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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reader Submission: South Africa Encounter / UFO Visualized

I recently received this email from South Africa:


Today 09.12.13, I saw a hovering object over West Krugersdorp, in Gauteng, South Africa, I saw it at 20:05 to 2:40, unfortunately I was a passenger with a nonbeliever of extraordinary things so he refused to stop. What I saw was hovering object with red green and white lights not moving and lights on it was not high in the sky about just below the clouds, and it was raining lightly.

The thing is I saw the same thing around 30 years ago. I was about 7-8 years when I saw an object like that in the same area. I saw little green/gray people with big eyes at that time. I have tried to share my story with people around me but I sound like I am crazy.

When I saw the Roswell picture many years after my experience, it was what I saw. I knew they existed, but could never meet anyone who saw the same thing. This year I had an experience that it came into my room while I was sleeping, but this time is was taller. I felt it touching my hip assuring me it's not hurting me but examining me. It appeared with a bright light and when it left there was a whooping sound and the light went off. The thing is I was paralysed with fear though my husband was asleep next to me. I could not move for a few minutes till I gathered courage to shake him and tell him what just happened.

What is happening out there. I am so frustrated and wondering, am I alone in South Africa, as all the stories I read with similar experience are in the US and somewhere else in the world.

Please help me!! I feel like I am going mad.

I try to forget and brush it away but days like this remind me of what I am trying to forget.

NOTE: can anyone offer any solace for this witness? Below is another UFO/entity report in South Africa from 2/20/2013...Lon


The following MUFON CMS report is from Cape Town, South Africa - 2/20/2013:

My story is a short one with detail:

From the age of 6 I can remember sleeping in a room and having the feeling of something in the room with me.
At the age of 9 I saw what it was for the 1st time and ever since I have had the fear of it ( will it come back will it hurt me?)
At age 16 I saw what it came in “the ship it used to get form place to place.”
At age 17 I saw it floating in the woods just outside town,we were 3 kids playing in the woods and one of the guys said “omg man look up at the sun.“
We saw a triangle shape hovering 50meters or so from us.
The sun gave it a red glow and out came 2 of them.
Also red as if the sun was recharging there suits.
I have more detail on that but typing is not my thing.
Anyway at age 23 it came back but this time setting its eyes on my girlfriend now wife.
What happened next was the start of something weird and out of this world.

Last night:

It came back this time hovering outside the bedroom on the 1st floor.
It had a strong glow that lit up the room.
By this time I woke up and spoted a devise that looked like a hand on the wall just above the bed, I tryed to wake up my wife but she was fast a sleep.
After 15 sec the hand just vanished and I was thinking im dreaming but then my wife opend her eyes and her eyes was as black as the night.
I was shaking her to wake up but with no luck.
Then I heard a soft whisper from the foot of the bed, I looked up and saw a short blue alien I knew it was one the moment I saw it,and at that point I knew what was happening. My wife woke up and looked at it aswell,we where just staring at it for 30 TO 40 seconds.
Then we both passed out and had the same dream of handing each other red glowing orbs.
At 3am we woke up again with a headache and neck pain.
We went up stairs and just sat at the kitchen table for 2 hours before geting a word out on what had happend.


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I received this interesting drawing last evening:


Here is a picture of a UFO I dreamed about last night. I think the dream itself was metaphorical, but perhaps you have seen something like it before? I was able to draw it out quickly, because it was very vivid. I thought you might like to see it. J.

NOTE: if anyone has seen or visualized a similar object, I'd appreciate your commentary. Lon

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