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Monday, October 12, 2015

Creepy Kids Roaming At Night

November 1, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

Marie in Minneapolis made two separate phone calls, first to Coast to Coast and then to Darkness Radio looking for answers regarding something that happened to her the night after Halloween (2014) while doing her paper route. The event clearly disturbed her and she couldn't explain it nor could any of the hosts or guests of the various radio shows. It reminded me of a case that appeared on Ghost Village.

“This happened the night after Halloween. I deliver newspapers at night and I was delivering newspapers that night and it was business as usual. I rounded this curve and I saw a group of kids in the middle of the road. There was about six of them and they were all wearing grey robes with hoods. They didn't have the hoods on, they were down their backs. I thought that was kind of strange because Halloween had ended about ten hours before that. One of them saw me and started walking very quickly towards my car saying something. She got very close to my car and I could see that she was about 15 years old and my first thought was...'Why was she out there?' That's pretty young to be out there at that time of night, it was about 4:30 in the morning. I didn't have time to talk her so I drove around her but then there were the other five kids in the middle of the road and then they saw me and they fanned out to surround my car so I couldn't move and that scared me. I drove up on the lawn to get around them but they were coming pretty quickly at my car and I almost hit one of them and then I thought, I'm gonna call the police because this is quite odd. Then I thought, I better follow them so I could tell the police what they're doing. I saw them turn down this street and I turned to follow them and it took about ten seconds to get to this street and they were gone. They had disappeared and there's no way they could have gone to even the first house.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - June 13, 2015


Marie in Minneapolis called in to Darkness Radio to again tell her story, looking for answers, something she felt didn't happen when she called Coast to Coast.

“I'm wondering if you could help me with this. It happened last Halloween night. It's bothered me ever since. I tried calling in to Coast to Coast but nobody really helped me with it or told me what I experienced so I was kind of hoping with all the calls and guests you've had that maybe you could help me. Well, what happened to me was I deliver newspapers at night. I was on the street at about 4:30 in the morning and I saw a group of kids. Like I said, it was after Halloween, 4:30 the next morning on November 1st and these kids, there was about six of them and they were all dressed in grey robes with hoods and the hoods, they weren't wearing them, the hoods were down their back. They saw my car and one of them came towards me aggressively. She came up to my car but I didn't stop for her. I looked at her and she was very pretty but very young. She looked like she was 14 or 15 years old and the first thing I thought was, why was someone that young out at this time of time. So I drove around her, I didn't stop then the other ones saw me and they all fanned out to surround my car to stop my car and I didn't want that to happen so I drove up on the guy's lawn, the house that was to the left of me. I drove up on his lawn to get away from them but I almost hit one of them, that's how much they were coming after me and it scared me. I didn't know why they wanted me to stop so I thought, I better call the police so I got my phone out and I looked in my rear view mirror and they were all huddled together like a football huddle and I thought, You know, these are kids and I almost hit one of them, you'd think they'd be jumping up and down and swearing and flipping me off but they weren't, they were all together in this huddle and then they went down this street and I thought I better follow them so I can tell the police what they are doing and I mean it was seconds since I turned around and went down the street and they were gone. Just that fast, they were gone. And there's no way they, all of them, could have gotten anywhere. It just kind of spooked me and I'm never afraid at night but I was for three days after that. They were dressed in the robes which I thought was weird too because being that age they don't want to be dressed the same, you would think. So, I just thought it was an odd group of people to have out at that time of night and then to come after me the way they did and I didn't know what they wanted. It was 4:30 in the morning on November 1st right after Halloween. I called in to Coast to Coast because David Weatherly was on there and I guess he's the expert on, what Black Eyed Children? I thought maybe that's what they were. It sounded like that's what it could have been but he didn't really say much. He just said that Halloween was the night that portals are open or something and whatever can get through. These kids literally disappeared. They went down this big street with big houses with big lawns and I was right behind them and there's no way they could have gotten anywhere. They couldn't even have made it to the end of the first house without me seeing them and they were gone and that's what freaked me out. It was so bizarre and it scared me. I was scared to be out for three nights.”

Source: Darkness Radio - September 8th 2015

NOTE: this scenario is indicative of the BEK encounters, though the robes are somewhat of a variant. David Weatherly will be our guest on Arcane Radio on Monday November 2nd. I'm going to bring this incident up with him...Lon

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The Black Eyed Kids

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