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Monday, March 03, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Hoaxers Plan 'Alien Invasion' -- Bigfoot Leaves His Muddy Mark -- Ellen DeGeneres' House is Haunted

Hoaxers Plan 'Alien Invasion'

Dozens of volunteers have signed up for what could be the biggest prank in history - aimed at causing an 'apocalypse' in the media.

The plans have been drawn up carefully - on an April evening this year, swarms of glowing spacecraft will begin a flight through our atmosphere - and hover over locations around the world.

The goal is maximum panic - and to cause an ‘apocalypse’ in the media. But the pilots of the eerie craft are not little grey men from Alpha Centauri - but UFO fans using drone aircraft.

Dozens of volunteers around the world have signed up for what may be the biggest prank in history - using decades of knowledge of ‘UFO sightings’ to time the launch perfectly.

The ‘aliens’ will be strips of LED lights, on remote-controlled multi-rotor drone aircraft - launched at 8pm, so there are plenty of people to see the ‘invaders’, and held at a distance where it’s difficult to see what’s behind the glowing lights.

Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes UFO Investigations manual found plans to “cause a wave of UFO sightings around the world and an apocalypse-like idea in the media,” on forums frequented by drone fans.

Watson says, “‘The Big UFO Project’ was originally scheduled to run on April Fool’s Day, but they have changed it to 05 April 2014 so that it will not seem like an obvious prank. Anyone who has a multirotor drone or anything that can carry a strip of LED lights and hover is invited to join in this event.

The plan is to launch the craft at 8pm local time for maximum impact. This is when there are most people about to see anything in the night sky, and by keeping the craft at a long distance they will not be able to see what is carrying the lights.”

The 'invasion' will be a global hoax, timed carefully to cause reports of an alien attack - but the invaders will …

Discussions about how best to pull off the invasion continue on the FPV Lab forum - with one fan chiming in, “You sir, are insane. I LIKE IT.”

Watson says that craft are already scheduled to launch in the USA, UK, France, South Africa and the Netherlands but that, “More official and unofficial people are expected to join this project on the launch date.”

Watson says that LED lights mounted on aircraft such as multirotor drones can effectively fool people - as what they will see is the light.
“As it is very difficult to judge the height and speed of such objects, witnesses can think they are passing relatively close to them and they can imagine seeing windows and the body of a larger craft behind the light or lights.”

Watson says, “It is surprising how easy it is to fool people into thinking they have seen a UFO, especially if it is a light in the sky. Satellite re-entries and meteors can be very striking and cause people to think they’ve seen a fast moving UFO streak across the sky.

“For example, on the night of 30 March and early morning of 31 March 1993 numerous sightings were made throughout Britain of what was variously described as fast moving lights to a large craft resembling two Concordes flying side by side. Sceptics claim this was a combination of a Russian rocket booster re-entering the atmosphere and other mundane phenomena, but ufologists assert it was genuine UFO activity.”

Until now, though, easily controllable drones have been too expensive for hobbyists - but Watson says he suspects that hobbyists already launch drones as ‘UFOs’ once there are already reports in the news.

“Drone technology is getting cheaper and easily available to people who want to carry out hoaxes like this. Though even very cheap and simple Chinese lanterns can be used to trigger UFO sightings.This is a relatively simple and unsophisticated operation, but it could have a big media impact. When such incidents occur, people tend to look for UFOs in the sky and so it could trigger further sightings.”

The viral spread of UFO videos on YouTube could contribute to the frenzy, Watson thinks. He says, “Only recently, in September 2013, a UFO-like drone was flown over a baseball stadium in Canada to promote a newly opened planetarium. Videos of it were widely distributed on the internet before the hoax was revealed.”

For the hardcore UFO enthusiasts, though, Watson suspects that the hoax may be an irritation - a smokescreen for the real alien spacecraft circling our planet.

“Others might be annoyed that it is polluting the difference between genuine UFO sightings and misidentifications,” Watson says. “Even if the hoax is revealed, some ufologists will state that this is a cover-up for real UFO sightings and/or a project to get us used to the idea of UFO invasion in preparation for full disclosure of their reality by our world governments.” - Yahoo


Bigfoot Leaves His Muddy Mark

Vancouver Island, BC: A young Ahousaht man got the surprise of his life when he was out in his boat on the morning of Feb. 26. During a routine patrol of Ahousaht territories he spotted movement at the tree line. From his boat he saw a creature stand up from a crouched position and retreat deeper into the forest.

According to a relative, who wishes not to be named, the shaken young man called on the VHF radio to see if any villagers would be in that uninhabited area. There were none.

The following morning a small group of men went to the area.

“He took us out there when tide was out yesterday to make sure what he saw was actually there and to make sure that it’s gone,” said the relative.

The first set of prints they came across appeared to be a set of large feet indicating that the owner of the feet had been seated on a log.

“It was big, about 16 inches from heel to toe and it was 7 to 9 inches wide from big toe to little toe,” said the witness.

“I have a size 9 boot and I put my foot beside the print and it was not quite three-quarters of the size of the footprint,” he continued.

There are many stories both local and worldwide about reported encounters with a creature called Sasquatch, or yeti, or, in Nuu-chah-nulth stories, bookmis. The creature is reported to be a large, hairy, ape-like creature standing up to 10 feet tall and walking on two legs.

While its existence hasn’t been proven scientifically, many believe it roams the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and, more locally, Vancouver Island.

The group of men took some photographs then returned to the village to pick up more men who wanted to explore the area.

They say they saw 10 bare footprints in an estimated 30-foot area. The witness estimated each footprint was about three feet apart.

“There were two different sizes,” said the witness. The first, smaller one appeared to have been sitting on a log. They followed tracks to the woods where they saw broken branches and impressions in the earth where they figured something large had laid down.

“I know there are bears and wolves out there,” said the witness. But, he said, he believes the signs he saw pointed to something much larger.

The man said there is evidence that survey workers had been out there but their trails are old and getting grown over. There are also animal trails in the forest.

“We just wanted to make sure my (relative) was okay with it and ease his heart,” said the man. He advised the young man to deal with it by praying.

“This is one in a million. Not many can claim they’ve seen what you saw,” the young man was told.

Others want to go check it out, but elders advise the people to leave it.

“We saw what we saw; we’ll just leave it alone now,” said the man. - Hashilthsa


Tippi was a 'babe'...oh, yeah, great movie.


Kewaunee Lapseritis - Podcast

Thanks to everyone who joined the chat during Sunday's show. That was a HUGE group...probably the largest I've seen for a Beyond The Edge Radio show. The Kewaunee Lapseritis podcast is already up at http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/beyond-the-edge-radio and http://beyondtheedgeradio.podomatic.com/entry/2014-03-02T19_48_36-08_00


Ellen DeGeneres' House is Haunted

The talk show star and her wife Portia Di Rossi bought The Brody House in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills area for $40 million in January, but haven't been able to get a good night's sleep thanks to apparent ghostly goings on.

A source said: ''The house has been remodelled, so Ellen thought it would have no trace of the former owner. But she was wrong. Within a few nights of moving in Ellen started hearing random noises including footsteps and doors opening and closing.

''Then, in the middle of the night she heard a woman's faint cry. Ellen is totally freaked out. She hasn't had a solid night's sleep ever since she moved in.''

The 13,000 square foot Brody house was built for property developer Sidney Brody and his wife Frances in 1951. Sidney passed away in 1981, but it is the spirit of his wife, who died in 2009, that is said to haunt the property and friends have convinced Ellen and Portia to take drastic action to take drastic action to cleanse the property of the spirit.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: ''Friends have convinced Ellen to conduct a spiritual cleansing ceremony in the house. She doesn't want her new home to have any bad energy, and she's not going to share it with Frances Brody.'' - Times of India

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