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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Black Smoke Ring Anomaly

The 'black ring phenomenon' has once again been seen, this time above the village of Shorthandy village, near Astana, Kazakhstan:

Is it a "portal to hell," or witchcraft, or just a puff from a smoke machine? A black smoke ring that was caught on video floating over northern Kazakhstan certainly looks eerie, but it's far less mysterious than the Internet buzz makes it out to be.

The Ruptly TV service posted the video over the weekend, and said the sight was recorded in the skies over the Kazakh village of Shortandy. The O-shaped ring floated in the air for 15 minutes, and then disappeared, Ruptly reported.

A similar black ring caused a sensation last year when British schoolgirl Georgina Heap recorded a video of the phenomenon on her smartphone. The "Black Ring of Leamington Spa" was eventually traced to a fireworks test at nearby Warwick Castle. Yet another pyrotechnic test created the same sort of black ring over Florida in 2013. A nearly identical smoke ring, sighted over Chicago in 2012, was attributed to an electrical transformer that blew up.

Creating smoke vortices generally requires a blast through a circular structure — perhaps from a factory smokestack, or a homemade trash-can smoke ring launcher, or a hippie-dippie apparatus specially designed for the job. - This Black Smoke Ring Is Amazing, But It's No Mystery

Actually, this phenomenon is referred to as a Ring-Shaped Vortex. Nothing mysterious or magical about...just another awe-inspiring anomaly that usually goes viral. The British tabloids headlined the sighting Is this a UFO? Eerie video shows bizarre black ring hovering over village before vanishing into thin air. There was a similar sighting about a year ago in the UK...Mysterious Black Circle Sighted in the Sky Over Leamington Spa. I've actually seen many of these formations...over a power plant that used oil to generate steam. When the exhaust was released, the black smoke rings would occasionally manifest. Lon

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