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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dragon's Spear: The Link Between Cigar-Shaped UFOs and the Reptilians

Joe Moore: Anybody can get the goods. The hard part's getting away.
Bergman: Uh-huh.
Joe Moore: You plan a good enough getaway, you could steal Ebbets Field.
Bergman: Ebbets Field's gone.
Joe Moore: What did I tell you?

From David Mamet's film, Heist

In previous articles, I have discussed my history of reptilian abductions. The one incident I have spoken about with the greatest frequency is a mass abduction I was involved in, back in 2005. While on the New Orleans police, I was taken in an abduction that included numerous other police and military abductees. Joe Montaldo, head of the ICAR research organization, has testified to these independent reports on several occasions. Including my testimony, there are at least 30 others who have reported being taken in these abductions. And, at least half of those were either military, or police. These mass abductions were actually a series of separate incidents. Some took place in what appeared to be an indoor athletic arena. But, most took place in what appeared to be the interior of a shopping mall in the middle of the night. All of these incidents had a clear common theme: the training of reptilian beings in crowd control methodology. Here are 2 articles in which I focus on the details of these activities: ( http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2012/11/the-katrina-abductions-new-revelations.html
http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2013/03/here-be-dragons-new-katrina-abductions.html )

One point of contention many have had relates specifically to the logistics of the "mall training" abduction. How would you get dozens of humans and reptilians into the interior of a mall, without them being spotted? Well, I think the answer to that was in a memory fragment I have carried with me, ever since that night. This is not a recovered memory. Instead, it is a recollection that I grew to convince myself was from a night or two prior to the mall abduction. I clearly remembered being packed in what I thought was a windowless cylindrical train car, with numerous other humans. We were so densely packed inside, I couldn't even see if there were seats. Then, the lights went out, and there was a loud bang. I thought the train had derailed. We were jostled somewhat, but not too badly thrown about. Next thing I know, we are exiting the train car in pitch darkness. When I stepped outside the door that had opened, I nearly tripped. The car had come to a rest slanted at almost a perfect 30 degree angle. This then transitioned to me following this crowd through another few series of doors, as I'm led into the mall.

I convinced myself this had to be a memory from an entirely separate abduction, which must have occurred on another night. I assumed I must have been aboard one of those underground monorail systems, reported by numerous reptilian abductees. There are no malls in the south, which connect to small tram type train systems. But, after reading another reptilian abductee's experience ( http://tinypic.com/r/r0xrfd/5 ), I have now come to realize this was a cigar-shaped shuttle craft. I have referenced Ken Bakeman 's art , and abduction accounts, many times before. This is because his drawings of reptilian's slim backpack powered energy weapons match what I've seen, perfectly. I go into detail on how these weapons relate to dragon mythology here: ( http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2013/02/infernal-machine-reptilian-alien.html ) Interestingly enough, his experience of being crammed in one of these train car cylinder shuttle craft also involved militaristic reptilians, and a training scenario. For the record, I had never told Mr. Bakeman anything about my train car type craft memory. So, he was not influenced to recover this memory by anything I've said previously. His experience related site ( http://www.kenbakeman.com/reptilian_index.html ) was hacked a few days ago , but you can hear his most recent radio interviews here: http://churchofmabusradio.com/1639/church-of-mabus/ken-bakeman-the-verges-a-chronicle-of-alien-encounters/ .... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fallenangelstv/2013/02/28/the-verges-a-chronicle-of-unusual-encounters. I would suggest checking back in with his site, regularly. He is in the process of repairing the defacement of his site, according to a message he published Christmas morning. When his site is functional again, I strongly recommend buying his eBook. His non-experience related artwork site is still functional: http://www.kenbakeman.com/

The 30 degree angle we landed at implies the reptilians landed this craft in the inventory loading dock area of the mall. Many of these loading docks have at least one 30 degree angle ramp, built to accommodate a 18 wheeler's trailer. The reptilians killed the lights, and then brought us down somewhat hard on this ramp. From that point, it was less than 25 to 40 feet of escorting us in through the loading dock entrance. This explains how they could quickly usher a few dozen humans into the mall, without being seen. The fact that they shut the lights off, before opening the craft door implies there was a genuine risk of us being spotted. But, that risk was low. Most shopping mall cargo loading bays are enclosed on 3 sides, and not situated next to any major customer entrances.

As I've discussed in previous articles and radio interviews, some of the reptilians practiced coming down via rope , from a central skylight window. However, most of the humans and reptilians in the mall did not. This always left a large question as to how everyone else got inside. Certainly, landing cigar shaped shuttle craft in the loading bay would have been a perfect covert way to get us all into the heart of the mall quickly. The inventory/storage rooms in malls have access to most of the interior complex. Pushing us in through the regular customer accessible doors would have produced too much unnecessary movement. Having those glass doors swinging at night would have been conspicuous. During the training, the reptilians did practice directing humans to these conventional exits. But, I never actually saw these fellow abductees push through these doors. They likely remained locked throughout the exercise.

For the reptilian military caste, these smaller agile cigar shaped craft would be a preferable means of operating in urban environments. Larger triangle and circular craft would be unable to land in tight, or uneven spaces found in urban terrain. Short range shuttle craft are the reptilian equivalent of the Blackhawk choppers, which have used by American special forces for decades. As I've mentioned in past articles, the entire reptilian military caste operates at a special forces level of training. And, this has been enhanced by years of selective breeding within this caste. As a result, all reptilian soldier caste are ready to perform the type of rapid commando type operations usually reserved for only the most highly trained special forces groups on earth. The lessons the reptilians gleaned from these crowd control simulations are therefore applicable across their entire army.

Reptilians abduct those abductees who have bloodline of their own particular caste, and clan. This is the reason those abducted by warrior caste reptilians are subject to extreme levels of harsh initiations, and training. You are expected to have fragments of their heavily refined warrior caste DNA, and the personality traits that follow with it. This is why such a high percentage of reptilian abductees end up in police and military fields. I have spoken about this bloodline element in several past articles. And, ICAR founder Joe Montaldo discusses it in this 2 part radio program, completed recently ( Part 2: https://soundcloud.com/uprn/ufo-undercover-joe-montaldo-3 ///// Part 1: https://soundcloud.com/uprn/ufo-undercover-what-do ). There are many researchers who have focused on the mythology of reptilian hybrid bloodlines. But, we need to remember that this is not a genetic process which peaked back in Sumeria. The reptilians are as active in these genetic influence projects now, as they were in ancient times.

The reasons for the reptilian's desire to enhance their crowd control skills continues to become clearer every day. In just the past month, we've seen riot police from Ukraine to Singapore overwhelmed by sudden dramatic unrest. Rioters look set to depose the government of Turkey, as of Christmas day. The ferocity and coordination of these protests is being greatly amplified by social media. Protests on multiple continents are being mobilized simultaneously. You are now just as likely to see Guy Fawkes masks on protesters in Asia or the Mideast, as you are in USA and Europe. This is a time lapse video of world protest activity , over the past. Note the explosive growth that has taken place in the past 5 yrs. It is clearly accelerating: http://youtu.be/5ji_xKxJdH8. Wages around the world are in a downtrend, as the wealthiest 1% are hitting new levels of wealth accumulation. ( http://www.multpl.com/us-median-income-growth ) The antipathy held by most populations towards their governments has never been this great. We are fast reaching a point where global unrest has the potential to do more damage than natural disaster, plague, or terrorist attack. Those reptilians we helped train are essentially a WMD , in terms of crowd control. Their ability to intimidate and physically overwhelm larger crowds cannot be overstated. As governments around the planet keep learning, rubber bullets and tear gas are not cutting it anymore. Even the contractor that Edward Snowden set out to expose, Booz Allen, has now turned its eye to planning for civil unrest: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2013/jun/14/climate-change-energy-shocks-nsa-prism.

On numerous occasions, reptilian sounding vocalizations have barged into my Skype conversations. This has been occurring for years. But, in the past few months this has happened live, as I was appearing on two separate radio shows. This is a clear pattern of escalation, in their willingness to make their presence known. ( http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2013/08/taunt-reptilians-at-your-own-risk.html /// http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2013/10/dial-r-for-reptoid-uninvited-guest.html ). More importantly, the clarity with which they are now able to intrude into skype implies that they have been given full backdoor access by someone at a high ranking military intelligence level. I seriously doubt either of these occurrences were approved. This argues for the possibility that the reptilians are gaining leverage, within this partnership they have formed with elements of our military. It may be that the reptilians will be the ones that decide when to deploy these forces. The way things appear headed globally, it would certainly be in their best interest to act as soon as possible. Matt R

If any journalists, or researchers, need to contact me you can use this email: circlepanama@gmail.com

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been presented solely as the opinion of the author, without any input by myself (unless I was quoted). The narrative has been published, as received, without any edits. I will state that I believe that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions...Lon

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