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Daily 2 Cents: Barney Does Dallas -- Indian Villagers Witness UFO / Humanoid -- Creepy Photo Anomaly

Barney the Dinosaur Spotted in Dallas

Small -T-Rex' in south Barney in Dallas (by, than no less, some guy named Bubba)

2009 or 2010 – Dallas, Texas

Bubba from Dallas, Texas called in to share his story.

“I was on 1-35 down in Dallas about 4 or 5 years ago with my dog Skip and I promise you not, about 3 in the morning, we're driving down the highway and my dog starts barking and I look to my right and it looks like a creature or some kind of animal. It almost looked like a dinosaur. I swear, it might even have been Barney, it looked just like him.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 15,2014

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Indian Villagers Witness UFO / Humanoid

Villagers have been left stumped after a claiming to have seen UFO and a “humanoid figure”.

The unidentified figure was spotted by agricultural workers in Kanagal village in Periyapatna taluk of Mysuru district at around 2pm on Thursday, as they worked in fields.

They said the figure came towards them from a red spacecraft that emerged from the clouds.

It allegedly took off just seconds after landing and there were flashes and sparks around it.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said: “Sightings of flying people are not uncommon and such sightings have occurred long before the interest in flying saucers or aliens.

“What these villagers saw is hard to say, though it certainly had an impact on them and that it was something unusual.”

Since the sighting, people with an interest in aliens have been making the trip to Kenagal to talk to the women involved.

T A Manjunatha, an alien enthusiast. said: “The women claim that the spacecraft descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we are assuming that they are not lying.”

“The women could have mistaken some kind of a flying object as a spacecraft. Besides, it was a cloudy day and this has to be probed,” he added.

The alien enthusiasts intent to bring the matter to the attention of the government. - UFO and ‘potential aliens’ sighted by villagers in India


Creepy Photo Anomaly

Took Niece to Fort Worth Museum, got home, she asks what was this thing in the background.....


Doctors warn of poisonous caterpillars

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- There’s a new caterpillar in town that you may have noticed crawling around your yard. They’re cute, white and fluffy – but these bugs can have a dark side. These caterpillars are down right dangerous. Bryant Martin of State College and his 5-year-old son learned that the hard way. “He had his caterpillar on his hand. He being really brave,” Martin said. “I was proud of him. It was crawling all over his hand.” Just minutes later, Martin said his son broke out in a rash. The White Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar hails from Canada. It’s new to our area, and like many people, the Martins didn’t know about its dangers. Dr. Joseph Betz with MedExpress said his 4-year-old son also touched one just last Sunday and also broke out with a rash. “Kids will put them on their face, like my son did,” Betz said. “It’s a new, fuzzy caterpillar.” Betz said the black spines in the caterpillar are packed with venom. “They don’t mean to do it, but it is part of their defense mechanism against large predators and toddlers,” Betz said. He hasn’t treated any cases, but MedExpress has. “There have been many reported cases. None of them fatal, but all strange, new and concerning, “ Betz said. But he says you shouldn’t panic. The rash is temporary, and in most cases can be treated from home. “Treat locally with lotion, ice (and) ride it out for several hours,” Betz said. The good news is these caterpillars should be disappearing soon when they hibernate in their cocoons for winter. The bad news is, experts think they may be here to stay – at least for a while. They say educating your children is their best advice. - Doctors warn of poisonous caterpillars


Police blotter: Typical day in Foster City, CA



Giant 7 – 8 Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador sent for Scientific Testing

UPI: ‘Skyrocketing’ cancer cases in Fukushima — AP: ‘Alarming’ cancer rates after nuclear disaster — Times: Child cancers up 5,000% — Radiation doses may be “considerably higher” than estimated — Expert: Cancer outbreak shows officials must now prepare for onset of leukemia, other diseases

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How-to Make Halloween Cocktails

Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels, and the Unseen Forces

The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim: (With Extensive Commentary on the Three Books of Enoch, the Fallen Angels, the Calendar of Enoch, and Daniel's Prophecy) - Highly recommended. Lon

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Angel Tarot Cards - Great gift idea. Created by Doreen Virtue. Lon


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