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Monday, July 26, 2021

Northern California Family Harassed By Unknown Entity...Possibly Bigfoot

A family in Northern California moved into a house in rural foothills. They started to notice unexplained noises and eviscerated small animal carcasses throughout the property. 

The following account was referred to me:

"I live in the Northern California foothills. My parents and I moved into this house from the city in late 2017, after it had been sitting empty for over a year.

The day we moved in, my mother and I arrived first to clean while my father and brother drove the moving truck. Right off the bat I was uneasy, but tried to write it off. The property felt heavy, is the only way I can describe it. I've heard people describe the feeling of being watched inside their homes, but I had that feeling anytime I stepped outside.

We were going to sweep and mop the floors, dust the baseboards and window sills, when I started noticing this white granular powder all along the baseboards. And the window sills. And the doorways. I immediately told my mother, who told me not to worry about it and sweep it up. By the time I had swept up every room and cleaned off the window sills, I was certain it was salt. And a lot of it.

But fine, whatever. The people that lived here before were superstitious. Okay, I can live with that. We unpacked the truck over the next week. I was setting up my room when the next bizarre events started happening. Knocking on the windows. Always quick raps that sounded like someone knocking with their knuckles. It would happen so often, on all the windows in the house. But when you would turn, no one would be there. You'd go outside, no one would be around the house. This only escalated.

My brother and I would walk the dogs around the property. They were older, small dogs who were always good natured and calm, except for when they were outside at this new house. They would growl, puff out, and get extremely agitated. They hated being outside. Then we started finding the animal carcasses. They were always small creatures, rats, toads, bats, the biggest we ever found was a racoon. The animals had been gutted. A single deliberate line down their torso, starting at their chest and ending near their rear. No internal organs left. They looked practically mummified, like something had sucked the fluid and blood and organs right out of them. It was one of the most bizarre and brutal things I had ever seen.

My brother would stay up late in his room on his computer every night. He liked to game with his friends until the early morning hours. He does not spook easy, but on more than one occasion I would wake up to him shaking me awake, terrified saying something massive on two legs was walking around outside his bedroom window, which he would have open at night. He said it would walk right up to his bedroom window and stop, and when he would look toward the sound he could here it scrambling away. I never saw it with my own eyes and neither did he, but the motion lights outside would be activated every single time, leading to the woods near the back of our property.

I know what you're probably thinking, all of this up to this point can be explained away rationally, a crazy person living in the woods, some neighbor messing with us for whatever reason. Well that was what I told myself too so I could sleep a little easier at night. Then the banging started. It was so loud, and it would sound like it was coming from everywhere at once. The walls would literally vibrate, picture frames rattling right off the walls. It was like something massive, stronger than any crazy person, was pounding on the exterior walls of the house, always late at night, and always in more places than just one. I could never pinpoint the source directly. My brother and I would stumble out of our bedrooms petrified, and my mom would lead us to her room where we would stay after that. My dad would walk the perimeter of our property with his gun, but never found anything. No footprints, no people, nothing.

This happened for probably six months. And every time a major event would happen, my dad would walk the perimeters with his rifle. And come back with nothing. We felt like we were going insane.

Then suddenly, it just stopped. The mutilated animals stopped appearing. I stopped feeling like I was being watched any time I would go outside. My dogs stopped being so on edge anytime I took them out, and the property itself seemed to get "lighter" like it finally took a deep breath after holding it for so long. I genuinely have no explanation, or even a clue as to what that creature, being, entity even was. I'm just glad it seems to have moved on." FB

NOTE: After I followed up with the witness, the location is in El Dorado County, CA, just south of the Tahoe National Forest. After reading further comments, I believe the family may have been dealing with a Bigfoot. They did attempt to place trail cameras throughout the property, but nothing was captured. Since the security lights were constantly triggered, it was most likely a corporeal being. Lon

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