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Monday, March 24, 2014

An Astrologer's POV: Ukraine / Malaysia Flight MH370

For several years, there have been requests from readers for an astrologer's point-of-view on certain subjects. Well...your time has come. I received the following 'intuitive impression' from an astrologer who is also a blog reader. This is being presented to you 'as is.' The question asked: What is actually happening in the Ukraine and the Malaysian Flight MH370 situations? Take it for what it is:

About the situation in the Ukraine, just follow the money and always be highly suspicious about what the MSM (mainstream media) is telling us about it, the lies and false-flags are popping-up everywhere.

First, the “official” story is that Russia is being the aggressor here while in fact the exact opposite is happening, as the newly installed “leader” of the Ukrainian provisional government is a high-ranking member of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), whose other members are at the very top of the London, New York and Vatican banks, the financial arm of the Illuminati, the Zionist cabal, the international mafia, the controllers, the powers-that-be, or whatever else you’d call it. These same psychotics also own the MSM, so...(Putin has been kicking-out and jailing Russia’s cabal members for years now, and “they” are clearly not too happy about it.)

Second, the Russians were already in the Crimea, in a legitimate (by means of an internationally recognized treaty) naval base near Sebastopol on the peninsula, strategically protecting Russia‘s main access to the Black and thence to the Mediterranean Seas. Well, as “internationally recognized” as any foreign US military bases are. Within that treaty is a clear understanding that Russia can put as many soldiers and sailors in and around there as can be reasonably expected when conditions change, just like the US can in their foreign military bases. Hypocrisy and phony-baloney outrage are always key components of false-flag operations, just watch as Secretary of Skull-and-Bones John Kerry parrots the official script.

Third, the violence that started things in the Maidan Square demonstrations was perpetrated by busloads of unemployed youth and Neo-Nazi’s shipped in from the Western-leaning (EU fueled and financed) Western half of the Ukraine, but then it was uniformed snipers on the roofs that fired indiscriminately, killing protesters and police alike. The “problem” for the MSM is that these snipers and other “riot control officers” had no insignias on their uniforms, so no one really knew who they were aligned with, “officially” named as Russians but...Meanwhile, Russia’s alleged “takeover” of the Crimea has largely been non-violent, and overwhelmingly supported by the locals, just follow the money AND the tactics of violence.

Fourth, there are at least two intercepted phone calls between high-ranking members of the EU, IMF and the US State Department that implicates a coordinated effort to destabilize things in the Ukraine, well before any “revolution” began, just ask Youtube and invaluable resources such as at the Veteran’s Today website and elsewhere. Yup, the NSA isn’t the only group spying on people.

Fifth, intercepted e-mails indicate that false-flag operations are being planned to inflict damage upon innocents in Crimea (blaming the Russians of course), to make it look like Russia is being the trouble-maker but...There are several other points to make here but it’s also very important to remember that it was Putin who really averted World War Three, when he (and others) not-so-subtly disclosed the Syrian false-flag operation of this past August, it was the CIA financed “Al Qaeda“ that gassed innocent civilians, and not Assad. Surely, Putin is no saint in all of this because “funny things” can happen when others are trying to paint him and his entire country into a corner.

It’s high weirdness like this, when all of the above just so “coincidentally” happens during a Mars retrograde cycle, entirely within the balancing justice halls of Venus-ruled Libra, when bad-boy (Mars) behavior is being disclosed like it is (Libra/justice), if we only know where to look for the Truth.

So, we really need to know why this is all happening, specifically at this time and again, follow the money. Even all the way back in history to the false-flag Bolshevik Revolution and false-flags of World War One, funded and planned by this same Zionist/bankster cabal, conveniently happening right after the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank (The Fed) in 1913 New York. (It’s neither federally run, it now no longer has any reserves, and it’s not really a bank either, just a giant toy-box for psychotic megalomaniacs.)

Before World War One, Russia had - by far - the most gold in the world, and it now (probably) has the most oil, it’s the largest country on Earth by geography, so all of this makes sense. And now, no one really knows precisely where all of that gold is, certainly not in Fort Knox or the Fed but probably off-planet, and here’s where things get freaky. My gut senses (and other evidence) is telling me that Putin is in an alignment with “good guy” ET’s who are doing everything they can to keep the cabal in check, and eventually off-planet as well. “Their” glory days are over and “they” know it, and it’s this realization that’s making “them” so desperate these days, actually trying to start World War Three (again!) these days, right when things are getting more and more tense astrologically. Yup, “they” know precisely when the planets are aligned in such a way as to inflict the most damage (9/11 etc.) but World War Three simply ain’t gonna happen!

Simply put, these psychotics are, and have been for at least 26,000 Earth years, controlling this prison planet in clear violation of Universal Natural Law, the so-called Prime Directive of non-interference. It’s all been an experiment to see what would happen if G-awed saw itself, and didn’t like what “It” saw. This whole global scenario would otherwise be impossible to conceive of or even imagine but this is precisely what ALL-THAT-IS does, exploring absolutely everything about itself, even the absence of Universal Love. The kicker here is that 26,000 years of Earth “time” isn’t even as brief as a wink in the Universal Mind’s Eye, which is only alluded to within the Eye of Horus and/or the Eye within the Pyramid. This Eye sees everything, so it behooves us all to live within the dictates of Natural Law, yes? You know, love, peace, harmony, cooperation, and perhaps most importantly these days, Libran justice.

So, the psychotic forces can now only implode upon itself, their contract has already expired, it’s inevitable, the real trick now is to see to it that as little collateral damage is done as possible, not only to we humans but also to the Multiverses that convene and intersect within Mother Gaia’s womb. The good guy ET’s - our true soul family - has a major self-interest in seeing this through for the benefit of everyone involved, so they’re working their magic well behind the scenes but certain events, like the “disappearance” of Malaysian Flight 370, might well be helping to move humanity toward Full Disclosure - the psychotic cabal‘s real worst enemy - when more and more of we humans Awaken to “their“ truly hideous and unnatural game plans.

Or not, I still reserve my right to be wrong about all of the above but it’s so much fun exercising these fearlessness muscles! - P

NOTE: Well...there you go. I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative offered by the author. It has been presented solely as the opinion of the author, without any input by myself. The narrative has been published, as received, without any edits. I occasionally like to present other's opinions on certain subjects even though I may have an entirely different perspective. At this point in my life I'm a bit less cynical than I was in my younger years, but I still respect other points of view...of course, within reason and decorum. Your comments are welcomed...Lon

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