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Friday, October 23, 2015

Talking to Time Travelers

Here's an interesting account submitted by transcriber Jamie Brian:

No date given - eastern Kentucky

Ben in California called in to tell of how, as a kid, he was confronted by two men who asked about a gate that hadn't been there for years.

“I got one story. I don't know if it qualifies as ghosts or not but it definitely qualifies as spooky. I was living in eastern Kentucky, growing up on a haunted hill. Beside the neighborhood, there is a dirt road. There's gas wells out there and this is where we drove our dirt-bikes, four-wheelers and everything like that. So, nobody ever walks over there but I didn't have any gas for my dirt-bike that day so I decided to take a walk out there. I'm about 15 years old, my first year of high school and I'm walking back and I got my machete on my side, looking for snakes and what not, looking for deer and I'm looking around and suddenly there's two men in front of me. And this is a straight stretch of, I would say, two or three hundred yards and suddenly, they are 20 feet in front of me. So I tell em, You scared the you know what out of me. And one of the men says, “Well, I'm sorry.' and they walk up to me and they ask me questions like, 'How did you get out here?' And I told, 'Well, I just live a half a mile from here.' And they said, they were very confused, then say, 'How did you get past the gates?' And, well, I told them, “There is no gate. There used to be a gate there but it had been ripped out a couple of years ago.' Keep in mind, this is the only entrance for miles. This road runs for miles and miles. And a few miles the other way, there's another entrance and it doesn't have a gate either. So, that's a really weird question and the direction they were coming from the direction, they were coming from the direction of my house and there's only one way in and only one way out. And I'm thinking, They should know there's not a gate there. So, anyway, this whole time I'm talking to them, I'm getting really creeped out, really freaked out. They are staring directly at my eyes and they are not looking anywhere I'm motioning. I'm motioning at my house. I say, 'I'm out here with my machete, I'm looking for snakes.' They don't look at my machete, they are both just focused on my eyes. Only one of the men is talking to me but both are looking directly into my eyes. Anyway, so I'm freaked out. I'm thinking, Where am I gonna go? I never really see anybody out there unless they are riding a motorcycle or a dirt-bike or a four wheeler. So I start walking back towards my house. We crossed paths. Of course, I'm scared and nervous and within a few feet, I take a few steps and I turn around and they are not there. They are gone! That gate hadn't been there in a couple of years and I don't really know what that was about but I start walking fast. I'm really nervous now. My heart's racing. I'm panting. I'm walking fast and I turn back and they are still not there. There's nowhere for them to hide but they are still not there so I'm convinced something bad's about to happen. I'm running back to my house. I reach the road again and there's not a work truck there, there's nothing there, so I make it home. I slam the door, lock the door. I talked to my mom, told her 'Somebody's trying to kill me – two men are trying to kill me!' And I sat there in the house freaked out for the rest of the day.”

Source: Art Bell Dark Matter - October, 31 2013

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