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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Aliens: Alpha Draconians

On a regular basis, I receive questions concerning alien races...where do they come from and characteristics associated with each race. Many people have claimed to encountered some of these alien races and there are a variety of descriptions that correlate to each group. What I am going to attempt to do is to occasionally offer information that is available...and perhaps include knowledge I have obtained during my research and investigations. This post will focus on Alpha Draconians:

According to Known Alien Races - Beings from Outer Space and Beyond the Alpha Draconians are a race of reptilian beings that are said to have established colonies in the Alpha Draconis which is a star system in the constellation of Draco. Like all reptilians, these claim to have originated on Terra, an 8.6 billion year old planetary star system with a very high T score (a score of how likely a planet or star system is to have life). With the large amount of planets in Terra the scientific community will spend many years trying to understand and learn from this newly found world. It is also a Binary Star system which means it has two sun stars instead of just one. The Alpha Draconians have a passion to take over our world. It is said that they are a key part of a planned invasion to turn from covert infiltration style to overt invasion style as the absolute best opportunity opens. This opportunity is the time span before human society becomes an interplanetary and interstellar force. They are attempting to keep their opportunity open by suppressing higher technology from the masses, which would lead eventually lead to colonization of other planets by Earth and a solution to the overpopulation, pollution issues, food problems and other environmental threats. Alpha Draconians as well as all reptilians from Terra have a sort of crazed warrior instinct that drives them to attain interstellar capabilities.

In more general terms, the Alpha Draconians are possibly the oldest known Reptilian race in our galaxy. All Reptilian species are thought to be genetic hybrids and manipulations from an original race called the Ciakar.

A specific description from an alleged witness states:

Alpha Draconians can be huge in stature, growing up to 15-20 feet tall and can weigh up to a ton. Some can parallel the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor in appearance...while others relate closely to legendary Dragons / Dracos, including wing structures for flying. They have black leathery brown scale bellies, with multiple abdomens. There are whiskers along their chin and jaw line. They possess a mating claw and multiple tongues.

They lay eggs and what is called a battle hormone is used to accelerate the birthing process. They are a duality. This is why ancestral females did not participate in war, because if they did, there wouldn’t be others to help with the eggs and to secrete this hormone.

Stronger young females were expected to defeat and kill older and weaker leaders in ritual combat.

The Ciakar race is ruled and managed by genetic lineage. Genetic lineage always follows the mother, because you always know who the mother is, you don’t always know who the father is. In that particular line the females have all the say.

Ruled by the monarchy of a queen genetic lineage they are one of the most powerful races in the galaxy. They have some of the greatest military might that has ever been seen in the galaxy and most of the clan members are zealots and will do anything for the glory of their clans, of their lineage.

They have been the chief enemy of all human races in this galaxy in past conflicts. Again, we are talking about hydrogen breathers vs. oxygen breathers. They have three spinal columns. One spine is located ventrally near the stomach; the other two are located dorsally on the left and on the right of the Ciakars body.

Spinal columns join near the dorsal of the geometric center at the extreme posterior of the trunk to form a long and very powerful tail. Inside of the hands are claws containing jelly-like sacks that excrete the various hormones and substances when the Ciakar is aroused, either for sex or for battle. - bibliotecapleyades.net

There are different theories concerning the Alpha Draconians...but for the most part, they seem to subject control over some of the other alien races. Their aggressive ways and scientific abilities suggest that they are the most dominate of the Reptilian races.

You may wish to look at the Wes Penre Papers which offers information that suggests that the Alpha Draconians may have been responsible for the creation of an evolved human race, known as Starhuman. It's an interesting read, though somewhat convoluted in its concept.

Human civilians and earthlings know very little when it comes to Alpha Draconians and other alien races. Is it possible that governments have made treaties with alien beings during our history? I think that the answer is a resounding 'yes.' There is a lot of anecdotal evidence, but nothing tangible enough to call fact.

My research with experiencers has produced some personal speculation in reference to the Reptilian races. First and foremost, they tolerate humans and only associate with us out of necessity and duty. They have psychokinetic skills and use extrasensory abilities when needed. Several experiencers have described these beings 'getting into their psyche' to obtain information...sometimes controlling their physical movements and mental processes. For the most part, these Reptilians cannot be trusted and are agenda driven. The majority of distinct Reptilian races encountered by witnesses include Booteans, Buttahs and Saurian-type human shapeshifters that go by various names.

I make no claims that this is a complete commentary. Only that I am presenting information established through my research and investigations. Lon

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