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Thursday, January 21, 2016

UFO / Alien Events: Touched by a 'Grey'

Paul Miller from Melbourne, Australia called in to Darkness Radio to tell of three strange UFO sightings he has had including a possibly dangerous encounter with an alien entity outside his window:

“I don't have a lot of time so I'll have to keep this as brief as possible and a bit rushed. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I will mention three experiences in my life, two of which continue to puzzle me. The first was a fairly insignificant and one you may think un-radio worthy but I did think it was interesting.

My family went to a drive-in movie. I was very young at the time. Before the movie started, we were laying on some grass, just looking up at the stars. We noticed one of the stars was just drifting across the sky so we began thinking it was a satellite or maybe a shooting star. But it stopped and it began getting smaller and smaller and smaller giving us the impression that it was moving away from us, straight up and away from the planet. Admittedly, insignificant, but it was my first experience.

And now again, I was quite young. I was in grade 5 primary school at the time. One evening after I had gone to bed after about 9:30 pm. My bed lies beside a largish window that was level with the top of my bed. Something stirred me and I sat up in bed because just outside my window I saw this figure. I'd never seen anything like it before but I now believe it fits the description of a Grey. I have a clear recollection of thinking, This is strange. It appeared to be floating right outside my window. It moved and started moving its hand through my non-opened glass window. It touched the right side of my body at which point I got very scared because I felt intense pain. I thought, How could I be feeling such pain in a dream? I have no recollection of time after that moment however within the week after, I became very ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. All of this is verifiable. I was diagnosed with a collapsed right lung and was in the hospital for three weeks which, while in the hospital, I became the recipient of much attention from doctors and medical students as I could talk and communicate. I had lost all knowledge, was unable to spell or do basic math but I could talk and communicate. I could not remember my past life but I knew my name.

Now, at the time, my school was in the process of changing from the imperial system to the metric system, both of which I had no knowledge of. My parents and teachers at the time were concerned but were astounded at the rapid rate I was picking up the metric system. And an unusual ability to retain any knew information I was learning. Now, my last story....

I was born in Tasmania and had left to live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife. Often after I had left work and had come home for the evening, when it is getting a bit dark – my home is a little off the flight path of the airport and as I would step out of my car, I would stand there and watch the passenger planes heading south for Tasmania and thinking about my parents, and home in Tassy. One evening when I was doing this, I believed I was watching a passenger plane heading to Tasmania. I believed this because the lights were just like the passenger planes I watch, one white blinking light in the middle and a red light on each wingtip. However, I could only see the lights heading in the direction I was expecting, when the two red lights I was looking at rotated in a clockwise direction, 360 degrees around the central white light to which my jaw dropped in confusion. I then thought, Wow, this must be an RAAF plane doing some stunts and showing off. Then, all of a sudden, the lights separated. One red light went east. One red light went west. And the white light went straight up and completely disappeared leaving me stunned. Well, I've done some thinking about it and the only conclusion I can come up with was that this was obviously three separate objects under intelligent control initially pretending to be a plane for whatever reason. It was either a secret project by the military or from somewhere else which alludes me.”

Source: Darkness Radio – December 26, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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