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Friday, March 21, 2014


(PLEASE NOTE: 2 weeks after the disappearance of MH370 I participated in a controlled remote viewing session. At the time, our conclusions were totally rejected. But recently, I have been receiving inquiries about the results.

This has happened on various occasions with multiple cases where I have been a part of a CRV. It's frustrating. Officials and police just discount the information out of hand. Now, I've received 2 inquiries from people involved with the search during the past few months.)


It has been almost 2 weeks since Malaysia Flight MH370 disappeared...and no tangible evidence has been found. A few days after the flight went missing, I stated that we should let the officials do their jobs and not 'muddy the waters' with speculation and conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, those in charge of the investigation have performed poorly and have held back evidence from searchers. The media have been offering piecemeal information, so conjecture is ripe in all the news outlets.

I participated in a remote viewing session on March 11th...which was convened in order to help find the location of Malaysia Flight MH370. The participants included some of the team at Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research as well as 2 other qualified participants. The group included a total of 4 viewers (at different locations) plus a monitor. Our information pointed to areas in the South China Sea south of the Spratly Islands, which is southeast of the last contact point. At this time, it seems the target information was compromised and led to incorrect information. But then again, no one really knows where the wreckage currently rests...or if the plane actually crashed.

Bits and pieces of data had been leaked to unofficial sources, Ex. that one of the pilots made a cellphone call immediately after take-off and that none of the transmissions between the flight controllers and the pilots has been disclosed. Why is this data being held back?

Here are a few other details and peculiar events:

* The lack of wreckage. The satellite images released by Australian officials are speculative at best.

* The ACARS reporting system was disabled prior to the last communication with ATC and the transponder was turned off after that last communication with ATC...exactly when the flight was handed off to Vietnamese ATC. Either a pilot or someone else on the flight manually disabled these systems. Is there a chance that this could have been performed remotely? Officials deny this...but I have found that this may not be true.

On August 21, 2012, Boeing applied for permission to change the equipment to be installed as part of an onboard data network system upgrade on the 777 series of planes. According to information listed in the Federal Register the existing "data network and design integration may result in security vulnerabilities from intentional or unintentional corruption of data and systems critical to the safety and maintenance of the airplane."

The bottom line, according to language in the Federal Register, the integrated network configurations in the Boeing Model 777-200, -300, and -300ER series airplanes may enable increased connectivity with external network sources.

"This may enable the exploitation of network security vulnerabilities and increased risks potentially resulting in unsafe conditions for the airplanes and occupants. ADB-S and ACAR are among systems on the plane that authorities have acknowledged were possibly compromised in some way."

* According to an aeronautics expert, after flight contact was lost, the plane flew in between "standard" cruising altitudes to avoid a mid-air collision. As well, the aircraft flew at varying altitudes within that range maneuvering around 'way points' to avoid radar. This rules out any speculation that all on board lost consciousness unless the aircraft was controlled remotely.

* In addition, Flight MH370 flew on for hours after the navigational aids were turned off. This is known because the plane sent the automated maintenance reports to Boeing (on an hourly basis) for at least 7 hours after 'contact' was lost.

I have also been informed by the same aeronautical expert that the possible flight track(s) for these 7 hours are over areas that would allow the plane to possibly land and refuel...then take off again. Given the extra fuel burn due to flying at lower altitudes, the range would have been less than typical for this plane...which would suggest that the last ping might have actually come from the plane when it was on the ground. No one has said what the initial fuel load was, but the Boeing 777-200 has around a 7700-mile range when fully fueled.

Here is a quote from the same source:
To my mind, the big question is - what made that plane or the people on it so valuable? It's almost as if someone wanted an aircraft with a specific livery and range for some yet "undetermined" use. If it was a passenger (or a group) of passengers) that were targeted it would seem that someone wanted them alive (for at least a while) - otherwise, why bother with all the evasive maneuvers?

The best possible scenario would have been a quick and painless end for the passengers - sadly that doesn't look like what has happened. We'll likely never really know what happened.....
This is a chilling statement...but very plausible.

There have been a few unreliable sources stating that the U.S. base at Diego Garcia atoll was a likely landing and/or refueling location. Actually, this scenario is not that far-fetched if one is to believe that there were passengers or cargo 'of interest' on board.

There are also reports that the Diego Garcia runway coordinates were found in Captain Zaharie's flight simulator. Even right-winger Erik Rush speculates that President Obama ordered everybody onboard the flight 'murdered.'

Everybody just calms down and takes a deep breath...

Is a catastrophic event feasible? American aviation chiefs warned six months ago that the Boeing 777 was vulnerable to a mid-air breakup. US Federation Aviation Authority ordered airlines to fix a potentially fatal flaw in all Boeing 777 jets. The FAA reportedly warned the planes could break apart and suffer a drastic loss in cabin pressure because of cracks in the fuselage. Malaysian authorities insisted the plane had been 'fully serviced' and all the maintenance checks 'were in order'...but you have to wonder.

The other explanations, though improbable, are:

* Kidnapping: The plane somehow landed somewhere without leaving a radar signature of any kind. All the passengers are being held hostage there (and are thus still alive) and their mobile devices are somehow within cell tower range...yet for some reason have not been confiscated. This scenario seems extremely unlikely.

* Portal, Wormhole, or 'Stargate': A teleportation portal of some kind exists, through which the plane inadvertently flew and was teleported somewhere else. Yet, for some reason, electromagnetic signals can still make it through the portal, and the two sides of the portal remain in contact across the radio spectrum. I must at least acknowledge that modern physics has already demonstrated the instantaneous teleportation of information across apparently infinite space...as described in quantum theory. Is it plausible? Maybe.

* Military Weapons: Some military entity, either human or non-human, was testing an advanced weapon capable of either instantly obliterating large airborne objects...possibly teleporting into another dimension. This explanation seems far-fetched, but then again, think 'Philadelphia Experiment' which some belief caused a U.S. Navy ship to vanish and reappear. Did it really happen?

* UFO Abduction: I believe the phenomenon is real...but I don't think or care to speculate that it happened to Malaysia Flight MH370.

Malaysia Flight MH370's disappearance unquestionably defies all known conventional explanations so far. The vanishing of aircraft over the ocean is not without precedent, either. The so-called "Bermuda Triangle" causes both ships and aircraft to vanish for reasons that defy apparent scientific explanation. While the disappearance of ships can theoretically be explained by methane hydrate-bearing sediments emitting large quantities of gas that mix with ocean waters and cause ships to immediately lose buoyancy, there has never been any convincing scientific explanation behind the disappearance of the many aircraft there.

I suspect that we'll be discussing other unbelievable scenarios if no debris is found in the not-so-distant future. Hang on for a helluva ride...Lon

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