Thursday, April 23, 2015

Human Commodity

For the past few days, I've been going back over my notes that referenced abduction incidents and descriptions of alien activity by experiencers. The agenda of these non-terrestrials has concerned me for many years...even before I became involved with abductee accounts. The one aspect that particularly burdens me is missing children and what becomes of them after they are taken.

In 1924, near Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine, the 3 daughters of a Soviet Army Captain Andriychuk simply vanished.

Captain Andriychuk, was of Russian descent and very little is known about him, except that he traveled a lot.

A farmer that lived near Captain Andriychuk's house said that he saw the Captain's daughters walking towards the woods maybe 2 hours before sunrise. Intrigued, he followed them at a distance. After walking for 30 minutes he described seeing "purple and red lights and mist" through the trees.

He got closer and saw the 3 girls entering what he called "a floating bright windmill-like plane"...he also reported seeing 5 creatures as small as the children but with a "much old face".

According to him the "windmill" then flew very slowly "into the stars" until he could not tell them apart.

According to the farmer, he ran to Captain Andriychuk's house to warn him about the event. Upon arriving he knocked on the door but nobody answered. He then entered the house and found the Captain and his wife dead on their bed...their faces "were peaceful", as if they had died during their sleep. All their animals (3 dogs, 1 horse and 2 goats) were dead as well.

On the kitchen table there was a letter or note (not signed) with the handwriting that matched Sofiya, one of the daughters. It stated: "We are going to the school in the moon, with our friends..."

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." – Philip K. Dick

An unknown number of humans in Earth's populace disappear. There is a multitude of possible reasons why these people never return...but I want to concentrate on those who are abducted by unknown beings.

The UFO / non-terrestrial phenomenon has been with us for ages. Part of this paradox involves helpless humans being snatched from their environs. In many instances, these abductees never return.

On average, 90,000 people are missing in the USA at any given time, according to Todd Matthews from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, a national database for missing people. 40% of those who go missing are under the age of 18 years. This average has remained constant for the past decade. Of course, the number is much larger worldwide...and many missing persons are never reported.

Several years ago, a Kentucky mother reported to MUFON that one morning, her son came to her visibly upset. He was telling her that he dreamed about aliens. She would never take him seriously...but this particular morning, and the way he acted, made her take notice.

He began to tell me that (in his dream) he woke up and a little gray men took him with them out the door and took him on their ship. The gray men had big black eyes and when I asked about the nose he pushed his up, and into his face, I’m thinking to make it look like there wasn’t much of one except for holes, maybe?

I asked him about their hands and he said their fingers looked long like sticks.

He said the ship was silver with yellow, green and white lights. He said it was a ball with a ring around it. He said they took him to the moon.

He told me they were talking in whispers and he remembered them telling him to “Stay. Stay with us.” He kept repeating that. He said he was scared and told them to take him home to Mommy.

But how many of these abducted children are returned?

Though the information is dated, it's interesting to point out a report made by researcher William Cooper, who was formerly a chief Petty Officer and Intelligence Worker in the Pacific Naval fleet. He stated at the 1989 MUFON Conference in Las Vegas that over 3000 children disappear without a trace yearly in one part of Manhattan alone.

Then there are thousands of accounts of women who had been a few months along in a pregnancy, most often an unexplained pregnancy, only to find after an abduction experience that their babies suddenly 'disappeared'. It is very unlikely that these women would collectively use the same bizarre scenario if they themselves aborted a child and did not wish others to think that they did so, especially when many of these women only knew of their pregnancy.

Are most of the missing children used as experiments...later returned as altered adults? I believe this is a logical possibility. But I fear there may be another more insidious agenda at play...that humans are being harvested as biological 'raw materials' and/or retained as chattel, possibly as slave laborers. We are a commodity to some of these non-terrestrials.

Does it seem too improbable to you. May I suggest you view this may change your mind. After you watch the video, go to Update: Dulce Base Disclosure - Thomas Castello - Part 1 and Update: Dulce Base Disclosure - Thomas Castello - Part 2. Here is more information - Alien Abductions: Why? Lon

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  1. Nice post Lon... and IMO the one most pressing reason why NO `UFO'or `alien being' disclosure is likely to take place... as every single case of a missing person would then assume that mantle in many folks minds.... that said, I do find your speculation to be at the edge of what is plausible... but that is only my opinion.

  2. Alaska alone has several thousand missing people every year.

    Many are found...
    many are not.

    They are not all "people becoming lost while traipsing through the wilderness",either.

    The most fascinating area of missing people is in David Paulides' volumes of work with
    "Missing 411".

    What people often don't notice with him is that he eliminated all the cases that could be explained as simple wilderness mishaps.

    Many of the cases are astounding,
    such as the climber that disappeared off the end of the rope who was one of the foremost climbers in the world.

    There are only so many places he could have gone,right?

    How did that not make world news?

    The real mystery with Paulides's work is this:
    Why does the US Park Service refuse to catalalog and record missing persons,
    even when offered free assistance?

    You tell me.

    That has to be one of the most blatantly horrid examples of willful ignorance by the bureaucracy that I have heard of.

    it is nice to know that the government is here to protect us....


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