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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Recent Witness Submitted Entity Reports

The following reports were recently submitted to the MUFON CMS:

Tall, Blonde and Pale

Australia - 11/26/13 - unedited: The encounter started by the witness observing a bright light over the trees not too far from his house that illuminated the area around it.

A few nights ago I was standing on my balcony at around 2:30 to 3 in the morning. I usually go out there around that time each night just to look at the stars for a few minutes before going to bed. That night however, out over the neighbourhood on a foresty mountain just a couple blocks away, I saw this light in the trees. It was a very bright white sort of pulsing glow, not bright in that it was blinding but bright in that it seemed to light the trees like daylight but pulsing really slowly.

i thought it was a bit weird but i kept watching. that mountain has some phone towers at the top but all down the sides is covered in trees and people dont normally go up there as far as i know.

after a couple of minutes or so a glowing white ball looking thing started to slowly rise above the trees. it was very bright but not blinding like the sun or anything, more like the light coming off it lit up the treetops all around it but didnt seem to glare in my eyes. the ball sat in the air maybe 10 meters above the top of the trees and just hovered for around 10 seconds before just disappearing. it didnt fly away, it just seemed like a light switch turning off. it just disappeared.

I got in my car and drove around the block down to where the forest starts and I got out and walked into the forest. I couldn’t hear anything but I could see the general direction which the light was coming from.

I followed it until another of those balls came into view. I was probably about 30m away when I could suddenly see silhouettes walking around past the ball up ahead. I tried to get closer but I couldn’t will myself to move. A really kind sounding voice from behind me said “do not be afraid” and then suddenly I was able to move again which caused me to fall face first into the ground.

I rolled over and standing over me was a very tall man with long white blond hair and very pale skin wearing what looked like a white onesey, all fluffy looking. he looked like an albino, or like those guys off the second matrix movie who were albinos.

He leaned over and helped me up and that’s when I noticed something really freaky. on either side of his neck was a small but long slit that moved when he breathed. It kinda looked like gills on a fish but it was just one slit on each side. this man helped me up off the ground and lead me over to where this floating ball was.

Around this ball were several smallish people wearing black hooded robes and holding long metal rods, sort of like a staff or walking stick. They sort of reminded me of grim reapers with a walking stick instead of a scythe.

The man was calming yet he looked really freaky, especially the gill things he had. The hooded people never showed their faces which was pretty scary looking. Made me think it was some sort of satanic cult or something but the tall man was able to paralyze me without touching me at all and I don’t know how he did that. - MUFON CMS


'Grey' Encounter

Spring Hill, KS - 10/15/2000 - unedited: Worked late shift in town. Got off at approx. 1 a.m., had a twenty minute drive home. At approx. a quarter of a mile from the house, on a dirt/gravel road (we lived in the country on a seven acre farm), there were no street lights and I noticed a glowing light from the right rear window as I traveled south. It pulled up even with my front passenger window over the treetops and kept pace with my car - I was traveling about 25 mph as there are a lot of deer out and I had hit and killed one the year before. It frightened me a little as I didnt want to be abducted, and my first and only thought was that this was definitely an extra-terrestrial UFO. As I approached my driveway it veered suddenly to the right (southeast), and the trees blocked me from seeing it any further so I thought it had flown off completely. I went into the house where my husband and daughter were sleeping and fixed a sandwich (with my work schedule this was my supper), got ready for bed and slept. A while later I woke up, but nothing specific had wakened me, except that I noticed there was total silence outside. Usually some of the farm animals made noises through the night, or dogs would bark, but this didnt feel like a normal silence. I was uneasy. I got up and looked out the window. There was only a slight breeze, but it was a little cool outside. My husband was in a deep sleep and I didnt wake him. I checked on my daughter whose room was across the hall from ours, and she too was sleeping. I went down the hall to the kitchen and didnt turn the light on as the moonlight shining in was very bright and I could see clearly. We had glass french doors leading to the back deck and two large windows in the kitchen, so I could see very clearly. I got a drink of water and was standing in front of the sink looking out the window and could see the horses in the paddock behind our house and counted them to be sure they were all there and hadnt gotten in the neighbors pasture with his cows. A movent caught my eye to the right, where I had hung out my grandmothers quilt to freshen it, and standing next to the quilt, with its shoulder pushing a bulge in it, was something I can only describe as a grey alien. It/he was approx. 3 1/2 feet tall. Wearing no clothes, it looked toward the barn and then the horses, then looked directly at me. I remember setting my glass down and staring at it for a few seconds, and I thought (my only experience with e.t.s being from the movie or reading stories of abductions here and there - and not believing them either), look at the clock to see if any time passes cant be accounted for. The clock said 3:07. I turned back and thought, well Im not going outside with it there, so maybe Ill try talking to it in my head. I said "hello, my name is %%^&, and if you can hear me or understand what Im saying, could you please raise your right hand. It blinked and raised its right hand, bent at the elbow, up to its shoulder, palm out. I dont remember how many fingers it had, but as he put his hand back to his side I noticed how long his arms and fingers were, much longer than ours. His head was larger, not in proportion to his body, and I thought how tiny his neck was to hold up such a big head. His shoulders were thin and his chest not well developed with muscle. He had no nipples that I can remember. His hips were very slender, and his legs as thin as his arms, and his feet seemed to me to be big for his leg size. He had a silvery pale bluish cast to his skin, but the mook could easily have washed or shaded any color, so I cant say for sure what his coloring was. His eyes were slanted at an upward angle and werent exactly almond but more so than round. Pure black, but I got no sense of evil or threat or fear by his being there. No hair covered him anywhere, and it/he had no genitalia that I could see, and was def. not female looking anywhere either. Somehow I just sensed it was ok with me thinking of it as a "he", as if it made no difference one way or another to him. I next thought to him, I dont know why you are here, but I am sad to tell you cant let you in, I have to protect my family, especially my little girl, and that means if you try to come in or take me or them or do anything like that, you may be able to do it but Ill fight you and either I or you will get hurt. I wish I could come out and talk to you (and I was a little afraid, but I cant take that chance with my family. (I never thought it odd that he never actually talked back to me with words, it was more communication with emotion from him.) Maybe you could come back in the future and we can talk, but not now. He looked down for a second, and his little mouth moved a tiny bit, and I got the feeling he was sad too, and sad that he probably wouldnt be back (that this was my one and only opportunity), and he took a step back and was hidden from me by the quilt. I stepped out onto the deck to see if he was still there, then tried to see over the quilt, and couldnt see anything. I went back into the house, and thought this is so strange, no one is going to believe me. I looked at the clock and the time showed 3:25. Our entire mental conversation had taken what seemed to be about three minutes or less. I couldnt decide if I was wrong and it had taken longer than I thought, or if there was "missing" time. But I was quite relaxed and went back to bed, and fell into a nice deep sleep. The next morning I remember first thing thinking I need to get some paper and write everything down, but needed to get my daughter up and ready for school. Her dad had already gone in to work. I remember thinking as I drove her in to school to be sure to remember to write it all down. Then after I got home from dropping her off it was no longer in my head that it had happened at all. Just a year ago something jogged my memory and it all came back as sharply as if it had happened the night before, and I havent forgotten any of it. Then I started searching online for UFO info, and after everything Ive been researching, I decided to tell someone. I told my brother and he didnt say anything except "ok". (how strange). Then I found the MUFON site and decided to report it. I have had some other strange experiences as well throughout my life, but have no clue what it all means, or who to contact to sort it all out, and this at least I can make a little sense of, so decided it was time to report it. Anyway, thats what happened, and it still amazes and puzzles me. What did he want, and after reading other encounters, if there was no abduction, why was he there? I never got any feeling of danger or threat from him, and to this day am sad I wasnt able to go outside and try to learn more about him. He has never come back, but if he did, now Id go outside and try to talk to and learn about him. - MUFON CMS

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