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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Experiencer Recounts Ordeal

The following narrative was forwarded by a reader:

Hello Lon - In 1987, I experienced an event in which I later recalled while under hypnosis. After the regression session, I was able to remember some other details including that I had missed about three hours during the incident.

I was living in Arizona near the Santa Catalina mountains. One afternoon as I was sitting in a lounge chair on our back porch I suddenly realize that I was being dragged into a craft by two small aliens. The next thing I remembered was waking up on a table inside the small craft. A guide greeted me and gave me something to drink. I believe that it was a stimulant of some kind because I was not sleepy after I drank the substance. In fact, the taste was quite pleasing. I was then taken out of the craft, looked around and noticed I was standing on top of a hill. It was dark, but I noticed a light near a cavern. I walked up to this area and it was then that I saw a man, dressed in a red military type jump suit.

My guide seemed to know this man as he greeted him. I also noticed that he wore some type of patch and was carrying an automatic weapon. When we walked into the tunnel, I realized they we going right into the side of a large hill or mountain. There we met with another guard in red and I saw a computerized checkpoint with two cameras on each side. To my left was a large groove where a small transit vehicle carried people further inside. To my right I saw a long hallway where there were many offices. We took the transit car and went for what seemed to be a very long time to another secure area. I was then told to step onto some type of device that looked like a scale and face the computer screen. I saw lights flashing and numbers computing and then a card was issued with holes punched into it. It appeared to be an ID card. My guide did not speak much but did tell me that we had just entered Level One of the facility.

I was eventually transported to a lower level where I witnessed additional armed guards. I was then taken down another hall and there I noticed a horrible putrid smell. I then saw huge tanks with computerized gauges hooked to them and a huge arm-like device that extended from the top of some tubing down into the tanks. In a large laboratory like room I noticed a small gray being with his back turned to me working on something at a computer. I was then told to sit on a table in the middle of the room. About this time a man (human) dressed like a doctor entered the room. He wore a white lab coat with a badge. The temperature in the room seemed awfully cold. By this time I was frustrated and began to cry and to tremble. Then suddenly I felt a stabbing pain. I screamed and the human doctor stood next to me and rubbed something over my stomach. The pain immediately subsided. Soon I became drowsy and was returned to the porch. When I awoke I was laying on the porch floor by the door.

For several months after that day I knew something had happened but I was unable to comprehend what it was. That is why I sought medical help. I have not had any other encounters but believe that I will in the future though I was never told this. - C

NOTE: This scenario is very similar to many others that I have been told about by experiencers. This incident seemed to involve willing humans, comparable to other eyewitness statements that described human military and lab personnel working alongside alien beings. Was this experiencer transported to Dulce Base...possibly another facility closer to home? Lon

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