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Monday, December 16, 2013

Reader Submission: Triangular UFO Encounter

I recently received the following report:

Hello Mr. Strickler-

I've been reading your blog every day for at least a couple of years now and I've decided to write to you about a strange encounter I had with a UFO a month or two ago. I was walking back from the local Autozone store with my mom at around 5:50 at night. This was on Federal Way in Kent, WA. It was already really dark, but the sky was still ever so slightly blue. We walked along and talked for a few minutes, then we crossed the road. Suddenly I got a very strange feeling that there was something that was, I guess I'd say 'not human', nearby. I know this probably sounds weird, but I've had encounters with unexplainable things before, and I get a certain feeling when one such thing is nearby. I looked around, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Then I looked above me. There were many lights in the sky from airplanes and such, but I couldn't stop looking back at a cluster of them. My mom asked me what I was looking at, but I looked up one more time before responding.

What I saw above me I still remember clearly to this day. Hovering above us was a craft like nothing I've ever seen before or since. It was colored a dull, slightly reflective bronze, and was shaped like a triangle with each of the points cut off to make a square end to each angle of the strange ship. There were small darker points along the underside of the three 'points' that may have been hollows or hatches or something. Midway along each arm of the ship (I call them arms because they reminded me of the arms of a starfish somewhat) was a glowing, possibly pulsing red light, and in the center of the ship was a large, spinning white light that looked like a spotlight or something. The sight of it was really ominous now that I think of it. I'm not scared easily, but the sight of this obviously non-human craft made me want to get the heck out of there. For some reason though, the feeling was brief and soon passed, so I pointed out the ship to my mom. By the time we looked again, it was higher up. She still saw it and mentioned it was very strange. Nothing else like it was seen that night, and when we looked away from it to discuss it, the mysterious ship had moved higher still and had basically vanished. We discussed it all the way back home, almost the rest of the night, and for a good while the next afternoon. We looked up this sort of UFO, since I had read about them before, and found many pictures that looked very similar to the sort of ship we had seen. Here's my analysis of the situation:

The ship was shaped like a triangle and was colored bronze. Whatever it was made of was slightly reflective, almost like tin foil. The spinning light on the bottom shone off of it, but not completely.

The three red lights grew dimmer and then brighter in an 'on and off on and off' sort of way.

The craft wasn't a full triangle, as the shortened points of it were not fully connected, almost as if the part of the ship that should've filled in the space between each arm wasn't fully there. It's hard to explain, but the best way I can say is that the arms kind of jutted out a bit more than the rest of the ship.

It moved in complete silence; there was no noise from it.

It was too low-flying to be a plane and too high-flying for a helicopter.

It seemed to be capable of flying at various heights.

I got the distinct feeling of being watched by it, or rather, by whatever was piloting it if indeed it was a manned aircraft.

I assume that it was also capable of great speeds if not some form of 'phasing' between one place and another. It was higher up when I first saw it, very low when it was right above us, and then higher up when I had told my mom about it.

Also, when we were both looking at it, it was blurred in a strange way and hard to focus on, almost as though it knew we saw it and had cloaked itself.

The many other aircraft in the sky that night payed no attention to it as if it weren't there.

I would like to remain anonymous in this post, and would not mind at all if you posted it on your blog in case others have had similar encounters. This encounter was both disturbing, mystifying and really awesome in it's own way, and while it was a pretty ominous encounter as I mentioned before, I wouldn't mind seeing it again with a camera in my hand. I go out a lot and pass by the area almost every day, but I still haven't seen it again. I still watch the sky every time I pass by the spot where I sighted my first up-close, verifiable UFO encounter. I know this happened and I know it wasn't a plane, helicopter, drone or any aircraft of human-make. I hope I haven't left anything out or made it too hard to read or anything, but I just had to send this in. Thank you for reading this; I may send in more of my encounters later.

-Best of luck to you.


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