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Monday, December 09, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Geese Disappear After UFO Encounter -- People Living in Holes -- Fairview, PA Flying Craft / Alien Sighting

Flock of geese disappears after being approached by a small white sphere

Occurred : 12/5/2013 08:00 (Entered as : 12/05/13 8:00)
Reported: 12/5/2013 2:58:30 PM 14:58
Posted: 12/5/2013
Location: Simi Valley, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes

There was a flock of geese flying east in a typical “V” formation. A white object was approaching the formation from the west and below at an angle of approximately 45°. At first I thought it might be another goose joining the formation, but I’ve never seen a “white goose” so I thought that it could be a seagull.

As I tried to get a better look at it, I couldn’t distinguish any appendages such as wings or head, it appeared to be spherical in shape with what looked like a mirror sort of reflection flashing randomly, nothing like a wing with regular features or motion. Its size appeared to be similar to a goose or seagull.

As the object started to get close to the geese, their formation became erratic and the typical “V” became chaotic while it appeared that they were trying to regroup but were unable to. The white object reached a point close to the geese – with the direction of the flock being east and referring to the direction of flight as 12:00, the white object stayed at approximately an 8:00 position close to the group, but not inside, now moving as if it were part of the group.

I was trying to adjust my vision to see the white object as a bird considering that my eyes were, “playing tricks” with my perception, but I just couldn’t see anything but a sphere. After a minute or so, the entire flock including the white sphere “disappeared”.

There were no obstructions or clouds to block my vision, but I moved around to different positions to try to get a different perspective because at this point I wasn’t really considering something unusual happening. What really held my attention was the thought that I was seeing some sort of albino goose.

It took a few minutes after the flock of geese disappeared that it struck me that something more unusual was going on.

There were no unusual sounds or other objects, no aircraft of any type were in the area from my perspective. The sky was clear with high visibility. Only the geese and the white object were seen. The approximate location was: 34° 17’ 39” N, 118° 41’ 42” W (from Google Earth). Unknown Altitude.

I really don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I’m sure that there may be an explanation that just hasn’t occurred to me.

Thank you for your time and interest. If there is a simple (or any) explanation, I would be very appreciative to find out what it is.


I was looking from the South facing North and slightly East. They were flying East. I was the only (1) witness. I'm happy to answer any more questions and very much appreciate your work.

Thank you

Source: NUFORC


Flying Craft / Alien Sighting - Fairview, PA

For those BTE Radio listeners who inquired on the UFO / alien encounters I discussed with Rev. Robin Swope...here are the reports:

Hello...I'm writing you in an effort to confirm a unusual observation I had on October 16, 2012 at around 11:15 PM. I was driving home from work northbound on RT 20 West Ridge Rd. near Fairview, PA when I notice bright green lights descending into the woods behind a veterinary hospital. I immediately slowed and pulled into the lot behind the hospital. I could see several green lights in the woods and a few red and white lights. I got out of the car to get a better view. As I stood in front of my car, I started to hear a distinct 'chopping' sound coming from the woods as well as cracking noises. It actually sounded like several people were cutting down trees. The lights and the activity were about 50 yds. in front of me but I couldn't see any movement.

I stood there for about 10 minutes as the sounds continued. I was tired so I decided to leave for home. I figured that there were workers clearing land though this was near a residential location and working at night was a bit unusual.

As I made my way back into the car I noticed movement in an adjacent parking lot. The lot was lit enough to where I could see 2 figures moving away from me towards the woods. They looked like characters from a cartoon. The figures were about 5 foot tall and very thin. I couldn't see their faces but the heads had a peanut shape. They move swiftly but only their legs were moving. Every other parts of their bodies was rigid. There was also a white sash tied across the waist on both figures.

As I watched the figures go into the woods a whirling sound starting to come from the woods. Suddenly five huge green lights ascended from the woods, hovered for a second or two, then vanished. I think that the lights stretched out for about 150 ft. It was a very large craft.

The next day I walked through the woods where this incident occurred and noticed a few small trees in a particular area were cracked near the ground. There was nothing else out of the ordinary.

I decided not to mention what I witnessed and see if anyone had reported it to the local media. As of today, I have not seen any mention of this landing or the lights. I live in Fairview, PA and have not heard any mention from any resident. I rather not have my particulars disclosed at least until another similar report is made public. This is a small town and everybody is in everyone else's business, if you know what I mean.

Would you be kind enough to let me know of any reports in my area? Thank you...RS


After receiving the email, I found the following strange report in the MUFON CMS. It comes from the same general area and the descriptions are somewhat similar. I'm not sure these two incidents are related but I believe some investigation needs to be done:

Aliens running across the highway. UFOs landing on the side of the highway. being shot at by aliens. Multiple nights and being chased by UFO craft

Erie, PA - 10/17/2012 - 1:07am: My job requires me to drive at night.

In the past couple of months I myself my girlfriend, and my son. Have witnessed Aliens; the Grays; small ones running across Route 80 between 1 am and 3 am. They made my girlfriends vision foggy. They affected her mind. They looked like skinny Ethiopians running with backs perfectly straight perpendicular to the ground not leaning forward like a person running and there arms stayed at there side completely still no movement, not swinging like a normal person would run. Red lights landing in the trees brought us to the attention. I thought it was an explosion at first.

The red lights rose up again out of the trees and split into two and followed us down the highway for five miles. If I put on the breaks so would the UFO. If I gave it gas so did the UFO.

Now at 1 am in the past two nights 16th and 17th big bright green orbs have been coming straight down out of space aimed directly at my truck. They caused a tractor trailer to slam on his breaks last night in the middle of the highway and nearly crash. I feel they are shooting at me or something. It comes out of the sky and heads directly towards my truck.

My job requires me to travel this route. Im afraid but Im also starting to get mad. There is a small area where these things happen at least once a week. there is something going on in that area. A white light also landed on the side of the road a couple of feet by my truck. Just like the green lights coming out of the sky but this one was white. Route 80 and 322 intersecting 79 by Meadville.

If it happens again tonight Im taking my friend Friday with his gieger counter and if theres no radiation detected Im going into the woods after them. I want one of there ugly gray heads mounted above my fireplace. - MUFON CMS - full report

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Possible voodoo curse victim filed police report 'just in case'

A Florida man thought someone put a voodoo curse on him, telling police he wanted it documented in case he experienced "ill effects from the voodoo" in the future.

The 35-year-old man told Fort Pierce police he thought "others in the Haitian community had turned against him and placed a voodoo curse on him." The man said he thought the curse was designed to glean his personal information.

He suspected the curse had been in place for about a year, though indicated he hadn't experienced any identity theft type issues. "(The man) explained other Haitian people were jealous of him, and that is the reason they burdened him with the curse," the police report states.

The man, whose listed address is on South 17 Street in Fort Pierce, appeared "normal," according to the document. "(He) said he did not want to harm anyone else or himself, and added that he loved everybody." The man said he wanted the situation documented in case "he were to suffer ill effects from the voodoo at some point in the future."


People Living in Holes

A woman in Beijing has spent the past 20 years living in a hole as she's too poor to move back to her home city, it's reported.

Quan Youzhi moved into the underground utility compartment in Beijing after her home in the eastern city of Shangqiu collapsed, the state-owned China Daily newspaper reports. She uses washrooms in nearby Lido Park, and quarrels with her husband who lives in a neighbouring hole. Hot water pipes keep the 9m square compartment warm in winter, but she has to stay above ground in summer when it gets too hot, or if rain causes it to flood. The 66-year-old, who collects empty bottles for a living, says she would like to rebuild her house but doesn't have the money.

Homelessness and poverty remains a problem for migrant workers and older generations in China. Prof Chen Tao, of the China Youth University for Political Sciences, tells the China Daily the elderly find it difficult to get help from the social assistance system because the constitution says families are obliged to support their parents financially.

Quan's days living in the hole may be limited, as local authorities have blocked the entrance to her compartment and others like it with cement after her story appeared in local papers, the Beijing Cream website reports.



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