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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Human Mind Has No Firewall

There is a considerable probability that unethical and involuntary human experiments are currently being conducted by government and private entities for research into behavioral control. These experiments are considered critically important to U.S. national security. Think about that statement for a second. Is it possible that private citizens are unwillingly used as fodder for research?

Over that past several months I have been conversing with a victim of directed EM fields and beamed energy. This individual lives in Fulton Co, PA, not far from the Mason-Dixon line. Over the years, he and his family have become increasingly concerned over telltale signs of electronic intrusion. The effects of this technology, known as acoustic psycho-correction, not only controls the mind of the subject but also alters behavior. There is a physical toll as well, including sustained headaches, body aches, skin lesions, etc.

As insidious as Project MKUltra once was, this current use of technology against the innocent is Machiavellian. It can be hard to fathom that there are organizations that would actually subject human beings to experimentation, torture and more in order to manipulate people’s individual mental states as well as alter brain functions.

From an external perspective, we have an energy industry that thrives off of oil and suppression of clean energy. There is the health industry that thrives off of genetically engineering our food. Big Pharma's suppression of cures because there is little profit in development. There are multinational corporations that own the media and all industries mentioned above. The Department of Defense and intelligence agencies are, in fact, connected to all other industries that govern our planet. It is evidently clear that those we trust with the power of our nation do not always have our best interests in mind...constantly searching for information and methods in order to control and manipulate the population.

This post is a basic introduction to some of the information that is surfacing. The truth needs to be told...though it may be piecemeal in it's presentation.

As we go forward, more specifics will be disclosed. Lon

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