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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: INEXPLICATA: Chronicles of the Paranormal -- Saucer Craft Used Light Beam -- Possible Classified Aircraft Seen Over Texas

INEXPLICATA: Chronicles of the Paranormal

After many delays, INEXPLICATA: Chronicles of the Paranormal is finally complete. Older readers may be familiar with the information presented here, but it will be of interest to our newer readers who may have missed out. Go to http://www.scribd.com/doc/214826822/INEXPLICATA-Chronicles-of-the-Paranormal and download. Check out Scott Corrales' work...you'll definitely enjoy it!


Saucer Craft Used Light Beam

Oxnard, CA - 1979 - unedited: I was sitting on a bench over looking the beach (waves breaking 10 feet in front of us)at Point Magu with two friends, one male and one female. Across the cove, maybe 200 feet away was a group of 10 to 12 people enjoying a camp fire on the beach. Suddenly we saw an object about a half mile to a mile out over the water, about 100 feet high. This was the classic flying saucer shape, with lights around the diameter of the craft. At first it just hovered there for about a minute and then a VERY bright light about 10 foot diameter shown on us for 30 seconds or so. The light went off, the craft flew at a high speed to the left - it moved what looked like about 1 mile in a blink of an eye, then to the right just as fast back in front of us, then flew up at about a 45 degree angle at an unbelievable speed, and was GONE.

We looked at the group of people at the camp fire around the cove and they were yelling "it had the light on you"! They all ran to their cars and drove away very quickly! This craft made no sound, and moved in a stealth way. If we (humans) have this type of technology, all of us should know. Some of my friends that I have told this to think it was probably a military proto-type -- not a chance. Nothing we know of could move like this craft. To this day, my friend's wife (one of us three witnesses) refuses to talk about it with my friend and I, or anyone. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed this amazing event that was seen by at least 12 people. - MUFON CMS


Possible Classified Aircraft Seen Over Texas

Grainy images showed a triangular blob with a long vapour trail flying through the clear blue skies above Amarillo, Texas next to another contrail left before it.

Defence technology blog Ares claimed this could be one of the rare times that a classified military plane has been photographed.

‘As far as I know, this sort of thing has happened only once since 1956,’ explained blogger Bill Sweetman.

Mr Sweetman went on to say that the photographer, Steve Douglass, spends a lot of time looking for unusual flying objects and listening out for them on radio.

Douglass claims to have picked up related radio communication between the aircraft - suggesting it must have been manned as opposed to remotely-controlled.

Blog comments are speculating about the type of aircraft and suggestions are ranging from a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber to a Boeing Phantom.

As the US Air Force are unlikely to be forthcoming with information, the flying objects will almost certainly remain ‘unidentified’


The hunt for child sorcerers in Congo

Inside a small concrete church, lit by a few tungsten bulbs hanging from exposed wires, hundreds of people stood packed together in stifling heat, repeating the words their pastor bellowed into a microphone.

"On va tuer les demons" – "We will kill the demons."

It was after midnight in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the service was just getting under way. The pastor, Pierre Pinda Buana, wore a simple, blue button-down shirt. Its acrylic shimmered as he moved around the center of the room – smooth, practiced, confident. For almost an hour, Pinda led his congregation through songs and chants, the fervor in the church mounting. Then he preached about the main event they had all come to witness: exorcism.

Charles, a Congolese friend of mine, who asked that I not use his real name, translated Pinda's words from Lingala, a local language, to French. But the cries, clapping, and ululations of the crowd often drowned out his voice.

Pinda began describing a demon that was living in the body of a woman who stood before him, almost entirely blocked from my sight by the crowd: "It's attacking the heart. It's attacking the stomach. It strikes faster than an arrow." He called out to the demon, asking why it wanted to kill the woman.

Electrical contacts crackled – I glimpsed a church assistant crouched over a fuse box in the rear doorway – and the bulb dangling above Pinda went dark. Light fell inward from the corners of the room, yellow and angular. Suddenly, the woman collapsed onto the ground and began shouting. The crowd pressed in around her as she writhed and arched her back.

"Elle dit" – Charles told me – "she is saying the spirit wanted to kill her in her sleep because she had a good future. The spirit wanted to destroy the hope in her."

Pinda spoke in a commanding voice, and the woman replied, every word staccato, like a glottal stop. The demon was speaking through the woman, Charles said, and resisting the exorcism. Pinda repeated "deliverance" again and again, his voice echoing in the church's speakers. The center bulb flared back on as he pointed down at the woman and cried out for the demon to leave. The people in the crowd pressed in even more tightly, lifting their arms. Each time the demon told Pinda it would not go, the pastor raised his voice and the crowd clamored, calling out to Jesus.

Suddenly, the people fell silent. The woman had closed her eyes. Those nearest to her hunched down, touching her as they prayed. In the background, a keyboardist in the church's band played a few soothing chords on a synthesizer.

The exorcism was surreal to an outsider standing in the clutch of believers – a startling glimpse into what, for most people in the room, was a typical church service. Yet the most striking thing about the scene was that, despite the alleged cries of a demon, the professed presence of evil, the crowd never appeared scared of the exorcism – only impassioned. Read more at Helsinki Times



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