures, because if they are indeed here, then this most likely has been their home world long before mankind became the modern creature he is today, and I am sure that these werewolf, dogman creatures have been watching us for years and are not too happy with what we have done to their planet.

There are a lot of people out there that are ashamed of showing and feeling non-human emotions. Perhaps this is what puts me in a position to connect with different things in deeper ways, and I also have conditioned my spirit so as to try and place myself within their graces. While most people may have these creatures in the cross hairs of their guns, my unique feelings towards them, I feel, may put me in their cross hairs of amiability, whatever the extent of that may be. "The judge" from Bloodsport 3 said, " In order to take your spirit to the next level, you need to first learn to be one with your surroundings." Whether this statement is true or not, I feel a persons spirit is like a frequency wave emitter, that can likely be interpreted in ways unknown to humans. Keeping an open mind is not only how we discover new things, but it is also by open minded thinking that presents us with the opportunity to connect with life in ways we didn't think could exist or was possible.

We are at a time of debate regarding religious beliefs, facts and fiction, just as the ancient people of earth were in debate over whether the earth was round or flat, and it was largely accepted as being flat at one time, just like today, most people largely accept the fact that there is man and the animals, and nothing in between. That perception of fact, truth and reality could change on a majority scale, and it is interesting to contemplate on these kind of ideas, and as much as people may think that I am just some loony guy with a bunch of wild ideas, I am already at peace and coexistence with an unforeseen reality that may just come as a shock to many people in the days and years ahead.

It is also interesting to note that the majority, if not all dogman, werewolf, cryptid canid sightings are from the Americas, and this was one of the last continents to be inhabited by human kind. Perhaps these cryptids migrated here to keep themselves separate from the human world, and then when humans established themselves here in the United States, there was no where else left in the world where human kind did not exist. Just an idea ;)

Overall, if these creatures are indeed real and existing, they were likely here before we were, and the fact that people can't respect this, tends to upset me a bit.

These cryptid canid creatures could also be an ancient species left over from the Jurassic period, same as big foot, and only now, as man is defacing more and more of planet earth, leaving natures creatures with less and less suitable habitat, along with the internet, we are beginning to realize, that maybe we don't know as much about life as we thought we did. ZW

NOTE: The writer's description of himself is that of a true 'cryptozoologist.' No weapons or blood lust...just the overwhelming desire to find the truth. Be it real-life monsters, hidden animals or folklore...I think we are all getting closer to what we seek. Lon

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