Friday, April 17, 2015

Black Eyed Woman?

The following report was found on the MUFON CMS this morning:

Harrisburg, PA - 8/15/2014: I was a waiting customer in line at Pep Boys Auto shop, just looking around. A small, woman entered and she appeared oddly dressed; she looked to be in her 70s-early 80s, at first because of her rather messy gray hair, which fell about to the chin line. She was about 4-5 ft. tall and wore very short, baggy unironed shorts and a baggy unironed blouse. She had very thin legs and arms, greyish, pinkish skin. She did not have the characteristics of progeria disease. Her face seemed normal.

My name was called and I turned by attention to business at hand and went to sit in the adjacent waiting room. I had been seated there about 15 minutes, when this same woman came to the all glass door and tried to pull it open; she could not pull it open with one hand since her other hand was holding a small book and drink. I started to get up (walk across the room) to help open the door, but someone sitting beside the door opened it for her. She then sat down at a right degree angle to me (she at the 90 degrees and me sitting at 180 degrees), about 4 feet away from me. I was curious about her since she seemed so strangely dressed. I looked directly at her eyes, and her eyes met mine, and it was then that I noticed she had NO white eyeballs; her eyes were completely black! I was startled and I must have looked so, because she got up instantly and walked out of the waiting room. I followed behind her about 20 seconds later, but saw her no more after looking around a bit. She may have been wearing a wig, she may have had a different kind of contact lens in her eyes, but something about her just seemed strange. I have been wondering whether she was a hybrid. I also wonder whether anyone else has had an experience similar to this.

I reported this incident to my State Director of Investigations in MUFON and he suggested I enter this report. I do so with hesitation because it sounds so bizarre, but I am a MUFON Field Investigator. (Some of my answers on this report really don't apply to this incident, so I answered because I could not submit this report unless I answered the questions - somehow.) - MUFON CMS

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NOTE: the PA Paranormal Round Table will commence tomorrow (Sat 18th 9am-8pm) at the Alburtis PA Community Center. As I noted earlier this week, I am laid up...but I will be monitoring the event. I'll be available online, telephone and text. This is going to be an exceptional event. If you're into the paranormal and fortean subjects in the state of Pennsylvania, you may want to attend. Thanks....Lon


Please note: This will be my only posted today. I'm a bit uncomfortable as the result of my shingles affliction. Thanks for understanding. Lon


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1 comment :

  1. I wonder why someone, who from the description sounds like an average elderly person, would be thought of as an alien or paranormal being, just because of the perception that this person has "black eyes"? I think the most likely explanation would be that she was a customer who left because she was being scrutinized - perhaps she felt self-conscious. People whose eyes dilate easily can appear to have "black eyes", and sometimes the effect of poor lighting can make it seem as if someone with cataracts has "black eyes" (and elderly people most certainly are at high risk for cataracts).
    I would think that a more natural explanation is called for, and not a report to MUFON unless there is some other evidence than what has been stated in this article.


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