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Saturday, December 14, 2013

'Michelin Man' Beings

There have been three documented cases of 'Michelin Man' humanoid encounters....two in Spain and another on the Island of Reunion:

Strange Beings Near Jerez de la Frontera (Province of Cadiz), Spain - June 1960

The information comes from Antonio Ribera, who was questioned by the witness during a UFO lecture he (Ribera) gave in Jerez de la Frontera. Given the distance of the events from his home, Ribera passed the data on to Vicente-Juan Ballester and the Centra de Estudios Interplanetary Studies, which publishes Stendek — trans.). Through this latter individual, the writer obtained knowledge of the event, and contacted the witness to undertake the investigation.

The incident occurred in May of 1960 (the witness does not remember the exact date), at about 1:00 p.m. The encounter was at a crossroads between Arcos de la Frontera and El Bosque (both towns being in the province of Cadiz), not far from Jerez, where the witness lives. Five kilometers (3 miles) from the site is the Embalse (Dam) de Bornos, and from there the road to Villa-martin branches off.

The witness was on a motorcycle, returning from Prado del Rey (also in the province of Cadiz), a town not far from the site of the incident.

There was not enough opportunity to get to know the witness well, but it should be stated that he is a mature man, a teacher, with an excellent predisposition to collaborate with the writer, to whom he provided all kinds of details.

Don Miguel Timermans Ceballos was motorcycling from Prado del Rey to Jerez, at the date and time indicated, when he discerned a strange human-like being about 150 meters (500 feet) away, on a short steep uphill incline of the highway that was ahead of him. He describes the being as follows:

"He was completely red, from head to foot, and suddenly appeared at the edge of the highway, rather tall, something like two meters (6'-7") or more, having trouble walking, and his walking was like a mechanical doll, that is to say, like a robot, with stiff arms."

Timermans stopped his motorcycle, tremendously surprised, and got ready to observe better. The humanoid was walking on the edge of the road, and before going six steps, another individual of similar characteristics appeared, and followed him. Like his predecessor, he appeared suddenly. The second humanoid was not so tall, as he measured about one meter twenty centimeters (3'-ll"), and though he was also dressed in red, he had one difference with respect to his predecessor: he had a black boot. The witness does not remember if the 'boot" was on the left foot or on the right one, but he certifies that he saw it like that.

The two humanoids then crossed the highway at an angle. Due to the fact that at that time (but not any more) this route was of white earth, our driver perceived the red of their "garments" with all clarity, as well as the ringed outlines of the beings, with the classic shape of the "Michelin man," which had been reported in Type-I cases in different parts of the world.

Timermans decided to get closer, while he debated with himself over the danger entailed in his decision, so he again started up his vehicle. On reaching the curve in the highway to head toward the slope where the humanoids were located, they had disappeared in the same mysterious manner that they had appeared. The witness had taken a few short moments to arrive there, but the apparitions were no longer in sight.

The time of the observation from the first look — which we described — is some thirty seconds.

The witness told us that if there had been someone else with him, he would have proposed to get off his cycle to go looking for the two beings in the vicinity, but as he was alone, he did not do it. - Miguel Peyro Garcia, APRO, July 1980



A sighting of capital importance took place on the Island of Reunion [which is situated in the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and Madagascar] on the plain known as La Plaine des Cafres. The date of the siqhting was July 31, 1968, and the time, 9.00 a.m.

The witness, M. Luce Fontaine, is aged 31, a farmer, married, with a family, his wife being a teacher. Everybody is in agreement in considering him a serious, hardworking man, who is completely worthy of trust:

"I was at [the] kilometre 21 [mark], in a small clearing in the middle of a forest of acacia trees, that morning, and I was bending down and picking some grass for my rabbits when I suddenly saw a sort of oval-shaped cabin in the clearing. It was 25 metres from me, and as though suspended at a height of four or five metres from the ground. The extremities of it were dark blue, the centre part lighter, more transparent rather like the windscreen of a [Peugeot] 404. Above and below it had what looked like two glass feet of shining metal.

"In the centre of the cabin were two individuals with their backs towards me. The one on the left turned right round and so faced me. He was standing, small, about 90 centimetres in height, enveloped from head to feet in a sort of one-piece overall a bit like the suit worn by the 'Michelin man". The one on the right simply turned his head round towards me, but all the same I had time to catch a glimpse of his face, which was partly masked by a sort of helmet.

"Then both turned their backs to me, and there was a flash, as strong as the electric arc of a welding machine. Everything went white around me. A powerful heat was given off and then as it were a sort of blast of wind, and a few seconds later there was nothing there any more.

"Then [ approached the spot over which the object had been. There were no marks. The object had a diameter of 4 or 5 metres and was about 2 1/2 metres measured through from top to bottom. It was of a bluish colour, with white on the upper and lower parts.

'"I told my wife all about it, and then the Gendarmerie, and everyone at once believed me."

Such was the first piece of testimony given by M. Fontaine, and next day the enquiry began. He then explained more precisely to the investigators that, seen "face-on", the machine, egg-shaped in appearance, looked in fact like two whitish saucers, shining like aluminium, placed face to face. - Lumieres dans la Nuit - Nov. 1968


Wave Hi To The Michelin Man!

Excerpt from Inexplicata - Of Humans and Parahumans

On Sunday, March 14, 1976, the last thing on the minds of Vicente Corell and his wife Carmen was an encounter with beings from another world. Their son had just been drafted in Spain's compulsory military service and tearful goodbyes had been exchanged at the Draftee Induction Center (CIR-7) located in the town of Marines. After spending the day in the local, the Corells began the long trip home to the town of Almenara, driving along small roads of Spain's Castellon region.

At around 10:00 p.m., the couple found itself facing a strange phenomenon in the night skies -- a brilliant white oval that floated lazily to the left of their own car. Believing at first that it might be the headlights of a car on a nearby hill, the Corells steered their Renault 4L toward their ultimate destination. No sooner had the vehicle gone a few hundred feet did they become aware of the fact that all was not well.

The alarmed couple thought that they were driving into a "luminous tornado" of sorts as a very curious object appeared to rise out of the ground. Bathing the object with his car's high beams, Mr. Corell was startled to see that it was a person.

"I suppose that it had two legs," he would tell distinguished Spanish investigator Juan José Benítez, who investigated the case. "because it reminded me of a human profile. However, since they [the legs] were so close together, it looked more like a column than a human being. The thing was tall, good-looking [sic] and wore a close fitting, one-piece outfit..."

The outlandish entity stood on the ground in what Vicente Corell described as a military "ten-hut" position --arms stiffly at its side and ramrod straight, looking at the oncoming vehicle.

The couple's initial fascination changed to fear as the Renault's lights suddenly went out, leaving them in pitch blackness. The smell of burning wires soon filled the passenger compartment and Corell was forced to pull over. While all this happened, the entity vanished into the darkness. Vicente and Carmen Corell, their car's electrical system ruined, were left to wonder what had happened.

According to researcher Benítez, Mrs. Corell proved to have a much better recall of the situation than her husband, adding the interesting detail that the entity's outfit was made of "narrow, slightly inflated bands" from its neck down to its waist. She went as far as to describe the entity as similar to Bibendum, the world-famous Michelin Man, "only less so."

NOTE: I'm quite positive that there have been other sightings of similar beings that were never reported. Lon

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