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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Girl Possessed Using Ouija Phone App -- Ghost...or Something Else? -- Tiny People w/ Black Eyes in a Bar

Girl Possessed by the Devil Through Ouija Phone App

This is the shocking footage of a young girl who apparently became possessed by the devil after playing with a Ouija board using a mobile phone app.

Young girl believed to be possessed after playing Ouija board app

Locals believe the young woman, identified as 18-year-old Patricia Quispe, from Chosica, in the Lima province of Peru, was possessed by evil spirits after using a mobile phone version of the board game.

According to friends, who spoke to local media, she’d been spending time with them at the weekend when they decided for a bit of fun to try and communicate with the spirit world.

After she went home, her parents noticed she seemed to be unwell and eventually called an ambulance when they saw her convulsing and foaming around the mouth.

Trying to find out if she had been taking drugs or eaten something strange, they contacted the friends who told them about the Ouija board.

In a video, medics can be seen trying to restrain the young girl who is convulsing violently and struggling as she shouts “666” followed by “let me go, let me go”.

In another segment she can be heard shouting: “Please give me my phone” and “Ma, these doctors don’t know what they’re doing, take me home.”

Those who witnessed the incident said they had no doubt that she had been possessed by satanic spirits, saying her personality had changed and she had started speaking in a different voice as she lost control of her body.

Medics confirmed that the young woman seemed to be extremely strong and it was difficult to control her.

They said that she had been committed to a psychiatric ward as they tried to find out more about what was causing her strange behaviour. - Girl ‘possessed by the devil’ after using Ouija board mobile phone app in Peru


Tiny People w/ Black Eyes in a Bar

Nelson from Lakeview, Minnesota called in on a September 8, 2014 episode of Darkness Radio to tell of something crazy he saw. He even admitted to Dave Schrader, the host, that it sounded far fetched but it was true and he asked him to hear him out.

October 2013 – St. Paul, Minnesota

Quoting Nelson:

“This happened in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was in this bar on the east side of West Seventh one night. It was a Saturday night in the fall. It was about 8 or 9 o’clock. I was sitting at the bar just enjoying myself, having a drink and, well, it turns up, I just happen to look on the other side of the bar and I saw these little, kind of like... spirits. The best way to describe them, they were maybe about 3 to 5 inches tall and they kind of had oblong faces. There were two or three of these guys on this guy's shoulder and they were actually arguing with each other and screaming in this guys ear. As they were talking to him, he was shouting. You know how drunk people talk, they are 'Rar Rar Rar Rar!' I couldn't believe what I was seeing. These spirits were dressed in really old tattered clothes. I mean, they were torn and they just really kind of freaked me out. And they seen me. They looked at each other and then they looked at me again and they were talking. I could hear them talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying and then they looked at me again. I really started getting freaked out by this. Their eyes were dark; there were no retinas, no nothing, just black – little black eyes. And then they started talking into this woman's ear and then she started talking loud. Then I really started to get like, What's the matter with me? so I asked the bartender, 'Is it Saturday night?' I was kind of joking around, I was like, 'I must have had too many, I just wanted to be sure what day it was.' It was some time in October. I don't think i know what I seen that night. It didn't really freak me out in that I thought I was crazy, I just knew what I saw. Then i left the bar. I haven't seen this since.”

Source: Darkness Radio, 8 September 2014 – Para-Share Monday

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Ghost...or Something Else?

A great-great gran snapped an eerie photo of a 'boy ghost' on her iPhone during a spooky walk through the woods in the UK.

Elaine Stewart was left spooked when she saw what she believes is the mysterious outline of a young child from the 18th century as she walked through a beauty spot in the Black Country Woods.

The 65-year-old only noticed the boy leaning against a tree when she returned home from her walk in Wasson Pool in the West Midlands.

Retired auxiliary nurse Elaine, from West Bromwich, has researched the area and discovered the woodland is on the site of an 18th century coal mine.

She said: “I love walking in those woods, it is so peaceful but one afternoon the mist was down and I took a picture on my phone.

"It was very atmospheric. I didn’t think too much about it until I got home and was scrolling through my pictures when I suddenly saw a child standing by the tree.

"He looked like he was wearing old fashioned clothes. I searched on the internet and discovered there are old mine shafts under the wood dating back to the 18th century.

"There were lots of disasters with tunnel collapses and children would often be sent down the mines so it’s possible it’s a restless spirit of one of the victims.”

Convinced that the picture is proof of the afterlife, Elaine added: "I’m usually very sceptical about this sort of thing but now I’ve act. - Pensioner snapped photo of 'boy ghost' on her iPhone

NOTE: I don't normally comment on these 'ghost' or 'orb' photos...but I believe in this instance we're seeing a manifestation of an 'angel light' and not the energy of a departed human. Most 'angel lights' are orbs or small forms of various colors (including white)...but they will manifest into a shape if they want to be noticed. As well, it's an entirely different sense of presence. Witnessing and/or communicating with an angel or celestial being is not a matter of religion or belief...but it is a matter of faith and spiritual connection. The witness may have 'asked' for something at some point, and now she was to receive an answer. I believe this woman should take note...it may meet her at another time & location. Lon


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