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Friday, April 03, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Doppleganger Neighbors -- Hovering Grey-Purple Alien -- Sasquatch Sign Raises Questions

Doppleganger Neighbors

When retired priest Neil Richardson, 69, moved to Braintree, Essex he was constantly greeted by complete strangers who insisted on calling him John.

Baffled by their persistence, Mr Richardson thought nothing of it until some time later the reason for the confusion became apparent.

John Jemison, 74, a retired headteacher is the spitting image of Mr Richardson and lives just miles away.

When the doppelgangers finally bumped into each other, they even discovered that they had attended the same college and had both worked as religious knowledge teachers.

Mr Richardson, 69, said: "Complete strangers were coming up to me and saying hello.

"On one occasion someone actually came up to my table and said, 'You are John Jemison, aren't you?'

"The manager was quite sure I was John. A couple of weeks ago, I asked if I could have a word with him after he greeted me with the words, 'Hello John'. He wouldn't believe that I wasn't John. I had to show him my driving licence.

"It made me very interested to meet this man, who I thought must be rather good-looking!" Read more at Priest greeted by strangers discovers doppelganger neighbour


Hovering Grey-Purple Alien

Ardmore, PA - 2/9/3015: I was laying down for a nap, and I normally do that. As I was falling asleep I woke up and was paralyzed. I opened my eyes and saw a creature with grey-purple skin with a very defined jawline. I knew it was an alien creature, it was too real to be anything else or my imagination. It was hovering over my bedside, looking right at me, it blinked so then I did, and It looked like 3 of the same alien and they were working on a control panel like thing, and my brain seemed like the screen they were working on. I felt this tingling feeling on the back of my body like i was force holding myself almost like a rollercoaster kind of force. I lost memory and feeling after i saw them monitoring me. (Witness states they had a 'scoop mark' after this encounter) - MUFON CMS


Giant Mutant Goldfish

Wildlife authorities in Australia have warned people not to release pet fish in to rivers and streams.

Goldfish might seem harmless swimming around inside their tank in your living room, but when released in to the wild these popular family pets can quickly multiply and grow to enormous sizes.

The problem is of particular concern in Australia where massive mutant goldfish and koi carp have been driving native species to the brink of extinction. Some of the goldfish released in the waterways of the country's western regions have grown to monstrous proportions and are now ten times their original size.

"People aren't really aware what damage they're going to have in the ecosystem," said Dr David Morgan, Director of the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research at Murdoch University.

In addition to driving out native species the gigantic invaders are also bringing with them parasites and diseases that are further damaging the local ecosystem.

Researchers believe that at least 13 new species have been introduced in to the wild in recent years and that most of them have come from pet owners releasing fish in to the country's waterways. Read more at Army of giant mutant goldfish dumped in rivers are growing up to TEN TIMES their regular size


Japan’s defense minister: Aliens have never tried to invade from space

Alien spaceships have never entered Japanese airspace, the country’s defense chief told the Diet on Thursday, amid questioning about the threat from space aliens.

Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said the nation’s warplanes can be scrambled whenever there is a report of an unidentified flying object. But, he said, jets have so far encountered no UFOs from space.

“When the Air Self Defense Force detects indications of an unidentified flying object that could violate our country’s airspace, it scrambles fighter jets if necessary and makes visual observation,” he said.

“They sometimes find birds or flying objects other than aircraft but I don’t know of a case of finding an unidentified flying object believed to have come over from anywhere other than Earth,” he said.

Nakatani, a sober politician with a reputation for thorough understanding of his brief, was responding to a question from flamboyant wrestler-turned-lawmaker Antonio Inoki.

At a meeting Wednesday of the Upper House Budget Committee, Inoki had asked if aircraft were dispatched to meet extraterrestrial visitors and “whether studies are going on.”

Inoki, known for his outsized chin and trademark red scarf, said he did not know whether or not aliens existed, but he had once seen a mysterious flying object rocket into the air on the horizon and disappear.

Wednesday’s exchange was not the first official Japanese pronouncement on space aliens and their aircraft.

A 2007 statement said the government “has not confirmed the existence of unidentified flying objects believed to have come from anywhere other than Earth.”

But the statement, formally endorsed at a Cabinet meeting, prompted a surprise rebuttal from the top government spokesman. “Personally, I absolutely believe they exist,” said Nobutaka Machimura, chief cabinet secretary at the time.

The defense minister of the day, Shigeru Ishiba, also said that in his personal opinion there were “no grounds” to deny the existence of UFOs controlled by alien life-forms. - Japan Times


Sasquatch sign raises questions

There are a lot of strange things in this world that tend to make people question whether or not the paranormal is as abnormal as it seems. From UFO sightings to capturing orb-like entities on camera, many people wonder if we are alone in this world. In our state alone, there have been many claims of a particular paranormal phenomena happening in our own backyard-the existence of Sasquatch.

While driving along Highway 97 toward Yakima last week, a Washington resident noticed something odd.

"I was on my way to a relatives, my sister was in the passenger's seat taking pictures of the Gorge, and she caught what appeared to be a new 'Bigfoot Crossing' sign on 97," says Erin Dupris. "We kept looking at the picture, questioning why there would be a sign, when we noticed something even stranger."

What the Dupris sisters didn't see in the picture until a few days after it was taken was a Sasquatch-looking creature, coming up the guard rail.

"We were stunned. We still to this day are unsure of what is in the far-right corner of the picture," says Dupris. "I'm not one to believe in this sort of thing, so I am definitely having trouble grasping it. I showed it to my family, who are also skeptics. They thought the picture was Photoshopped."

The picture was taken on a Samsung Smart Camera and handed to local authorities and experts on the matter. Even after all of the speculation of this occurrence, no one has identified whether or not this photo is legitimate-despite the sisters' claims.

"By sharing this picture with the press, we aren't trying to stir up accusations; we just wanted to see if anyone else had seen the sign or perhaps a Sasquatch in the area as well," says Dupris. - Goldendale Sentinel



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