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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Mothman Next Door

I received the following email today:

Hi Lon - this story was told to me recently while I was visiting my cousin Val in Dallas, TX.

Val said that she has only told friends this story, because she never knew what it was she saw. She had been reading stories from witnesses of the Mothman and was starting to believe that's what she saw many years ago. Val can't remember what year it was, only that it was in the mid 1990s. She was probably 7 or 8. She's 24 now.

One afternoon Val was at her Grandmother's house near San Antonio, Texas. She had a lot of friends and family over for her Aunt's baby shower. All of the kids were outside while the adults were inside doing their thing.

One of the local kids Val was playing with kept telling her about the 'monster' that lived next door. She never went into great detail, but Val was drawn in anyway. Val went along and looked through a hole in the fence, waiting to see something appear. This hole in the fence was behind a shed in the lower part of the yard, so none of the other kid's noticed them.

About 15 minutes later, Val remembers sensing a giant shadow come over her and hearing a swooshing sound as this huge creature landed on the other side of the fence. As it landed, it moved away from fence and Val lost sight of it.

Val said it was standing on two legs, and it had short light brown fur all over the body. The nails were like talons and very long. She was never able to see the face but it was tall with huge butterfly-like wings, muscular human body, long stout legs, and made a swishing sound when it breathed.

She felt paralyzed at first, but soon regained her ability to react, quickly running inside and stared out the window in horror. She said that she has never known what she saw, but doesn't deny that it may have been a Mothman. Thinking about it still scares her to this day.

Val believes whatever it was she saw was real. I believe she did see a Mothman. DD

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